Pregnancy Exercises: Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga classes are growing in popularity, but is it right for you? What can you expect should you decide to take a prenatal yoga class? How can it better prepare you for labor and delivery? Plus, the benefits of meeting other mamas-to-be!

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  • Pregnancy Exercises

    We know keeping your body healthy during pregnancy is extremely important. How can exercise improve your overall pregnancy and help prepare you for labor and delivery? And what are some great ways to get the benefits of exercise without needing a gym pass?

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    What are the top news headlines involving pregnancy and parenting? What’s the big news expecting parents are talking about around the watercooler? We’ll comb through all the articles and discuss the main issues impacting families around the world.

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    When pregnant, many of us turn to the internet for advice. What are the most reliable sites for the best pregnancy support? What are some great sites where you can network with other moms-to-be and empower one another throughout pregnancy and beyond?