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Many parents are wondering if it's possible to successfully travel with young children while preserving your sanity and the sanity of those around you. How can you get over the fear of traveling with kids? What should you pack to help ease this potentially bumpy ride? And what are some helpful travel tips to help you on your journey?

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    Everyday, families become victims of predators seeking to cause you and your children harm. Parent Savers teams up with Escondido Police Department’s Family Protection Unit and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to help families stay safe and secure.

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Parent Savers
Travel With Kids

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KC Wilt : It may be your baby's first trip to see family over the holidays, or you might be a season traveler. And having to take care of a child on a trip has you stressed. Traveling with babies on airplanes can be enough to make everyone sigh in desperation. How to overcome the difficulties of traveling and learn to enjoy both the journey, and the destination? We're here with Carrie Simmons, star of “Travel With Kids” TV series, and this is Parent Savers, episode 29.

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KC Wilt : Welcome to Parent Savers, broadcasting from the Birth Education Center of San Diego. I am your host, KC Wilt. Parent Savers is all about helping new parents from the baby years to the toddler years. So download the free app, sign up for the free newsletter, like us on Facebook or send us an email or call our hotline. This is your show and we want you to be involved. We have amazing experts at our finger tip, so shoot us a line and we'll get your questions answered. We also have a very new option of joining our Parent Savers Club, and it's where you can download the archived episodes and get exclusive content and more. I am a new parent myself, my son Carsen is almost 23 months old. And I am joined by three new parents here in the studio.

Owen Hemsath : Hi, my name is Owen, I own a video marketing company in Ocean Side, I'm 32 going on 25. I have three boys, Kanan is five, Jameson is 16 months and Benjamin is 5 months old.

Johner Riehl : My name is Johner Riehl, I am a 38 year-old writer here in San Diego, and I have three boys as well, five, three and one.

Michelle Franklin : My name is Michelle Franklin, I am 36, I have one daughter who is also one, here name is Dillon.
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Before we begin today's show, here's Detective Damien Jackson, with some great tips on protecting your children.

Hey Parent Savers! This is Detective Damien Jackson, with the Escondido Police Department Family Protection Unit and the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce, here in San Diego, California. As part of the Escondido Police Department's ongoing series of community outreach education, to help families enhance their personal safety, I'm here today to talk to you about GPS programming. Criminals are constantly looking for those easy opportunities these days to take your property and turn it for a quick profit on the street. As new parents, you're probably on the go a lot. And with today's technology, getting where you need to be is as simple as tapping an address into your GPS device, and off you go. Getting to your next destination easily and efficiently. However, one of the easiest items to spy, steal and quickly sell, is that GPS device sitting on your dashboard or center console for all to see. It doesn't matter to that criminal what the best route to Sea World might be, or where the closest sushi spot is, but the address you programmed in the home category is like giving a criminal a treasure map and the access right on top of your house. My tip for today: don't make home your actual home. I'd be willing to bet there's not one of you out there listening that doesn't know how to get from your house to the grocery store, or from the grocery store back to your house. So for an added layer of security and protection for you and your family, instead of using your actual home address, use the grocery store as your starting and finishing point on your GPS device, when using it to plot out your trip. That way, if someone relieves you of your GPS device without your permission, you would only be giving them directions to the product section and not to your family's castle. For more information on how you can keep your family safe, visit us on Facebook or Twitter at #EscondidoPolice. With the Escondido Police Department and the San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce, I'm Detective Damien Jackson, reminding you to keep your family safe and smart.

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KC Wilt : Well I'm so excited about today's show. If you know me, you know travel is near and dear to my heart, so figuring out that kids can add element of difficulty, we have Carrie Simmons with us, whose family is the star of the TV show “Travel With Kids”, which I'm excited to tune in and watch. And she's here to help us turn the difficulty into an incredible journey. So, briefly, Carrie, tell me about what Travel With Kids is and how did you get started.

Carrie Simmons : Travel With Kids is a television show, it's kind of a documentary meets adventure travel reality show, on traveling with your kids. And it airs on TV and in 30 other countries internationally. And how we got started... my husband and I have been travelers pre-kids, and we have backed packed around the world, taking a year off, that type of fun travel memory, and when we had our first child, everyone said, “Ah! Now you have to stop traveling!”

KC Wilt : Yes, I've heard that!

Carrie Simmons : And we said, “Well, why would we stop traveling? We want to expose our kids to this amazing adventure, and this amazing absorbtion of the world”. So when our oldest one was 10 months old, we took him on his first big journey, and we took him to Ireland, Spain and Morroco. And when we got back, we got a lot of questions like, “How did you get diapers? How did you get baby food?” Well, all these people have babies in Spain and Morroco, so we just got it the same way they get it. But it never dawned on us that people would have questions like that, so we made it our first show in Portorico a year later, based on just answering questions on how to travel with babies and toddlers. Like where and how to feed them, where do you change diapers, things like that. It was very focused on the tips of traveling with a baby. Now we have 12 and 10 year old, so the show still offers some of that parental guidance, but a lot of the focus of the show is now on the boys and how they are experiencing destinations. What's fun for kids in each destination.

KC Wilt : So how does a parent get over their fear of traveling with their kids, messing up schedules? That sort of things, sleeping in a foreign place?

Carrie Simmons : A lot

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Robin Kaplan :

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Robin Kaplan : This wraps up our show for today, we appreciate you listening to The Boob Group. Don't forget to check out our sister shows, Preggie Pals, for expecting parents, and our other show, Parent Savers, for moms and dads with newborns, infants and toddlers. Thans for listening to The Boob Group, your judgement free breastfeeding resources.


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