Trending Baby Names for Twins

Ready to name your twins or triplets? Where do you even start? Today we're looking at the current trends when it comes to naming your new little bundles of joy! Should you be “matchy matchy” with your names? What are some cool ways to showcase their uniqueness without overdoing it? Plus, discover what Marvel and Game of Thrones character names are really popular right now!

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Episode Transcript

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 0:03
While most expecting parents have the daunting task of picking out a name for their baby that is cute, and it won't seem dated 40 years later. But for expectant parents of multiples, you've got to pick out two or more names at the same time and decide if they should go together or be completely independent. Are you stumped for ideas? We can help. Today we're here to talk about trending baby names for twins. This is Twin Talks!

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 0:33
Welcome to Twin Talks. Twin Talks is your weekly online on the go support group for expecting a new parents of twins. I'm your host, Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald. And yes, I am a parent of twins. I've got two identical girls who are now nine years old. And they think that they're probably 13. I have a single ting girl who is six, and she thinks she's the third twin. So let's just say we've got a lot of estrogen in the house. And also joining us today is our producer Sunny, so welcome.

Sunny Gault 1:33
So my family... I am a mom of four kids. My youngest two are twins. They're five. I have identical girls, Ainsley and Addison. And then I have two older boys, Sayer and Urban. I'm saying all their names, because this is a show about names, right? So we're going to, I'm sure analyze our own kids names here. And so yeah, so we're a full house too. We're done having babies. So the twins were our last and we got two of each. So we're pretty happy with that. I want to let everyone know about our app where you can listen to Twin Talks on-the-go. It's actually an app called Parents On Demand, because that's the network that we're part of. And it's available on Apple and Android, you can listen to Twin Talks. But you can also discover more great podcasts geared towards parents and families. And it's really fun. They've got categories. So if you log on to the app, and you're not sure what shows to check out, you can kind of explore some of the stuff. And let's say you want to hear more podcasts about pregnancy, click the pregnancy button and a bunch of podcasts will pop up. So it's just really fun for those of you who are podcast enthusiasts to find a ton of great shows right at your fingertips. And again, you can take it wherever you go.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 2:38
And you know, we should introduce our expert today. We've got with us Jennifer Moss of So it's a leader in the baby naming for over 20 years. And so Jennifer, you want to tell us about your family and maybe your children's names?

Jennifer Moss 2:53
Yes, I came from a family of all girls to talk about estrogen. And so my two older sisters were seven and eight years older than I am. So they got pretty traditional names Kate and Sue. And then I came along and I was given like the top 10 name for 15 years, Jennifer. And then five years later, my baby sister was born and my mom went a little different with that one she was named Mallory. And that was before family ties. So nobody had really heard that name, especially for girl you know, is used as a boy's name over in the UK, but very traditional and it was also a surname. But you know a little background on that why she kind of got a little kooky as she heard that. The puppeteer Sherry Lewis had named her daughter Mallory, and that just stuck with her. That kind of goes into you know, name influence. That was a celebrity baby name.

Sunny Gault 3:57
I love Sherry Lewis. I haven't heard that name in such a long time! Lamb Chop and what were the other ones I can't I can't remember I loved her though.

Jennifer Moss 4:04
I don't remember, all I remember is Lamb Chop. It can kind of had a resurgence in the 90s. Again, my daughter was little.

Sunny Gault 4:12
Right, well, she didn't name your kid Lamb Chop that would have been not so good, right?

Sunny Gault 4:26
Okay, so we are going to introduce you guys to an app. It's not a new app. Actually, it's been on the market for a while, but they have some really cool features and some new things that they've added. So I wanted to tell you guys about it. It's called archive. It's actually art chi, it's really hard to say if you like say, like all the letters in there. Hi, we got so it's a r t k i v e and it's from the Chi vz company if you want to Google this, but it's available on Apple and Android. And this is what it does. So okay, you guys are probably gonna feel pain here, your kids come home from school and they bring home artwork, or perhaps they're in preschool, whatever. And you're stuck with all this stuff. And especially as a parent of twins, a lot of times you're getting double of everything, oh, write ups, you're coming home, your daughters, your kids or whatever, they created the exact same artwork, just one has one name on it, and one has the other. And we don't want to be mean with this stuff, right? But it gets to a point where you're kind of like, what am I gonna do with all this stuff? I only have so much room to like, keep artwork for you know, when they're 21. And I want to embarrass them or whatever.

