Carrie Simmons

TV Personality

The Simmons Family are a real family experiencing the fun, and challenges of travel just like any other family, only in front of a television camera.  Jeremy and Carrie (aka Dad and Mom) have been traveling together for the past twenty years, including an 8-month backpacking journey around the world visiting the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and South and North America, and have now added their kids to the mix.  Nathan made his first trip abroad to Morocco, Spain and Ireland when he was less than one-year-old and Seamus had visited seven countries by the time he was four. They believe traveling together gives them a chance to grow and learn as a family and brings them closer as well as giving the kids a great education and outlook on the world as a global community.  In the past eight years of filming Travel With Kids, they have learned a few lessons on great ways to do things with kids and how to avoid the pitfalls like how to make the best use of packing space, how to keep the kids interested in museums and how to prepare the whole family for a trip abroad.

Episodes for this expert

  • Travel With Kids

    Nervous to travel with kids this holiday season? What are the common pitfalls many parents face? And how can you overcome these issues and avoid major meltdowns as you travel to see friends and family during the next couple months?

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