Paul Fenner

Financial Planner

TAMMA Capital founder and president Paul Fenner has the privilege of being the father of triplets and another daughter and having a beautiful and supportive wife. The first letter of each of their first names results in TAMMA. Paul and his family live in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

TAMMA was founded when Paul’s triplets were born. Paul saw firsthand how his own family struggled with financial anxiety, and the challenges and pressures it caused. This is one of the reasons why he chose to become an investment advisor and build his firm to help bring peace of mind to TAMMA families.

Paul has 22 years of wealth planning, portfolio management, and tax preparation/planning experience; and equal years in business accounting, finance, and operations. He received his BA from Adrian College, and his MBA from the University of Findlay.

Giving back to our community is important to TAMMA. Paul is a board member of Camp Casey (a non-profit organization that provides horseback riding programs to children with cancer and rare blood disorders), a board member of the Adrian College Alumni Board, as well as volunteering with the Commerce Elementary School PTA.

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