Buying Maternity Clothes: New and Used

Your body is changing- growing belly, growing breasts- so your wardrobe is bound to change. So, how do you adapt to all these changes without breaking the bank? What are some essential pieces you can use during and after pregnancy? Do you have to buy everything new? What about buying gently used clothing from second hand stores or borrowing from friends? Plus, we'll discuss the benefits of renting maternity clothes that perfectly fit you during each trimester!

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Preggie Pals
Buying Maternity Clothes: New and Used


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STEPHANIE GLOVER: Your body is changing - a growing belly, larger breasts, maybe some overall weight gain and swelling. After all, you are pregnant and most pregnant women will need to update at least some of their wardrobe with actual maternity clothes before they deliver. That can get expensive. Today we are going to be discussing how to expand your maternity wardrobe in a budget-conscious way. This is Preggie Pals.

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STEPHANIE GLOVER: Welcome to Preggie Pals broadcasting from The Birth Education Center of San Diego. Preggie Pals is you're online on the go support group for expecting parents and those hoping to become pregnant. I am your host Stephanie Glover. Did you know that we have recorded over one hundred and forty episodes? We have covered topics from every phase of pregnancy. Visit our episode guide on our website to scroll through those topics. You can listen directly on your computer through iTunes or download our free apps available in the Android, iTunes and Windows marketplace. Be sure to check out our new network app where you can listen to all your favorite new mommy media shows on the go. Here is Sunny with more information about how you can get involved with Preggie Pals.

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So, why not start by being a parent that participates in our shows? We are changing something’s up here Preggie Pals and with New Mommy Media in general and were starting, actually were going to be recording all of our shows remotely. We usually record here in San Diego in a studio, but we are doing all these remotely which means you can now join our conversations that we are going to have on Preggie Pals from wherever you’re located.

So, were looking for parents to join in on the conversations and to have fun with us and chat about these topics as they come up. A great way if you think you may be interested in that, head on over to our website at and there is a slider banner on the home page so click on the one that talks about being a parent panelist on our show and you fill out a quick online form and that way our producers have a chance look at that over and when you fit a topic that we are going to be talking about will reach out to you and see if you are interested in being on the show. So, check us out and see if it is something that would interest you.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Thanks, Sunny, so we have a couple of panelists, Sunny and myself today joining on this episode. So we are going to do a quick introduction before we get started. Again, I am Stephanie Glover I am thirty-three years old. I am a mom and I am the host of Preggie Pals and I am a trained childbirth educator. No due date but I've got kiddos ages four and two, Gretchen my four-year-old was my C-section baby and Lydia my VBAC.

SUNNY GAULT: Alright, and I’m Sunny producing today's show. I have four kids of my own. My oldest is five and I have a three-year-old and I have twins that are over two, I lose track after two it's like between two and two and a half, it’s somewhere in there. So, it’s safe to say I've had a lot of maternity clothes. I feel like I have been living in them really for the last four or five years not wearing any today very proud of that but having got rid all of them so hanging out in my closet some of them it happens.

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SUNNY GAULT: So I found this headline online and I thought it was interesting. Cleveland Clinic and we’ve talked about Cleveland Clinic here on the show before. I'd like to say I am originally from Ohio so I feel a strong bond, they're my peeps so with any study that comes out from the Cleveland Clinic I'd like to support and give a little bit of acknowledgment to. This one is about using special pillows and how that can ease heartburn in pregnancy. Basically, the study found at the Cleaving Clinic that an incline wedge with the side positioned body pillow to elevate you, can actually help you feel better, help you with your overall heartburn, help you in just in your overall sleeping habits when you’re pregnant but you actually know a little bit more about this.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yes, so when you are pregnant heartburn typically occurs because with all of the hormones in pregnancy you have sort of a relaxation of like the valve or the splinter of the esophagus so you’re having acids come up through you track that should be going down and there coming up because you don't have that barrier. So, when Sunny was sharing this article to me it makes sense because one of the tips for heartburns is to stay elevated. I think the use of pillows to elevate you, they usually recommend to you lying on your side can help with many discomforts in pregnancy. So yes this makes sense to me.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes, and it says to me heartburn or acid reflex plagues nearly half of all women during pregnancy and the reason why this article really rang true with me because for all of my kids it was like about halfway point in the pregnancy from that point I even had to be medicated because it was just so intense and anything would have helped. I would have slept on my head if I thought that it would have helped at all.
So basically the study took place in 2015 and there was a team and they tested this pillow systems with 17 pregnant women who were in their second trimester. They all had moderate to severe heartburn or regurgitation at night and basically based on their findings, sixty-five percent showed improvement in what they are calling night time guard, and in the impact of the guard in the following morning and in their concern about night time guard. Forty-nine percent improved their sleep quality overall which I know when you’re pregnant you need as much sleep as you can get even if it's not heartburn there are other discomforts right, so anyway it's a candy cane shape pillow, I don't think I mentioned that. So they are still running some tests. I think so, I am literally picturing a candy cane, it doesn’t really say that just that it is shaped like a candy cane, but something you can wrap yourself around a little bit and position it wherever you want. Anyway consider pillows ladies if you’re having some heartburn out there if you are having trouble sleeping.

