Pregnancy Symptoms: The Last 20 Weeks

You're at least halfway through your pregnancy and your symptoms may be changing. Your growing belly may lead to hints of back and pelvic pain, or you may now be huffing and puffing when climbing a simple set of stairs. Or you may experience extreme heartburn, gas or swelling. What typically causes these common symptoms and how can you minimize the effects?

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  • Ask Pregnancy Experts

    Our team of experts are here to help you throughout your pregnancy journey. View the experts section on our homepage and learn more about them. Then, submit your questions through email, or via voicemail on our website, and quench your curiosity.

  • Becoming Dad

    Pregnancy is a life-changing event that impacts dads as well. What can “pregnant dads” expect during the next nine months and beyond? Here are some helpful tips that benefit the whole family during this important time.

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