Sunny Gault 5:33
Yeah, exactly. So yeah, so what are you going to do? So archive is a way to preserve these memories. And you can do a couple different things with it. They used to have a free account, which is how I originally got familiar with it, where you could take a picture of the artwork, and you could save it and you can save multiple kids, you kind of have it's the same account, but you can, like enter each child. So if you had multiple kids, like we do here on twin talks, you know, you basically take a picture of the artwork, and then you can say, Oh, this was for Ainsley. This was for Addison, you can enter the date. And then it used to be that you could just take a picture of it, and that was kind of it. But now they've kind of taken it a step further, they actually will send you a box. Oh, yeah. So you pay for the box. Initially, it's like 25 bucks, something like that. And you pay for the box. And then whenever your child's artwork kind of qualifies, like, you know, let's just face it, we all go through that we all have to qualify the RA. Is this good enough to save? Or do I just have to be polite? And say Yes, honey, that's so good. You did that today, right? There's few different categories. So if it's good enough to save, you can literally throw it in this box. And then when you're ready, you ship it in and they do charge you I don't know if it's per piece, there's actually like a little slider on their website. So you can say, Oh, I have 70 pieces. What's that gonna cost? Oh, and you can send it in. So you send it into them, they take the pictures, so you can easily be able to share it with family and do all that kind of stuff. But then they also take it and they put it in a book for you. Which I thought was pretty cool.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 7:13
Oh, so instead of just taking the picture, and then you're going okay, well, now I have to make the book, you know, we're using you know, the book or whatever, then they they're doing all the legwork. So you're doing all you have to do is just dump it in the box and put it in the mail at the end of the year.

Sunny Gault 7:29
Exactly. And I was thinking this that could get really costly, because I'm gonna be honest, guys, these boxes are pretty expensive, like convenience costs money. Yeah, if you had, you know, if you if you literally cap a box, see, I have four kids. So I was like, Well, if I just keep a box to the side, and again, when that artwork qualifies, and it can be across multiple kids. So you know, you can have, you know, five pieces from this kid and three pieces from that kid, and you just put it in the box. And then each year, you know, you just send the box in, and then you pay the fee. Like, honestly, it's gonna be around 100 bucks. I'm not lying. It's pretty expensive. But then you have this book, you didn't have to do anything really to get lost. I know a lot of parents are using it, like they put it on their coffee table or, you know, who knows how you're going to use this in the future.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 8:18
Yeah, better quality artwork, then you would actually do on your own. And they're not the whole little setup. So it's Yeah, you don't have these, you know, kind of funky like, oh, yeah, it's a little my pictures a little blurry.

Sunny Gault 8:31
Exactly. And I do that all the time, too. It's like, my kid bothers me while I'm taking a picture. And suddenly, the whole thing is blurry. Yeah. So you don't have to worry about any of that. You just put it in the box, ship it off. So that's like their top tier. And then there's other pricing packages available. So if you're like, Well, I pretty much just want to be able to use the app, take the pictures, send it to friends and loved ones. They've got packages for that they've got packages with that plus, you know, you'll get a book but it's a smaller book, or you know, things like that. So there's like three or four different packages you can choose from the free version is no longer available. I just tried to sign out today. Yeah. So I mean, their for profit business. What are you going to do? Right? You got to make money. But I still think it's an awesome idea, especially if you just feel like artwork is coming out of your ears. And you don 't know what to do.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 9:19
I think for all the tidying up fans, this is probably a really great solution, right? Yeah, exactly. You can say you can say this brings me joy, but you don't have to have the thing actually sitting in your house right?