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STEPHANIE GLOVER: Today on Preggie Pals were learning all about options in buying maternity clothing both new and used and how to create a maternity wardrobe that makes sense for you. Joining us today is Dan Canfield owner of Bellies to Babies a retail boutique an online shop selling previously loved maternity clothing. Welcome to Preggie Pals Dan.

DAN CANFIELD: Yes, thank you good to be on.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So I think we all agree that maternity style for sure has improved over the past decade. I feel like it used to be like a potato sack and know we have more cute fitted stuff that certainly tailored for the bump right. There is also you know with the return of leggings and a lot of stretchy clothes and pleasant tops we have the ability to wear some regular clothes sort of at least through part of our pregnancy. So, that's kind of handy as well as maxi dresses and stuff. So what types of clothing are versatile to be used in and out of pregnancy? I just named a few but if anyone wants to join in on that.

DAN CANFIELD: Yes, can I kick it up? What you said is great and my suggestions are a great way to grow and in our very forgiving and can grow with the bump also to an extra something that can be used outside of maternity clothing. When you look at stretch materials, yoga pants, sweat pants, things of that nature that really just grow with you and are very comfortable. But from my point of view, I am all for maternity clothing. That is what we really suggest is moving into maternity clothing because they will make you more comfortable and will give you a happier pregnancy.

SUNNY GAULT: Dan I have to ask because you are a guy and you said you really liked maternity clothing, how did you get into this? What is the back story there?

DAN CANFIELD: I thought I would do away with it.

SUNNY GAULT: No, not on this show

DAN CANFIELD: Yes being a man in maternity there are not a lot of other men in this industry I would say. For me I actually bought Bellies to Babies over a year ago and I have been a businessman for a while and really loved business and retail and provided you make the customer service so I saw this opportunity and thought 'hey I'm not a woman I can never be pregnant or be in maternity' but I feel there is a business opportunity here and something that is not really being done in the correct way and I thought I could add a lot of value so I jumped on in and a lot of our team members now majority are women so that somehow helps a little bit with front fitting first line because [inaudible] you look a little pretty. So yes I am more the businesses center of it and trying to figure out operations and really make sure to giving customer’s service to women during this special time in their life.

SUNNY GAULT: I love that you recognize that though and not being personally impacted by, usually that is when we do realize that there is an issue and someone got to do something about this so I love though that you are able to see that and I think you are right, this is great and I think we need more options when it comes to maternity clothes. So kudos to you Dan

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yes, and I don't know if you guys have seen the episode of Friends where Joey finds Phoebe maternity pants and wears them for thanksgiving dinner so you could try that

DAN CANFIELD: I can prank everyone

SUNNY GAULT: Your secret is safe with all of our podcast listeners.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Maternity pants are also for men

SUNNY GAULT: That's right, news headline

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So then Dan, moving into your expertise of maternity clothing what wardrobe pieces do you recommend that pregnant women certainly upgrade to and not just stretch the leggings but really move into some new maternity pieces?

