Smart Shopping Strategies for Twins

Shopping for two babies typically takes more effort than shopping for one baby, but do you really need twice the stuff? How can twin parents take advantage of good deals in their own community? What are some great online resources when searching for discounts? And will major retailers really send you free product simply because you had two babies at the same time?

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    Caring for two or more children at the same time can be quite a challenge. What funny twin “oops” have you made recently (that you’re willing to admit)? Record a voicemail through our website or send us an email, and we’ll share your story on our show!

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Twin Talks
Smart Shopping Strategies for Twins


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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Buying two of almost everything can get really expensive really fast. So, how can you minimize the cost of buying clothes, gear and all the essentials for your twin? Do twin discounts exist? How do you find good bargains? Joining us today is our panel of twin parents. We’re here to talk about: “Smart shopping strategies for twins.” This is Twin Talks.

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: If you’re pregnant with twins or you’re an experienced twin parent, odds are: “You have heard it all before.” Now, it’s time to hear from the experts. This is Twin Talks, parenting times two.

Well, welcome to Twin Talks broadcasting from the Birth Education Centre of San Diego. Twin Talks is your weekly online on-the-go support group for expecting and new parents to twins. I’m your host Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald.

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Another way for you to stay connected is by downloading our free Twin Talks app available for most smart phones. Before we get started, let’s go around the room and on the phone.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes. I’ll go ahead and kick things off here on the studio. So, I’m Sunny. I’m the owner of New Mommy Media which produces: “Twin Talks, Parent Savers, The Boob Group and Preggie Pals.”

I have four children of my own. My oldest is about to turn four. Tomorrow, he’s going to be four. Then my middle guy is two and then I have identical twin girls – Ainsley and Addison who are 8 months old.


SHELLY STEELY: I’m Shelly. I’m the producer here at Twin Talks. I have identical twin boys who just turned two. I’m due with a singleton in August. I want to let you guys know at home about a program that we have. So, you can be a virtual panellist.

For those of you who can’t get into our studio or call in on the phone, you can follow us on Facebook or on Twitter and then use the hash tag #TwinTalksVP to participate in the conversation.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: On the phone with us today is Kasey.

KASEY HAYNES: Hello. My name is Kasey Haynes. I have a 5 year old daughter Riley and I have 2 year old twins. My boy is Braden and my daughter is Addison.


SUNNY GAULT: Another Addison. Yes.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: I’m your host. I’m Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald. My girls are almost five. Then, I’ve also got a singleton who will be two in just a few months. So, we’re a girl family pretty much so.

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SUNNY GAULT: Hey Twin Talks. We have a special segment for you today. This is part of our Twin Oops Series where we share funny stories that we experience as twin parents. This one comes from Kathy.

Kathy writes:

I had a dumb moment about a week after they were born. We were bringing them back to the hospital to get their first post discharge check-up. We still haven’t gone paediatrician yet. I wanted to make sure Lydia wasn’t losing more weight.

Anyway, the night before the appointment, I was all proud of myself for making sure that our diaper bag was packed and I had a schedule all set out for the morning. I was sure we were prepared. We get to the appointment pretty much without a hitch. We’re about 10 minutes late which is great for a twin parents, right?

We got in to see the doctor and then it was then that I realized that: “When packing the diaper bag, I neglected to pack the diapers.” Man, did I feel like a dufus.


Thanks Kathy so much for writing this in. We really appreciate it. If you guys have a funny Twin Oops story you want to share with our audience, go ahead and send us an e-mail through our website or you can call our voicemail at 619-866-47-75

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well, today’s topic is: “Smart shopping strategies for twins.” Today, we’re chatting with our twin parents about: “How you can cut spending and all of the stuff your twins need.” So, thanks for joining us today.

So, you know there are a lot of different places that you can look for bargains and deals. I think you know some of the greatest hidden deals are right in our local community. You know so where some of the places that you guys are have found some deals? I’m going to start here and say: “Who here is a member of a local’s twins club?”





SUNNY GAULT: All of us.


SUNNY GAULT: Then you lead one.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: I do. I do. I’m on the board of a local twin’s club. So, you know I have to say that: “One of the reasons that I joined the local twins club is just to meet other twin parents and get support that way. But, it also was just so great to meet people.”