Sunny Gault 9:34
I mean, it's a fire hazard. Anyway, so if that sounds good guys, check out archive again A RT K I V E and see what you think.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 9:48
We're here today with Jennifer Moss of baby A leader in the baby naming for over 20 years. And we're here to talk about inspirations and trends for naming twins. So welcome, Jennifer! So okay, I got to ask you, how did you get into the baby naming business?

Jennifer Moss 10:07
I have always been obsessed with baby names ever since I was a kid, I would like pour through the phone books back, and we had phone books. And like wooden, wooden now it's like funny and interesting names to my family. And so that was weird to begin with. But, you know, then when I graduated college, I became a programmer and did a software program. That was a baby names book, basically, but had a little database. And then when the internet came about for public use, I was like, I'm just going to put this database online and see what happens. And, you know, the rest is history, like everyone wanted it, you know, as soon as I registered it with the search engines, people just started coming in droves, and it became what it is.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 11:00
Wow. So you started out? You know, you've got inspiration, just kind of like, well, this is unusual, and what what does it mean? And and then now as parents, you know, we're have this this daunting task, we've got to pick out, you know, for if it's a singleton, a baby name, and we've got all these different things to consider. Now for twin parents, oh, my gosh, you know, you have to pick out two names. What do you think? What's the biggest challenge?

Jennifer Moss 11:24
Yeah, we have this big baby naming survey going on. And I think this is interesting, because one of the questions is, how hard is it? Or was it to choose the baby name on a scale from one to 10, where one is super easy, and 10 was super hard. And you'd think it would be a bell curve, and that everyone would end up in the middle. But most people chose number 10, it's really hard to come up with a baby name. And so there are a lot of challenges that parents face, even with just single babies. And that is, you know, they could have too much input, where they're bouncing things off friends and family, and that just might confuse them. They have you're coming together usually with two parents. And so each of those parents has not only preferences, but aversions. So you have to figure that, you know, like the bowling you from second grade, or people you just didn't like or people you work with or your boss's name, things that, you know, you also have to bring to the table. So there are names you have to eliminate on both sides. So and because you're naming two children again, everything's double. So all those challenges are compounded.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 12:41
Wow, that's so interesting to think that name. It's not just you know, thinking of something that's that's creative for someone else, but sounds like you know, yeah, it could trigger us as parents in some way we can imagine we're calling the name of somebody that we it reminds us of someone we don't necessarily like or eggs or something.

Sunny Gault 13:04
Yeah, I definitely had some of those on my list. I basically asked my husband in advance. I'm like, just write them down. Write all the girls names done and we're totally eliminating those from the list.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 13:13
Yeah, not gonna happen. Yeah. All right. So what's your general advice for naming twins? I mean, okay, so if you have to do let's say, just two names, we'll just we'll I know. And Brian, for triplets. You got three, but should you try to match them or not to match them? What do you what would you say?

Jennifer Moss 13:31
Well, you know, as a company, my mom was an early childhood expert, and was trained in that and my sister is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. So I'm not just you know, pulling this out of the top of my head. But when it comes to like, their identity, your name is your identity. What we do recommend is don't go too matchy matchy because if you think about it, they're going to have to share so many things in life, not only the womb, but their birthday, their clothes, maybe their school, their classroom may be you know, everybody's gonna think of them as a unit. So what we say is like, keep the names unique. Don't go too similar. Make sure that the names have their own identity, so the children can have their own identity.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 14:30
Oh, absolutely. I have heard of some different twins. Let's say same sex twins. And I seen heard of names where there's literally maybe only one or two letters, different writing their first names, and I'm like oh....

Unknown Speaker 14:46
Yeah. And not only is it close to being the same name, but think of the confusion it causes. Oh, no, in the household. It's hard enough to keep track of all your kids names, right. You know, my dad would say would call us Like suit cat met Jen, Jen, you know, like, he would have to go through all of them until he found the right one. Right? That but then also people who are just acquaintances like which one is that? Do you want them to hear that all the time? You know?

Sunny Gault 15:16
Yeah, that's true. Yeah.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 15:17
I mean, I think it's confusing for the kids. You know, when they're really young, they're trying to figure out who they are. And then, you know, I know just for identical twins, I've got girls, it's hard enough where I mean, they, you know, my girls, they look alike, and everybody gets them mixed up. I couldn't imagine if their names were so similar, that people are like, Oh, wait, you're, you know, a jewel. Oh, you're Julia. Joe. Wait.