DAN CANFIELD: Yes, the big one we see is pregnant women need to wear professional clothing is really the biggest gain point. We have customers coming all the time to tell stories that they got up in the morning and were ready to put pants on and they couldn't kind button and they were in trouble and ran to our store at lunch to get pants that actually fit them then ran back to work. That is really one of the main things, professional clothing that is usually stretchy so that really protects and go over the bums, and really pants are the biggest ones. So jeans as well, also professional dresses or dresses like your wedding or formal dresses its really good maternity clothing for those as the normal dresses would work and accountable placements. Then t-shirts that when you stretch are long in the front to cover the bump so they grow with you so that is what you want to transition over to maternity clothing in general and really along the way when you look at what is offered, every brand offers different fit so it is good to try different styles and see what is best with you. I would say that going back to the question the main categories usually go with are pants and kind of professional clothing and then maxi dresses and tunic and clothing and those types that surge you a little bit and get away with them for a while.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Sunny do you remember did you have to wear maternity clothing right away?

SUNNY GAULT: I didn’t have to but I did because we struggled a little bit with infertility and I wasn't sure if I will get pregnant, so when we got pregnant I was just so excited and all the family was just so excited and I was like am like five minute pregnant I have to get maternity clothes. So I went out to store and bought a bunch of basics. I wasn't doing a traditional wardrobe for work or anything like that so most of my stuff was more casual. I took advantage of that from the very beginning and I knew we are going to have more than one kid so I knew it would be a good investment and would last me four or five years.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: With my first, I carried her pretty high so I actually wore non-pregnancy jeans a day before I delivered just with like the rubber band through the loop and around the button.

SUNNY GAULT: Is that comfortable? I have seen people do that

STEPHANIE GLOVER: These were like low rise jeans in their nature they hugged lower, it was like a mid or high-rise it not has been impossible this were like super low. I realized that was obnoxious and I did have pregnancy pants it just happened to be wearing those the day before I delivered and I was being stubborn about what I wanted to wear. But with my second, because I didn’t show my first one until I was I think 21 weeks

SUNNY GAULT: What? Were you skinny?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: I don't know, I just really didn’t show, it was obnoxious too because you are pregnant and you want to show, I think my breasts were showing way more than my belly

SUNNY GAULT: Everyone was like Stephanie got a boob job

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Seriously. I had to invest in bras for sure, but with my second, I was in maternity clothes like two weeks after I tested positive. It was just so different.

SUNNY GAULT: Was that your personal choice or what?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: No it was showing so much more, by twenty-three weeks I looked like the full term, so it caught up with me I could not get away with it. But I was curious because I think it is different for everybody. So were there are any clothes that you can wear in pre-pregnancy that you continue to wear throughout your pregnancies?

SUNNY GAULT: I have something that I have to admit, it’s been not quite two and a half years since I have had any children and I recently bought a pair of maternity pants but listen, in my defense, they are yoga maternity pants because I don't like pants to be really clinging to me, those kinds of pants because it is just uncomfortable for me. This had a really big band that I fold down, I feel bad about myself that I explained it. So do I have clothes from pre-pregnancy that I continue to wear now? A lot of them I want to wear that again

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Were you able to sort of stretch any of your pre-pregnancy clothes to kind of work with you throughout your maternity?

SUNNY GAULT: Oh, I totally misunderstood the question. No!

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It think eventually I did have to opt for special routing in the shirts and I did work incorporate in my first pregnancy. I was home with my second so I really worked in tops every day and running short. Yes with maxi dresses I could get away with for the most part once I had the bump then I had to.

SUNNY GAULT: I really like showing off my bump, the routing that you talked about, I love the tops. Especially I love the point in pregnancy where you get to it and you no longer have to suck in your stomach and it's just out there and then you can show it off. I feel l am always mindful of what does my stomach look, do I need like my postures, suck it in and do this to the point where you can just let it out and it is cute, then I’m like let's show it off.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: And then people just like awkwardly look at you and assess you that's why. I found too in early pregnancy one way to sort of like to encourage people to not just think like has she had too many bagels and doughnuts I would just always touch my belly. Hold your belly and you don’t even notice. That usual sort of allows people in and they can say when are you due?

SUNNY GAULT: Or are you just hungry or you want to eat another bagel?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So Dan you mentioned that proper fit can be helpful obviously during pregnancy so why do you feel like that's important?

