Jen Lumanlan

Child Behavior

Jen Lumanlan is host and founder of the parenting podcast Your Parenting Mojo. She interviews the ‘Who's Who' in parenting and child development, while applying a rigorous research-based approach that provides families around the world with trusted knowledge and skills to bring their daily interactions with their children in line with their values.

Jen is also starting to bring these offerings to the corporate sector to provide companies with effective and trusted ways to support their working parent workforce. This part of YPM was born when existing members began advocating to their own companies to integrate it into their employee benefits.

Before starting her podcast, Jen spent a career in corporate environmental strategy and sustainability consulting. Since starting the podcast, she's added to my undergraduate degrees in Forestry and English from U.C. Berkeley and Master's in Environmental Management from Yale with another Master's in Psychology, and a third in Education. She's also a CoActive Coach and has helped thousands of parents around the globe.

Episodes for this expert

  • Discipline for Young Children

    We all want our children to do what we tell them to do. But even the most obedient children fall short sometimes. So, when is it time to discipline your child? What systems seem to work best? And how do you make this transition when your child is just now learning right from wrong?

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