Sunny Gault 15:45
Yeah, so what did you do? Christine, with your girls?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 15:48
Well, you know, it's funny. So in our case, so my girls names are Alexandra, and Julia. And our thought was, we wanted to have just completely different names starting out differently. But then they both end with an A, and they're so Alexandria. That's kind of It's a mouthful, I get it, but syllables. And then Julia now I will, my Julia, my original idea was for Giuliana, because I don't I like the way it flowed. My husband didn't like it. He thought it was a little too much. He, you know, he was like, Well, it sounds like a mafia princess. I liked it. But we were trying to really, in our case, aim for something that kind of had the same flow and maybe syllable matching. And then also in the end a, rather than starting out with the same letter. So that was our so we didn't we wanted to have some kind of a match. That was the the general direction. But, you know, maybe under Jennifer like, so if parents do want to have a match? What are some different ways that they could do a match without sounding too matchy matchy?

Jennifer Moss 17:03
Yeah, well, you know, using the first letter of the name, a lot of people do that with siblings anyway. But you know, my main recommendation is to go broad, not narrow, like don't make it obvious that they are to have a pair. So like, if you want to stick with a theme, a good example might be to nature names or like to write are names like Tennyson, and Austin, or star names like NOVA and Aurora, you know, something to do with space. So they're different enough, but maybe they do fit a theme, you know, they fit a pattern, but are different enough to give them their own identity. You know, I used to tease my mom that if I had twins, I'd named them Hazel and Basil, because her mom was named Hazel and I loved the name. And she was like, Oh, please, oh, please. Oh, please don't do that.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 17:57
Oh, and now Sunny, okay. And especially with with your girls, too. And so we both have identical girls as it's kind of funny. But so yeah, your two, how did you come to that? Choosing?

Sunny Gault 18:09
Right? Well, yeah, I didn't want mine to matchy matchy. Growing up there were two there were identical girls that lived on my street growing up. And they were Kimmy and Kathy, like, Kimberly. But we but we say Kimmy, we said Kimmy and Kathy and even that was like a little too close for me. So I wanted but I like the whole idea of it starting with the same letter. I thought that was kind of cool. And really, I let my husband pick a name and I picked a name. We just made sure that they both had A's in it. I don't know that like it started with an A. So we have Ainsley, which which? I know a lot of people say they don't do this, but Ainsley was going to be the girl...if my son had been a girl, he was going to be Ainsley. And a lot of people say they never use the name that didn't get used, but I ended up using it for my kids. So yeah, why not? I loved it, then why can't I love it now? Right? And so um, so that was my pick. And then my husband picked Addison, which I was like, I kind of wanted something a little because I feel like right now, Addison's a really popular name and coming from like, my name is Sunny. And nobody, like not nobody has this name. But it's it is still unusual. And so I liked growing up having an unusual name. I think it helped me a lot. And so when my husband's like, oh, yeah, let's name or Addison part of me kind of cringed because I'm like, oh, there's too many Addisons. What are we gonna do? Um, but I kind of just let it go. The girls... one cool thing that we did is their middle names are both from our grandmother. So that is something that kind of unites them. So yeah, so we've Addison Marie. So Marie is also my middle name, but it was my great grandmother's middle or first name. And then Elizabeth as well. So is a grandmother name so Ainsley Elizabeth is her name. So that's what we did. We went we wanted something but again, you know, I didn't want it to be confusing. I already have two, two older kids. So I have four kids and a dog. So anything could come out of my mouth at any minute.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 20:08
So Jennifer, I mean, you kind of touched on some of the things that, you know, parents, you know, should avoid. But I mean, aside from having names that are, like almost identical in of themselves, is there anything else that parents should try to avoid when they're choosing named pairs?