I mean a lot of the clubs have like online like classified ads where you can read their posting like: “Hey, I’m done with my car seats or the infant carriers or the strollers. You get the things for like a fraction of the cost.” My gosh, that we got so much stuff that way.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes, I was going to say: “Not quite in the same vein but kind of still dealing with local stuff.” When I posted on Facebook that I was pregnant, I started finding – I’m pregnant with twins I should say. That people that were friends with me would hear about other things online and then share it with me.

Someone would just say: “Listen. I heard that you were pregnant with twins; I have an extra breastfeeding pillow. Do you want it?” A lot of stuff was just kind of given to us or pretty much we paid so little for it. It was crazy. It was just more like: “I’m done with it and now, you can have it.”

SHELLY STEELY: Word of mouth is fantastic. I mean we told everybody that we were expecting twins. I think people even if they didn’t have twins themselves that they have had children at all, they kind of – I mean are almost were more generous.

It’s not like we are begging for a free stuff but free stuff just kind of showed up like: “Our twin breastfeeding pillow that we used came from one of my co-workers who has twins were – gosh I think they were three when I was pregnant.”

He was like: “It’s just been sitting in our garage and my wife didn’t want to throw it away. So, we’ll bring it to you.” Another co-worker, not have twins but two kids. She had a double stroller that her kids were: “Hey in the weight limit.” She’s like: “Well, you need this more than I do.” So, I think just kind of putting it out there and asking around. For starters, it was great.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: My gosh, personal connections.

KASEY HAYNES: I agree that I have received stuff in that system as well as giving stuff away. I find as my twins get older and things are started to accumulating. I definitely want things out of my house as well.

Yes, personal connections that just telling people word of mouth friends-of-friends and co-workers. It’s amazing either how people can help you out or how they can hook you up in other resources. It’s really helpful.

SHELLY STEELY: Twin moms love helping other twin moms. So, make some connections.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes, yet another reason to just to get connected with the other twin moms within your local community. You know I know a lot of clubs do have a lot of formal sales too as well. So, if you’re looking for something very specific and you obviously you need to get a set of something that’s some of the bigger items anyway.

I mean I think having, go into some of these different twin club sales are so great because then you do get – there might be maybe several different types of strollers available to you and you can kind of shop around.

SUNNY GAULT: So did they have like kind of like what does that look like?

SHELLY STEELY: I have never been to one of those.

SUNNY GAULT: Is it online or is it actually hey.


SUNNY GAULT: Garage sale or yard sale

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes, like a coop garage sale. Yes. I know that near the club I’m involved in; we do it twice a year – so like spring and fall.


CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Usually, there’s going to be at least 10 or 12 families that are selling. So, you can get all the boy-girl clothes.

SUNNY GAULT: I so wish I would have known about that. I really did and especially with the match-y outfits because we do all the match-y outfits. My family and friends have spent so much money on the cutest outfits in the world. They wore them twice. I’m just like: “That is just like – no offence but donating it kind of just I mean I don’t know.”

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: I totally get it because if you could have set. My gosh, that is so valuable. You don’t want to just give it to goodwill because you want it to go to another twin parent.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes. If I knew it was going to another twin parent that really needed it, I would be okay. But, if someone is just going to just divide it up and here’s for a singleton and here’s for a singleton, I don’t know. Maybe I’m snotty. But, we work to make these outfits look cute and match.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Totally. Though, I am so with you. You know, it’s interesting too like: “I have seen a lot of the posts on the club recently where – yes people are doing maybe after sale, they have things that maybe they didn’t sell and like they’re in this sort of the cleaning mode.”


CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: They’re like: “Okay. Well, let’s do maybe like even just a toy swap or clothing swap where”

SUNNY GAULT: That is so smart.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: I think I mean the idea where you sort of: “You put everything into the collective pile and then you just take out what you need and it’s like kind of you don’t know what you’re going to get.”

SHELLY STEELY: I think one of the benefits of the twin clubs versus like a group or connection is: “I mean I tend to hang out with moms whose kids are the same age as mine are. That’s not helpful for stuff.”

