Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Montessori Instructor

Jeanne-Marie was born in Tunisia, spent her childhood in Paris, and her teen years in Washington, D.C. The daughter of Perdita Huston, author and human rights activist and Dr. Yves Champey, she was very much influenced by her parents worldly views and humanitarian work. Her multicultural upbringing and travels, planted the seeds of a lifelong curiosity regarding the fundamental needs of children and families. A parent of two children of her own (15 and 11), Jeanne-Marie launched Voila Montessori in response to the overwhelming demand from parents for advice and guidance for raising children in a gentle, peaceful, and supportive environment that’s conducive to their full development – psychological, academic, artistic, spiritual, physical, cultural, etc. “Montessori is not the only truth,” Jeanne-Marie explains. “but I do believe in the Montessori philosophy as a way of life and know from first-hand experience that it can work for any family that takes the time to understand it and apply it.”

Episodes for this expert

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    Your kiddos may not be in school during the summer, but learning never stops. We’ve got some fun activities you can do at home to help keep your kids entertained, whether you’re enjoying the sunshine outside or keeping cool indoors.

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    Bathtime can be fun, but it can also be a scary place if you aren’t taking precautions to help protect your child. Today, we’ll explore some tips to help keep your kids safe, all while having fun and teaching them valuable lessons to help make them self-sufficient.

  • Montessori Learning Environment for Baby

    You’ve probably heard of Montessori schools, but did you know you can apply the same principles at home with your baby? When you learn more about your child’s developmental needs, you can help maximize their potential and become more independent at an earlier age.

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