DAN CANFIELD: Yes so we have a lot of customers come in that they are really just uncomfortable with what they are wearing if it is not maternity or they may have a brand that doesn’t fit them right and the choice is really weird, so instead of right under the belly it might be at the naval of something in a weird spot and is pushing too hard on them, so that really suggests that you really have to know what brand fits you. Even though we sell online we have a seven-day free return policy so that you can send back clothing and try something else because again every brand really does fit a little bit differently. You don't want to be that uncomfortable and really feel like you don't want to go outside or you are feeling not cute by not having a proper fit so we really want to make sure that everything fits properly and you are happy with it and you can go through your day knowing that you have the right clothes on.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: You know what surprised me too and I don't know if you noticed this Sunny, I notice that there are some maternity clothing, the sizing was funny like if you say you are a medium normally and so you would go for maternity clothes that are medium, I found that they would be so big. I actually had to go down in sizes.

SUNNY GAULT: Did you really?


SUNNY GAULT: Maybe it depends on where you shop because some people say hai listen the sizes here are the exact same size you were at pre-pregnancy but talking about sizing the stores that I shop at didn’t really do size to size, it was like small, medium, large. Dan, do you find that too? In the sizing do they actually use numbers for maternity clothes?

DAN CANFIELD: Yes primarily really it is just extra small or XXXL or something like that, you are really supposed to wear the normal size. If you wear small or medium you should wear small or medium maternity clothing but again that sometimes change because you put on a little weight or might lose weight in certain areas so you might find your size changing but when someone comes in and they don't know their size, we just start by what size they currently are like if they are usually small or medium and then go from there. There should not be that regular change when it comes to pregnancy sizing.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It could have just been, I did shop at one particular store so that might have been their sizing.

SUNNY GAULT: It is so frustrating when that is the case too, it is like after you have your baby and trying to buy clothes for your toddler and like no brand is the same, it’s so frustrating.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Or like the clothes stretch out the second after you put them on and then you buy them and wear then take the tags off and you are like oh

SUNNY GAULT: But that would be the benefit of buying new which we will talk about in a little bit

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yes we will. So the last question before we break Dan, are there any special considerations with fabric or things to look for in terms of how to care for maternity clothes that you would recommend?

DAN CANFIELD: Yes, when you use a different brand like your brand of cotton or standark is usually what women like because they are a bit stretchy when it comes to washing some clothing does shrink a little bit so you want to be careful of the 100% in cotton because if it does shrink you will be showing a little bit of the belly. We always caution our customers to be careful on that, but primarily the clothing can be treated like any other clothing since most dealers are second-hand clothing it is something we have to be really careful of because once in a while if there is too much wear, the belly band might not be placed and you can feel uncomfortable, so those are the little things to watch out for if you are buying second-hand clothing that can be hanging down. Make sure that everything is in the proper place and has not shrunk too much and is in the original state in was intended for.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: I can imagine too cotton is probably preferred to say some pregnancies because it is cooler, some pregnant women ran hot and wool can be a itchy, but it really depends on your need.

SUNNY GAULT: One thing that I really looked for in pants, I bought a bunch of different types of pants jeans and more dressy type of pants, I know there are a couple of different styles but one is more of a thicker band and I think is intended to go below the belly and then the other one is moreover the belly, now I personally like the over the belly one because I felt like the pants stayed up on me better, but that is just my preference. You probably wore one that was below since you were around the

STEPHANIE GLOVER: I did, I liked it below but I also just ran hot so anything extra on my belly was a little annoying but I did like it for the purpose of not falling down. I appreciated them and they had their place in my life for sure. I had each style but the ones that had the band below the belly, now those jeans I had some handmade ones they were a nice designer brand that I got in my second pregnancy from my cousin and I haven't worn in a long time but they don’t really look like maternity, you don't see the band and I think I wore them every day, I put holes in them, and probably I should let them go. All right when we come back we will talk about purchasing new versus used maternity clothing and how to create a wardrobe that works for you and your budget. We will be right back

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STEPHANIE GLOVER: Today we are talking with Dan Canfield of Bellies to Babies previously loved maternity clothing boutique. Each woman has different wardrobe needs as we have talked about whether you’re working at home or you are In a corporate setting, so, Dan maybe you can help us differentiate between items that would be great to purchase used versus new because I do imagine that while there is a number of used options there might be some items that probably that cut it used could you maybe.

