Dan Canfield

Maternity Clothes Retailer

Dan Canfield bought Bellies to Babies a little over a year ago with the idea to make the business a leader in maternity. Not too many men are in this industry, but Dan saw a real opportunity in the resale market and over the last year has doubled the business through store expansion and building an online channel.

Dan's vision for the company is to franchise Bellies to Babies to parts of the country that are lacking budget, stylish maternity clothing and help as many expectant women through this special time in their life as possible.

Episodes for this expert

  • Buying Maternity Clothes: New and Used

    Your body is changing- growing belly, growing breasts- so your wardrobe is bound to change. Do you have to buy everything new? What about buying gently used clothing from second hand stores or borrowing from friends? Plus, we’ll discuss the benefits of renting maternity clothes that perfectly fit you during each trimester!

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