Help! My Baby Won’t Take a Bottle!

Expressed breast milk can be quite convenient considering our busy schedules. But, every once and awhile, our infant has different intentions and may refuse to take a bottle. How can ease this transition between breast and bottle? When is the best time to first introduce the bottle to your baby? What's nipple confusion and should we be concerned about it?

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  • Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mom

    Maternity leave was great, but now it’s time to return to work… with your pump. How can you make this experience run as smoothly as possible? What challenges will you face and how can you overcome them? What are your rights?

  • Overcoming Societal Booby Traps

    We want you to have a positive breastfeeding experience… without feeling “booby trapped” by the cultural, institutional and legal barriers that prevent us from making informed decisions? How can we change the overall perception of breastfeeding within our society?

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