SUNNY GAULT: You really want a toy swap.

SHELLY STEELY: You know toys that you want to I mean in those early days, getting connected with the twins club to help you make those big purchases – because I’m always seeing somebody offering like three or cheap Double Snap and Go or two bouncers or two bumbles or two whatever. It’s like you want your kids to kind of space it out. It have somebody a couple of months older, you can hand stuff down or lend it.

SUNNY GAULT: You know one idea and this never came to fruitions so this is just kind of in theory. But, what I thought would work really cool – my husband has a friend at work that his twin girls are I don’t know. I think a year or two older than my kid.

Anyways, we get their hand-me-downs. It got me into the mindset of: “Why don’t we keep this train going a little longer.” If we could find someone to give us stuff then you know someone and it doesn’t have to be a year especially in the beginning six months you know even less than that could go after.


SUNNY GAULT: Then, at least for the least couple of years, just ride that train and then after your kids are done, you know exactly who to pass it down to. In that way, no one spending a single extra dollar while I guess the first person on the train is. But maybe, you can work that out somehow.


SUNNY GAULT: Then, that way you’re not like: “Crap. They just outgrew their six month clothes. Who would I give these too?” It’s like: “No. We give it to this family because we’re part of the system.” Do you know what I mean?


KASEY HAYNES: I’m part of a big kid forward group right now. My sister’s singleton son is six weeks older than my son. So, I got his stuff and then when I’m done with the stuff then I pass it on to another friend. When she’s done with it, then there’s another friend who’s got one younger than her, she’s going to hand them. When she’s done, they already have another girl lined up that to get the boy’s clothes.

Then, my daughter and my niece are three months apart. So, everything they’re done with goes to my daughter Addison. Then, I already started everything that Addison’s done with is going to a co-worker daughter and then she is giving it to another. It’s just like we literally get this huge chain of hand-me-downs.


KASEY HAYNES: Okay, I’m going to be your next.

SUNNY GAULT: That’s really smart. Actually, yes Kasey brings up a good point. I was talking about same sex stuff but if you’ve got two different outfits, you may have to have two different trajectories there too. Yes, that’s a good point.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: But that’s great that at least you know it’s going to someone who truly needs it.

SUNNY GAULT: Then, there’s just no thought going. I mean in a good way. I mean you don’t have to think about it.


SUNNY GAULT: Okay, now I know that it goes to this person.


SHELLY STEELY: Absolutely.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Then of course the other, you can always look at Craigslist and sometimes there’s even just like some local Facebook groups too where I think when you’re talking about sort of the personal connection, you can get that started. So, those are always great. Okay, so switching gears a little bit – looking at some online sources.

So, you know for twins of course our big challenge is: “We want things to sort of maybe in sets of twos. So, you’re going to getting things that are relatively the same shape, size.” I mean if you figure out how to work a swing, it would be nice if you knew how to figure out. You don’t have to figure everything out like all the time and for clothes too.

Have you guys had any experience with maybe some like online twin groups like Facebook groups?

SHELLY STEELY: I definitely was part of a couple one. We locked out and then we got so many gifts. We don’t have to buy the boys clothes until they were like six months old.


SHELLY STEELY: But, there’s this like online buy-sale trade. What’s nice about those is that: “They’re sorted by albums.” There are a couple of really big ones. You can find if you search but it will be like: “Boy-boy 6 to 12 months or like Boy-girl-boy 12 to 18 months.” So, whatever set or combination of multiples you have, you’d go into the album and you can click through and find clothes.

That was nice for coordinating because I don’t know. I like my boys to always be coordinating and not always identical, not matching. You know they’re kind of the same. So I think or if you’re looking a dress then the same too, it was nice to be able to buy just like two at once.

With the clothes, it was a really good option. We never ended up using it because by the time of shipping and it was like: “For some reason, I could never get my head around when they grew out of clothes.” It was like: “One day, nothing fit.” Then, it was: “Somebody watch them so I can run to the store.” But I know a couple of other twin moms who really actively bought and sold in those.

