Heather McNamara

Real Diaper Association

Heather McNamara is a mother of two in San Diego, California. Starting with the Real Diaper Association as the San Diego County Real Diaper Circle Leader (which continues to thrive), she caught the cloth diaper advocacy bug. A year later, she signed on as the RDA's first Executive Director, where she's able to work regularly with the leading cloth diaper advocates in North America AND hundreds of passionate, dedicated grassroots volunteers who are helping families in their communities find and use reusable cloth diapers. This is Heather's fifth “career”, with previous stints including project management, software quality assurance, nonprofit chapter management, and teaching, during which she developed many of the skills she uses at Real Diaper Association today.

Episodes for this expert

  • The Dirty On Diapers

    We’re getting “briefed” on the best diapers for your baby. Whether you’re interested in cloth, disposable or some sort of hybrid, we’ll explore the pros and cons of all your options!

  • Cloth Diapers: Getting Started

    You’ve considered cloth diapers, but you haven’t quite made the commitment. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but today we’re going to help demystify the process. What exactly are the current cloth diaper styles available? How do they differ from one another? Plus, the question everyone wants to know… what do you do with the poop?

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