Jennifer Moss 20:24
Yeah. And you know, the first one would be what we recommend to any baby is that anything that elicits laughter? Or is a joke. You know, like rhyming names tend to be jokey like hazel and basil Stacy and Lacey. You know, things that are a little too cutesy or people might roll their eyes because you don't want your kids to tell somebody their names and then people laugh at them. That's their first reaction, you know. And we talked about names that are too similar like Tracy and Trixie, you know, commune cafe, things that might confuse people or confuse them. Also, if you have a boy and girl, don't use gendered versions of the same name, like Devin and Yvonne or Brian and Briana, because basically, it's the same name. You're giving them the same name. And again, they don't have their own identity. Right?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 21:25
Right. So like my singleton Her name is Michaela. And it's it's Michael with an A so yeah, had she been a twin? I think that would have not been a good thing for her to be my little brother named Michael.

Jennifer Moss 21:37
And um, yeah, there are people out there that have done that. And I'm not, you know, casting aspersions or anything. I just, you know, this is advice, right? And then you know, other things would be famous couples like Lucy and Ricky, Be, and Jay, Bonnie and Clyde. Those kind of things would elicit jokes and laughter. And I say just save those for your pets. Yeah.

Sunny Gault 22:01
Good idea. I like that advice - save it for your pets!

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 22:05
All right. Well, when we come back we're going to talk about what's hot right now for naming and the things that are influencing the current trends.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 22:19
Well, welcome back! Today we're talking with Jennifer Moss of and getting ideas for twins. Uh, so Jennifer, okay, what is trending so what are what are we see right now you know, for different inspirations.

Jennifer Moss 22:33
Well, for girls like the old fashioned names are still in style, feminine names that do not end in wire ie so when you know like Ashley has given way to Amelia if you look at the top girls names they're ending in a Olivia Ava Isabella Sophia Mia. Nature names are also big for girls like Ivy, Willow, especially flowers, Violet, Marigold, Lily, Iris. And on the boys side, we've seen a lot of surnames becoming first names like Parker, Hunter, Bennett, Jackson, Lincoln. And of course, biblical names are always in style on the boys side like Noah, James, Benjamin, Elijah and Jacob. And then there's like a little trend coming up what we call the hyper masculine names, which would be like Axel Remington, Maverick and Cole....

Sunny Gault 23:26
I like a lot of those names you mentioned as like, Oh, that's a really good one. I like that.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 23:30
Okay, now now, I'm gonna wonder like, especially with those those hyper masculine names, the actual I mean, are these coming from, you know, films and movies? I mean, where are parents getting the inspiration for these names?

Jennifer Moss 23:41
You know, it's funny, I think it might be a reaction to a lot of the unisex and crossover names. So a lot of girls are being given crossover names, not so much boys. But and so maybe the parents want to set their boys apart and make it very obvious in air quotes, that they're having a boy who knows, you know, I think that could be one of the reasons the other one might just be you know, especially here in the US, we live in a gun society. This is America, you know, and they're being named after gun brands. I don't know where it actually comes from, it's really hard to kind of trace back the source of name inspiration, unless it's obviously from a celebrity or pop culture.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 24:32
So now I'm wondering, okay, I know we've got the Top Gun 2, which is, you know, current production. So I think that's probably one of the contributors if we see Maverick on the rise, right? Yeah,

Jennifer Moss 24:47
Yeah, definitely.

Sunny Gault 24:48
And Iceman, Iceman better not come up. That would be very weird.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 24:53
And what about all that the Marvel comic films that are coming out as well, right?

Jennifer Moss 24:58
Yeah, definitely.I mean...

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 25:00
Do you think we would see a Thor?

Jennifer Moss 25:02
Thor actually has been on the charts you know and I know somebody in particular who has named their son Thor. It's really interesting. Yeah.

Sunny Gault 25:15
What do you pair that with like, thinking like a middle name? Thor? I don't Michael I don't have something else that's that's just as powerful as Thor...

Jennifer Moss 25:26
And Odin too.... I knew a woman who named her son Odin, which is another god name. Yeah.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 25:32
Oh, wow. But, you know, I could see some some multiples, you know, maybe if they are, you know, sort of the the Marvel fans, they could, you know, pick and choose from among... Yeah, the superheroes, right?