DAN CANFIELD: Yes it’s a good question. I would say everything you know we like to call previously love can be perfect but there are couple things, so when you look at basic t-shirts if you want to say it adds like a cute the bumps out here, something cute like on a t-shirt those are things you really find that probably has the most problems when you are talking about secondhand because they are something that shrinks or they have more feelings just kind of normal second-hand clothing that it has normally more wear on it so it does fit a little differently and not that perfect in that end. That would be one of the main things.

Also, when you look at bellies band or belly support you we sell some of those as well. Those are some of the things when used might be overstretched or they don't properly connect so those are the main things on that. But when you like the whole clothing line, dresses, pants, professional tops really a lot of second-hand clothing we try to buy them in better conditions so when you’re out shopping and you are pregnant, you might buy more than you need and you might not have to actually wear it because you might not leave the house as much as you thought you would so circumstances change. You are going to have to clothe in pretty good condition and that's what we primarily try to purchase lightly worn second-hand clothing. If something is too worn it's going to be hard anyway to make it fit properly so I would say try to get the least worn if you can.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So talk to us what are some of the benefits of purchasing those previously loved clothing.

DAN CANFIELD: Yes so there are a lot of benefits. First of all, you are saving about 80% off department store prices so there is a lot saving to be made where you might be spending on just a couple outfits hundreds and hundreds of dollars in private store and at a second maternity clothing store it might cost you under fifty or so. So you really have a lot of savings on that end and you usually have more selection. When your shopping out in the marketplace at a retailer, usually they only have a couple of brands, maybe they have modern maternities, maybe they have you are going to target your target is lame but at second-hand stores they usually have all the clothing so you are able to shop from thousands and thousands of pieces of maternity clothing that are across all the brands. You can try kind of everything on and you have more selection actually rather than just picking in the one brand in the one store, so you save a lot of time you save a lot of money and the hustle of going around everywhere.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yes that's true I really did tend to stick to one or two places just probably out of sheer laziness.

SUNNY GAULT: Not even laziness but the convenience and especially after you already have a kid and you know if you had to buy more I know I bought more maternity clothes as we went on you know through kids two to four you know so yes.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So yes another thing that I like I think is really environmentally responsible.

SUNNY GAULT: That’s true

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Because a lot of these clothes probably are just worn through like our pregnancy or a month really just depending on the size.

SUNNY GAULT: Then again at thanksgiving dinner

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Then dad wears them at thanksgiving dinner

DAN CANFIELD: Yes you know the other main point is that if you are being environmentally sound were second clothing is a great way to purchase you are not buying new materials that are constantly being made and using resources you can feel that better buying something that has already been in the marketplace kind of been passed around a little bit in buying that, so that can be feel good. Also selling back the clothing can be a great thing. You may be buying this top for eight dollars or so but when you sell it back you could get it around 20 percent or 25 percent of that value back so there is a return revenue on the other end you are actually making money off it. So that's kind of another bonus for buying second-hand.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It almost feels like am renting but not really.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes no absolutely.

DAN CANFIELD: Yes exactly.

SUNNY GAULT: And there are companies where you can rent maternity clothes too and I think it's more for some of the items that were are talking about that might be a little bit more pricey or maybe it’s a one-time kind of thing like you know you have got this big dinner that you’re going to and I've nothing to wear like literally you know your bump is twice as big as it was two months ago so you literally don't have anything to wear. You may not want to spend tons of money to do that so there are definitely different sites out there that do this and usually you can pick for how long you want to rent it for, so if it is just for a weekend you can do that, or two weeks or up to a month. The nice thing I think about these places is that you want to just try something out and you are just not sure if you want to purchase it. So, you can rent it and then it's kind of rent to buy or rent to own and so it might be a nice way for more those expensive pieces like usually it’s like outerwear like if you have lived somewhere cold. I mean just think about it, we are here in San Diego Stephanie and I.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Our budgets for wardrobes are less than the world.

SUNNY GAULT: But think about not being able to shop a willow coat, you know what I mean? I actually had seen some products that like created inserts so you don’t have to buy a new coat but if you didn't want to do something like that you know and you needed a bigger coat like who wants to go and buy you know a special coat for a special occasion. So, definitely, that’s some ways to save money and be environmentally sound with your purchases so definitely rentals are an option too.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Sunny did you purchase any used maternity clothing when you were pregnant?

