Greg Durocher

Child Passenger Safety Technician

Greg Durocher is the founder and CEO of Safe Ride 4 Kids. He spent more than 15 years as a firefighter and paramedic. He witnessed first-hand dozens of tragic car crashes while on the job. He was convinced that kids are the innocent victims of car crashes, and he wanted to do everything he could to help parents give their children the best chance at the best possible outcome. Greg certified as a child passenger safety technician (car seat expert) in 2001, later becoming an instructor of the program.

As seasoned car seat experts, Greg and Amie Durocher launched Safe Ride 4 Kids in 2012 with a two-pronged goal. One was to share car seat safety information with best practice and reality in mind. We strive to stay up to date and provide accurate information based on our current knowledge, training and experience. We want parents to know what's considered safest. And we recognize not every family can follow best practice, but rather have to do the best they can with their particular circumstances (car, number of children, health factors, etc.). We are parents to three super awesome kids, and we understand raising kids and keeping them safe is a tough, 24/7 job. Forget the lectures and mom-judge. We're here to help you where you are.

Our second goal is to share innovative but relatively undiscovered products that solved some challenges many parents face because they were challenges we faced. We offer two main products at this time. One is the Tummy Shield which allows expecting parents to start to practice child car safety one step earlier by more safely positioning the seat belt under mom's baby bump. The second is the RideSafer vest which is a certified, legal wearable child restraint, which is a game-changer for travel and taxis or ride shares.

Episodes for this expert

  • The Essentials of Car Seat Safety

    A car seat just might be the most important piece of baby gear you buy. So what safety features should you be looking for? How can you make sure it’s installed properly? And how tight should the baby’s straps be? A child passenger safety technician and experienced moms answer these questions and more.

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