Jennifer Moss 25:46
Although you have to be careful that it doesn't, you know, names that are very trendy, also become dated. So, you know, like, Jennifer, so you have to think about that, you know, 10, 20, 30 years from now....

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 26:01
I know one of the things that's that's really popular now is Game of Thrones, right? Do we have any Game of Thrones fans here? Okay, so you got to tell me, are any of those names? Trending right now? Do we see that?

Jennifer Moss 26:18
Well, the biggest one is Aria, definitely.

Sunny Gault 26:21
Oh, yeah, I can see that.

Jennifer Moss 26:23
With both, you know, name, spellings, ari A, and Y A, is actually number three on the baby names charts, it's in our charts are coming from the names that people are adding to their favorite name lists. So it actually kind of predicts the birth trends from about one to three years. So that's really big, and not only from Game of Thrones, but it's also lead character and Pretty Little Liars. So I think those two together those two shows. And they are different, you know, demographic too, but those two together have really put ARIA onto the charts. You know, some of the other ones, obviously, Khaleesi, which is really funny. I have a friend. I have a friend who named his daughter Khaleesi, not Denarys.... that has not hit the chart, right that that didn't resonate with people, but the name Khaleesi did...

Sunny Gault 27:22
Because at least at least in Game of Thrones isn't that supposed to mean queen? I mean, that's what they call a queen, right?

Jennifer Moss 27:27
Yeah, it's a title, right? It's not a name. It's a title. It means Queen exalted one, wife have the gall.

Sunny Gault 27:34
Okay. Huh? Yeah, it's pretty. Try to spell it though. I'd be like, what?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 27:42
I know. I mean, that's another thing we have to think about is I mean, we're for at least for now, we still use email, which requires spelling, right? So I think isn't spelling a consideration when you know, parents are choosing names? Is it that it's something that's easy to spell, so that we don't end up with, you know, missing all over emails? knows, maybe 20 years from now we're not using email.

Unknown Speaker 28:04
You know, it's funny. We recommend that people don't use creative spellings of common names, you know, like, Jennifer with a pH and two R's, or something like that, you know, because then your child has the burden of saying that the rest of their lives, right correcting people, um, you know, but when it comes to names that are outside your culture, you're gonna probably have to spell it for people. So it all depends, you know, we don't say, you know, definitely say you can't is that because no Americans know how to spell it. That's being a little ethnocentric. But keep that in mind. Yeah,

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 28:47
Now, just switching gears here. I'm thinking, um, what about celebrities? I mean, we've, you know, in the last, you know, year or two, we've had some pretty big celebrities having twins. So I don't know if there's something in the water, or....

Sunny Gault 28:59
Don't go to Hollywood people. Don't go.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 29:01
Right? So what what do we see for trends for some of the the celebrities who've had twins?

Jennifer Moss 29:08
Well, I think they're doing pretty well. You know, it starts with Brangelina and Knox and Vivian. George Clooney had Alexander and Ella, Beyonce Rumi and Sir, Ricky Martin has Matteo and Valentino. Julia Roberts had funny Phineas and Hazel, and Denzel has Olivia and Malcolm. So the pattern here is, there's no pattern, like, they're not doing matchy matchy names, right? They're naming them as they're naming siblings. So I think that's a really great thing.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 29:42
So that's a good we can we can kind of take a clue from them. It doesn't have to go together. And it doesn't have to be, you know, completely unique because, I mean, I hear some very traditional names and I hear some, you know, very, very classical some unusual names. So um, cuz it's all over the map.

Sunny Gault 30:02
One of my favorite places to find baby names are movie and film credits.

Jennifer Moss 30:07
Oh, me too, I talk about that all the time on our podcast.

Sunny Gault 30:11
I will be that crazy person that's sitting in the movie theater after everyone's left. And I'm just looking ... and I don't even have any more babies to name no plans for babies. And I'm still like looking at names. Because what's nice about it is usually films, not all films, but usually they like they cross cultures and stuff like that. So you get this really interesting, diverse group of names. And there's always always names on there, then I'm like, Oh, my gosh, I never thought of that. That's a really cool, first name!

