Cindy Furey

Physical Therapist

Cindy Furey started Comprehensive Therapy Services, Inc. (CTS) in 1997 with a dream and vision for a one-stop shop for comprehensive physical and mental well-being for patients. After graduating from Northwestern University Physical Therapy in 1990, Cindy relocated to San Diego to pursue her PT passion and in 1997 Comprehensive Therapy Services was born!

During the past 16 years, Cindy's courage, leadership and dedication to her patients & employees and ethical business practices have paved the way for success. CTS is now widely considered one of the premier physical therapy clinics in the Southwestern United States for Women's Health and Pelvic Medicine. Through education in preventative strategies and a proactive, manual treatment approach, Cindy's goals are to minimize discomfort, expedite recovery and restore and enhance function with each of her patients.

One of Cindy's priorities for her staff is continual professional education to keep abreast of the latest research and techniques. She provides the means and time for her staff to take courses to grow in their respective areas and to share this information staff wide on a regular basis.

Cindy's own ongoing education in the areas of orthopedics, women's health, and pelvic medicine is extensive and she loves to learn and to share her knowledge with patients, other practitioners, doctors and friends. Here in San Diego, she works as guest professor at the University of St. Augustine Physical Therapy Program, partners in national research projects, educates the fellows in physical therapy options for clients, and collaborates with UCSD Pelvic Medicine and the Naval Medical Center San Diego-Balboa on a regular basis. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association Section on Women's Health and Private Practice Section, International Pelvic Pain Society, National Vulvodynia Association, Interstitial Cystitis Association and Vulvar Pain Foundation.

She and her husband are the proud parents of a 7 year-old daughter. She manages to keep up with her daughter and stay healthy with running, Yoga, Pilates and taking a deep breath as often as she can.

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