I used resell groups that weren’t from twins just to other parents. What I did is: “The clothes that kids wore at home, I bought from online sales groups – cheap ones.” I mean once that weren’t even in the best condition. That was really good money saving because I can get one’s user shirts for a dollar or less each – a big box of them ship to me. Then, if they didn’t match, it didn’t matter because we just used them at home.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes. Those are some great options. I’ve noticed. I did a quick search on Facebook and I was looking at some of these different groups. I have to say: “I was really surprised like I said it can how specific? I mean that the big ones that I mean there was one twins, triplets, quads and it was like over 6,000 members.” So, it’s huge. I’m sure you can find stuff. If you do have higher order multiples which is like golden to find other moms with that.


CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Then, I notice that they were some other small groups that were very specific to either the sexes or the one that was all about upscale. I mean I don’t know. I’m not personally doing designer clothes. But, I’m sure if you’re looking for designer clothes

SUNNY GAULT: My gosh. Wow. I love that you said: “Small group.” It’s a small group. I’m like yes.

SHELLY STEELY: I bet it is a small group.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: It’s like you know they are might be 50 members; if you’re looking for designer labels. How about Amazon and some other big online retailers? I know it’s lots time they do have.

SHELLY STEELY: That saved my life.


SHELLY STEELY: I mean literally Amazon Mom saved me. I mean getting out of the house with twins is not at all like trying to get out of the house with one baby. I mean everyone says: “You’re going to want to get out of the house as much as you can.” No, that is a lie. Like I want to be in my safe place with my pajamas.

SUNNY GAULT: In my pajamas

SHELLY STEELY: In my nursing pillows where all of my diapers are – that’s where I want to be. So, if you’re member of Amazon Prime, you can send it for Amazon Mom. If the subscribe and save and other – and so, we would I mean like toilet papers, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, cleaning products. I mean you can get anything on there. So, we would just kind of compare prices.

Target also has delivers in two days sometimes if they are certain items you can get free shipping with that. Grocery stores deliver too and you can get coupon. So, I was just like I mean literally would compare prices from all of the retailers. See who can get it to me the cheapest and the fastest and then order it. I mean online shopping is not only budget friendly but sanity friendly.



SUNNY GAULT: You know one thing that I always do and this has nothing do with shopping for twins but just shopping online in general is: “Once you get to the checkout, it always ask you for a discount.” If you’ve got a discount code, promo code or whatever and I always feel bad if I don’t put something in there.

So, then I usually just Google whatever the name of the site is – discount code if there’s a particular like item that you did purchase or whatever. Put that in there and just Google search it. Odds are: “You can usually find some sort of promo code for something either it’s free shipping.” I mean there are so many out there. They just don’t really broadcast it.


SUNNY GAULT: But, because of the keyword searches and stuff we can do through Google. You can usually find those and I just try a bunch until one works. I mean I always feel a little bit of time. But, it’s almost a game for me.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Right. Now, that’s a great point. You know it’s true. If you remember – I’m like to play Auto Club sometimes even employers some discount program and I always forget about that. So, sometimes it’s worth just looking into like: “Well, wait a minute. I’m part of this you know Triple A Program or sometimes if you got like airline rewards or your credit card might actually have a couple of programs.”

SUNNY GAULT: That’s true. A lot of credit cards have them.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, it’s worth looking that up to see if they’ve got something. Well, you know when we come back, we’re going to talk a little bit more about: “Getting some coupons, using it and discounts from retailers and manufacturers.”

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well, welcome back. We’re talking with our expert panellists about different strategies for saving money on twin gear and clothes. We are just talking about some of the different ways to use discounts and coupons.

A lot of times you can get these directly from either the retailers or the manufacturers. I’ve heard about twin discounts. Now, I don’t personally have any experience with it but I think do you guys have any experience with getting twin discounts?

SUNNY GAULT: Yes, we did this. We were all excited about – we thought we’re going to get tons of free stuff because we have multiples. People are just going to throw stuff in our door. I’m not talking about friends and family. I’m talking about companies just wanting to give us stuff, right? Big box companies and everything and there are some discount programs out there.

They’re constantly changing which is why I don’t want to go in detail about which ones we chose and what companies and all of that kind of stuff. A lot of stuff out there for baby food, a lot of stuff out there for diapers – disposable diapers; if that’s a wrath you’re going to go. Then, everything else is kind of specialized.