Jennifer Moss 30:40
And what I found from actually living in Los Angeles and my daughter going to school with a lot of creatives is that creative people use creative baby naming, or have creative names themselves. Yeah. So I was like, why are these all these unusual names in my daughter's class? And oh, yeah, middle of Hollywood.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 31:06
Well, thanks so much, Jennifer, for joining us today. So now, if people want to learn more about baby naming, how can they find out more and connect?

Jennifer Moss 31:15
Well, they can definitely go to our website, that's easy to remember. And also my sister Mallory, and I have a podcast that's every other week called The Baby Names Podcast, where we go over celebrity baby names, and the name topic of the week, which varies, so join us there as well on all your podcatchers.

Sunny Gault 31:42
Alright, guys, as we wrap up today's show, we have our final segment, and it's called, we're expecting what, and this is just a fun segment that we do, because those of us that are listening or part of the show today that have twins, or triplets, or quadruplets, whatever you have, there was that moment when you found out that there was more than one baby, right? And then you kind of look at the person and go what so we thought, okay, let's share these stories, because most of them are really funny. Now, a lot of the ones are that we talk about or like people write in stories, or we find them online or something like that. But this is a YouTube video. This is an audio podcast, I can't show you the video, but we're gonna play this clip so you can at least hear the audio. Let me give you a little bit of background on this. So I believe it is the couple's of first pregnancy and so they don't have any previous kids. And she the mom just got her ultrasound, and she basically lays the ultrasound down you know the pictures for the dad to see. And once the dad to kind of pick up on something being a little bit different and he doesn't quite get it. So let's take a listen. And I just want to give you guys a heads up there is a couple of curse words on this, but I'm going to bleep that out for you guys. So here is the video.

Video 33:27
Little thing that's beautiful. Is everything okay? See anything different? No? Me see, I don't understand. What's wrong? Is there something wrong? This is a picture a baby. Yes. This is picture baby. Yes. This is picture baby. See? Okay. That's all of them in one word we three babies. Are you serious? 123 Why is that bad? That's amazing. Three babies.

Sunny Gault 33:42
All right, I'm gonna fade it out there. It does go on for a little bit more. But I mean, you should see this guy's face. Of course. He's like, absolutely ecstatic. And I love I love that He's so calm about like, and when he kind of puts everything together. Like he's not mad. He's not frustrated. He's not talking about oh my gosh, how are we going to pay for all of this? I'm sure that came later. Right? But it was more just like you're amazing!

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 34:33
Yeah, several times. I think later on even says you're amazing. Yeah, he's like, he's firming the mom like, oh my gosh, you're amazing. The fact you can even you know, like, carry three babies. Like he's like reassuring her like You're okay, right? You're okay. You're amazing.

Sunny Gault 34:49
Yes. It was so funny because it remind me a little bit of when, because I did something similar with my husband, so we weren't expecting twins. In fact, we had already been to it's kind of a tradition that we would at least go to the first appointment together like after you have your first baby you're kind of like yeah, you don't have to go to all these appointments with me. And so but it was tradition that my husband released go to the first baby appointment with me so we could hear the heartbeat make sure everything was okay so we had already done that appointment. And then I went in for like, you know, to make sure there was like 10 fingers 10 toes like the more in depth at like 11 weeks I think. And and so that's when I was told the news and what I did so my husband wasn't with me so after I could compose myself, I went home with the the photos into the exact same thing I put it on the counter. And my husband didn't get it either. It took him like probably even longer than this guy you know in the video to figure it out and hear all I could get on my mouth was "there's two" and he's like two eyes, two arms, like all that's a good thing. What are you talking about? But it was I really appreciate this video because I felt like my husband had a similar at least the first part he was kind of a similar reaction like he could not figure out the ultrasound. What is that?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 35:59
Well, that wraps up our show for today. We appreciate you listening to Twin Talks. Don't forget to check out our sister show Preggie Pals for expecting parents. Our show The Boob Group for moms who breastfeed their babies, Parent Savers, your parenting resource on the go, and Newbies for new moms during the first year. This is Twin Talks parenting times two.

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