Lisa Marasco

Lactation Consultant

Lisa Marasco has been working with breastfeeding mothers for over 25 years and has been Internationally Board Certified since 1993. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Development with specialization in Lactation Consulting and was designated a Fellow of ILCA in 2009. Lisa is co-author of The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk, a contributing author to the Core Curriculum for Lactation Consultants, and a new Cochrane Collaborative author. She is employed by WIC of Santa Barbara County while she continues to research, write, speak, and maintain a small private practice. In addition, Lisa is an Associate Area Professional Liaison for La Leche League of So. Calif/Nevada, and serves on the Breastfeeding Coalition of Santa Barbara County.

Episodes for this expert

  • Breastfeeding After Previous Low Milk Supply

    You experienced low milk supply before, can you expect the same problems to occur in the future? What are some of the causes of low milk supply and what are some ways to increase it?

  • How Your Thyroid Can Affect Milk Supply

    Hormone imbalances can cause complicated situations for your milk supply. How do you know if your thyroid is to blame? What medications and herbs are available to treat mothers with both high and low thyroid conditions?

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