But, I will say: “Some of these things want you to apply online.” So, you can go to their website. Enter in your information and submit it. Then, they’re supposed to send you different kinds of coupons. They don’t usually go into a lot of detail as to what they’re going to send you. They just delude to the fact that you’re going to like it.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, you don’t really know what you’re signing up for.

SUNNY GAULT: You don’t. I mean some maybe more specific – the ones that we were looking more for what companies do we usually buy those products anyways. So, whatever coupons they were going to send us, we felt we could probably use.

So, either you fill out an online form or sometimes it gets really specific and they actually want something from the hospital that indicates that you actually are a parent of a twin. That you brought twins home from a hospital. So, we had to make some copies of some stuff because we didn’t actually have their birth certificates yet.

We have to mail that stuff into there. So, it’s a little bit of work and keep in mind: “If you have new born twins, that’s a lot going on in your life.” So, I would encourage you if you’re planning to do something like this to do it before as much as you can to before your twins are born. So, maybe you just have to stuff something with something that says: “You brought twins home from the hospital but you’re not doing all the leg work.”

But, I will say: “As far as what we got back from it, we were a bit disappointed.” We did a lot of the baby food stuff even though we weren’t going to use up from the beginning because we’re breastfeeding our babies. But, the diaper stuff – we do disposable diapers. So, that was really important for us.

When the coupons came in the mail because they usually would actually physically mail you coupons and some companies were better than others. But, my girls were born in November and I don’t know if who’s because it was towards the end of the year or what was going on in these companies minds but most of the coupons they sent us were already expired. It was so frustrating.

Its like expired in July. Wait, its November. So, my husband would have to follow-up with the company and say: “Listen.” I mean there was extra work that we had to do because of that and it seriously happen with like three or four companies. I’m not kidding. Yes.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, these are mostly the manufacturers?

SUNNY GAULT: The manufacturer coupons that they are sending you. Yes, like I said: “It was mainly baby food and diapers that we were going after.” Kasey, I know you did this so maybe you have some better experience?

KASEY HAYNES: I did the same thing. I did it before the twins are born and I kind of ran into it. You’re talking about a lot of the sites wanted birth certificate. They wanted birth certificates and I was like: “So, I kind of need these things before they come home; like I kind of need some of the stuff now.”

Then, like you’re saying: “After the fact, it’s already kind of too late and you’re already in the whirl wind.” So to me, I was like: “Okay, it wasn’t really worth it. I did and you’re saying that – you’re signing a lot of coupons.” So, you said: “Some companies are far better than other ones and some of the coupons were a huge help on items like diapers and formula.”

Yes, I was kind of disappointed in the twin discount. The thing that I’ve been dealing lately especially with the three is: “I kind of lost just my [inaudible].” I all ask a lot of people straight up like: “Hey. What are your sibling discounts?”


KASEY HAYNES: What kind of sibling discount can you give me? I even asked recently on swim lessons; I’m like: “So, what kinds of sibling discount are you going to give me?” I almost don’t even get people like that but what kind of discount can I get?

SUNNY GAULT: I love it.

KASEY HAYNES: Some people are kind of like: “Excuse me.” I’m like: “Hey. I’m giving you a ton of money here. What kind of sibling are you going to give me?”


KASEY HAYNES: I found that most people have that they just don’t announce it.


SUNNY GAULT: Yes. But, they’re willing to give it to you. A lot of places have flexibility with pricing especially private things like photography or swimming lessons like things that aren’t your basics. If it’s not a corporation, they do have some flexibility and even sometimes corporations have flexibilities so it doesn’t hurt to ask.


SHELLY STEELY: I found instead of doing because I had a list from somebody of all the places that you could call and with my list of things, we have to do it anyway. I seriously saw that. Wait. This is not worth the $20 or $30 I might say it. But what I think is worth it though is: “Signing up for rewards programs at stores you know you’re going to be shopping at a lot – Babies R Us, Target, Cost Co.”

Wherever it is, they have like program where you know they track your spending whether it’s a store card or a rewards card or your phone number – because that not only puts you on those e-mail list like I was talking about. But, stores will give you customized coupons based on what you’re spending.