SUNNY GAULT: You know I don’t think I did. I did get some hummy stuff and we have really talked about that but obviously, that is great resources too for pregnant moms out there. I feel like once you tell people you are pregnant sometimes it comes out of the woodwork oh I have maternity clothes. It's like we don’t know what to do with it right? And selling it back would be a great option but a lot of times we just end up handing it down which is just fine too. I didn't have any family nearby or anyone I could grab clothing from, I think I did get some pieces here and there. Most of the stuff I bought new because I was going to run it ragged, right. It's like when I buy clothes for like my five-year-old son I know he is going to get a lot of use out of that and there's going to be holes in it by the time he is through. That is how I viewed it and I didn't have any fun places to go no gala openings.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: I went to the grocery store. What I love to Dan about companies like yours and others, I feel like there are so many cool clothing online options with different stylish things that you can do, and they could come to your door and it takes the pressure off. I think I probably would have utilized more services like this. I feel ever since I had my last two and a half years ago they are just one of the options that there are now. So I either bought new or I received some handmade gowns. A few times maybe I would see a pregnant woman who I knew it was her last baby and I would claim her clothes

SUNNY GAULT: Did she know that?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yes my cousin had these really cute sailor-looking jeans and I would say those are mine. This is your last baby right, those are mine, and she was like all okay. I had no shame. Yes, I just think that there are so many great options that I probably would have opted for used, and I think for what he was saying that I loved the option of trying out different brands because I settled. I feel like just for the convenience of the two stores that were right down the street for me and the fit was never great but the price point was fine and it just was what it was, and I wasn't impressing anyone with my style but I probably could have found things that I felt a lot better in if I could have tried out some more brands.

SUNNY GAULT: Right, totally that makes sense.

DAN CANFIELD: Great, I think if you are newly pregnant or looking for maternity clothing I would definitely check out second-hand maternity or and we have a lot of different options on there, a lot of programs like a monthly box subscription where you can get different items per month almost like a stitch fit so something to try out and add to the list to see what works best for you.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: One last thing to think about

SUNNY GAULT: That is right because there is enough going through our crazy pregnancy brains right?

DAN CANFIELD: So add something on it, why not

SUNNY GAULT: That is right.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: This wraps up our episode of Preggie Pals for today. Thank you so much, Dan, for joining us. For more information about our show as well as information about our episode you can visit the episode page on our website. This conversation continues for members of our Preggie Pals Club. After the show, we are going to be talking about what you can do with your maternity clothes once you are done wearing them. We have talked a little bit about it but we will zero in on that.

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SUNNY GAULT: We have a question for one of our experts, this comes from one of our listeners and her name is Julie and it was related to clothing so I thought it might make for a good fit on today's episode. Julie writes; “I am currently pregnant and planning for a virginal birth at the hospital. I want to be as comfortable for as long as possible while I am in labor and I was wondering what the restrictions are in hospitals when it comes to mother's clothing. Can I wear whatever I want or will they make me change at some point?” So we thought we would toss this over to one of our experts to get their take on it based on their own experience.

DR. NICK CAPETANAKIS: Hi, Julie, this is Dr. Nick Capetanakis I am in San Diego California and I got your question and just wanted to respond. As far as clothing is concerned at least in my hospital we are always willing to work with patients. Most mammas usually come in with a little gown that they purchased, really the things that the hospital would like and see you are able to have access to the baby meaning being able to put the monitors on your belly without having to lift up your shirt or move things around.

Most of the new mommy delivery gowns have a cut-out on the belly that allows easy access so that you listen to the baby very easily. I can only speak for my hospital but again we are very willing to work with mammas to make sure they are comfortable. So, I would bring the gown you have and talk to the nurses and find out if it is okay or even ask your OBGYN if it is okay to have the gown that you would like to wear. You don't have to always wear that hospital gown. Good luck with everything, I am sure you are going to have an amazing delivery and if you need anything else let us know. All right, have a great day, bye.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: That wraps up our show for today, we appreciate you listening to Preggie Pals.
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