Lisa Myers

CEO/ Founder

Lisa Myers is the inventor and founding mama of Ceres Chill, a breastmilk storage company that replaces the 1970s bulky cooler technology that has been holding women back for decades.

Over the course of the last couple years, she became a mother, was promoted to equity partner at an international law firm, had a second child, and returned to work — all while enduring universal breastfeeding challenges. She tirelessly looked for ways to make work/life/pumping more manageable, but came up empty-handed or disappointed with cumbersome, icky, short lived, tell-tale milk storage options.

Being incredibly stubborn and a resourceful mom, she got down to work inventing a solution to solve the problem simply, elegantly and affordably. She filed for a patent and began working with an amazing team of friends to make the Ceres Chill Breastmilk Chiller available to any mom in search of a better way to achieve their breastfeeding goals while continuing to be a great professional success. She has since created several other game-changing products that are designed to make the lives of pumping parents even just the smallest bit easier.

Now, Lisa dedicates herself and her company to innovating and advocating for pumping moms.  Every day is invested in supporting breaking down barriers for breastfeeding families across the globe.

Episodes for this expert

  • Pumping Hacks and Tips for Moms

    Modern breast pump technology can make a big difference for breastfeeding moms. What are typical pumping schedules for both exclusive pumpers and combo feeders? What are some hurdles new moms have faced? And what are some pumping hacks that make the journey easier?

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