So, if you’re at a grocery store or like a regular retailer and you have a rewards card, they customize your coupons and your e-mails based on what you buy because it’s their way of getting them to sell you more stuff. But, I found it super helpful. I mean I get manufacture coupons because I registered with all those places.

So, Huggies has my name. Pampers has my name. They’ve all got my name somewhere. Then, you can stock coupons too. You can use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item.

So, not two of the same and that really saved us a lot of money because you’d get a coupon from the store and then a coupon from the manufacturer. Then, you have a reward or a discount card. You really end up saving the money that way.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Now, that’s a great idea. Now, I’ve always heard that some of the big box, baby stores do offer multiples discounts. So, is it as rigorous as you know some of the manufacturers or what’s your . . .?

SHELLY STEELY: No, you just have to buy two of the exact same item.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Really? You don’t have to say that I have twins?

SHELLY STEELY: Well, you’re buying to say you have twins. It’s the twin discount but you don’t have to have you?

SUNNY GAULT: So, can you do that online?

SHELLY STEELY: I think it’s in the stores only. You don’t have to have the twins with you though. I mean they’re not there. They’re outside.

SUNNY GAULT: So, it’s unwritten thing. Again, they’re not broadcasting it. But again, that’s also not going to help a mom with a boy and a girl necessarily right? If you’ve ever get two of the exact same


KASEY HAYNES: Having the boy-girl, I have found that because I did sign up for that and they did actually did tell me about it because I said I was pregnant with twins. They told me about that program. Yes clothes for me, it was not even a problem unless I went neutral. But the big ticket items – cribs, car seats. Anything you need to have

SHELLY STEELY: High chairs

KASEY HAYNES: High chairs, potty seats. Anything else that you need to – anything elase it was helpful.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, we just have to ask for it then.

SUNNY GAULT: I really like Kasey’s idea of just saying: “Hey. Whether you say twin or not sibling, what’s your sibling discount and not even giving them an option.” I’m stealing that Kasey.


SUNNY GAULT: I would totally use that.

KASEY HAYNES: It’s one of the things where at first I mean the first time I was very shy and I am my God. Some people would be like: “Okay, I’m sorry I’m being tacky.” Then, that’s the point right there. You know what? Forget it. I was been and telling people: “Hey listen. I got three kids. I’m spending quite a bit of money with you. What can you do?” Come on.

SUNNY GAULT: I love it.

KASEY HAYNES: You can borrow it a little bit.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well, we’re going to wrap up here today. For more information about smart shopping strategies for twins or for more information about any of our speakers or panellists, visit the episode page on our website. This conversation does continue for members of our Twin Talks Club.

After the show, our panellists are going to talk about: “Twin discounts for what – college.” For more information about The Twin Talks Club, visit our website .

SUNNY GAULT: Now, that’s a buy one get one right?

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes. Here’s a question from Dawn of Boston, Massachusetts.

Dawn writes:

Hey Twin Talks, I am soon to be mom of identical twin boys. I have a lot to learn. I’ve been listening to your episodes and I’m also interested in becoming a panellist on your show once my twins are born. How can I do this?


SUNNY GAULT: Hey Dawn. This is Sunny. I’m one of the producers of Twin Talks and thanks so much for your question submitting it to our show. So, we love our panellists and we love to have parents right here on the studio but you are from Boston, Massachusetts so that’s probably not going to work for you. So, the next best thing is to become a virtual panellist.

So, what we do is: “Before we tape an episode about a week before our taping, we post questions to Facebook and to Twitter.” These are the same questions that our panellists and our experts are going to be answering in the studio.

It’s a great way for you to participate in the conversation by leaving a little message, sharing your thoughts and we are going to be reading those comments on the air. If you are following us on Twitter, be sure to use the hash tag #TwinTalksVP. VP stands for Virtual Panellist. That’s a really quick way that we can kind of scroll through all of our messages and look at these questions and comments really quickly.

So, if you want more information about this, all you have to do is go to The Twin Talks website. Look under the community tab and the section is called: “Become a Virtual Panellist.” Thanks so much for your question.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, that wraps up our show for today. We appreciate you listening to Twin Talks.

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