Cara Furio

Doula/ Lactation Counselor

Cara Furio is a full-time professional Postpartum Doula (trained in 2003), mother of two adult daughters (Sarah & Gina), grandmother of three (Atlas, Vara & Clara Sage), and cuddler to all babies. Cara lives in San Diego with her husband, youngest daughter, one dog, two cats, and a yard she’s happily given back to nature. She is the owner of Cara’s Caring Doula Service, is a Certified Lactation Counselor, has specialized training to help moms with Postpartum Depression/Psychosis, Twins/Multiples Care, and more (she has an insatiable thirst for knowledge). Cara teaches a blend of good old-fashioned intuitive baby care methods, married with new scientific evidence-based information. She also teaches an infant care class at Babies R Us once a month and has decided to start calling it “Baby Care the Cara Way.” Don’t show up for Cara’s class if you don’t have a good sense of humor!

When not assisting new families or spending time with her grandchildren, you might find Cara leading hikes throughout San Diego as a volunteer Canyoneer with the San Diego Museum of Natural History, or as a volunteer Trail Guide with Mission Trails Regional Park. Cara is also the Secretary of the San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, a group working hard to ensure the health of our Mother Earth for future generations. If you’re not a Democrat, Cara promises she won’t hold that against you and won’t talk your ear off about politics or conservation. Postpartum care is non-partisan, but Cara is committed to making sure all children have a clean home in which to thrive long into the future.

Cara loves to laugh, have fun, and spread love! If you’re lucky, you’ll find her babbling with infants, singing silly songs, making funny faces, encouraging new parents to develop a sense of humor, chasing butterflies (real ones), or you’ll be the recipient of one of her famous warm grandma hugs.

Episodes for this expert

  • Baby’s Bath: Home, Hospital and Beyond

    Giving birth to your baby is usually pretty messy, right? So, it’s only natural we would want to bathe our babies immediately. But could there be benefits to delaying that first bath? And when you do decide to bathe your new baby, how should you do it? Should you buy a special baby tub, or perhaps bathe with your baby? And what about those strange baths in the kitchen sink?

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