Clothing Hacks for Twins: Making Things Simple

If you have infant twins, you already know that you can count on dressing them in multiple outfits each day. Not because they are fashionistas, but because of the inevitable spit-ups, blow-outs, spills, and everything else that gets them grimy. Between diapering and changing clothes multiple times a day, you just learn to grin and bear it. But what if there are ways to make this easier? Today we’re talking about hacks to make it easier to get twin babies dressed.

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Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 0:03
If you have infant twins you already know you can count on dressing them in multiple outfits each day, not because they are fashionistas, but because of the inevitable spit ups, blowouts spills and everything else that gets them grimy. Between the diapering and changing clothes multiple times a day. You just learn how to grin and bear it. But what if there were ways to make it easier? Today we're talking about hacks to make it easier to get twin babies dressed. This is Twin Talks!

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 0:31
Welcome to Twin Talks. My name is Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald, and I'm your host, just a little bit about myself, I have a set of identical girls. And then they were followed by a single teen girl. So my husband pretty much gave up and we got a male dog named Shadow. So today, we have guests with us and we will introduce them in just a bit. So now if you haven't already, be sure to visit our website at And subscribe to our weekly newsletter, which keeps you updated on all the episodes we released each week. Another great way to stay updated is to hit that subscribe button in your podcast app. And if you're looking for a way to get even more involved on our show, then check out our membership club. It's called Mighty Moms. That's where we chat more about the topics discussed here on our show. And it's also an easy way to learn about our recordings. So you can join us live. So let's meet our guest today. We have Sunny Gault of New Mommy Media as well as our expert Lauren Levy of Magnetic Me. And as we get started, I'd love for you all to introduce yourselves to our listeners and share a little bit about your experience with dressing twin babies. And I'm going to start off with a little question for everybody. So what was a big challenge for you in dressing your twins? So Lauren, how about you?

Lauren Levy 2:20
Hi, Christine. Thanks so much for having me. I actually had the reverse as you. I had fraternal twin girls after having my son. And that was like 15 months later. So yeah, things are really hectic. And then I had my original baby, which was magnetic me. And now it needed a lot of attention. And I just remember those first years were beyond insanity. That's like literally the only way I could describe it. But I have to say my first challenge was when I was in the hospital and my one twin was born really small. And she was under five pounds and the newborn size clothing that I brought with me she was just swimming in them when I put them on her. And it looked great on her twin who was like seven pounds. And I actually had somebody bring me from the warehouse a preemie size outfit, and once I saw that it fit her it made me just mentally feel so much better.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 3:17
Oh, that's great. Now I am curious. He says you had a singleton, what were some of the challenges you had in dressing your first baby?

Lauren Levy 3:25
Oh my gosh. So when I just had one baby. My challenge is, you know, how many cute outfits couldn't get on this kid. I mean, he had little baby boy suspenders and little hats and shoes. And for six months until I got pregnant with the twins. And then you know, a twin pregnancy plus a singleton was that started the fun but for those six months, it was just me and him. He was my little baby doll.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 3:54
So Sunny, how about you? What were some of the challenges you faced when you were dressing your twins?

Sunny Gault 3:59
Yeah. Hey, everybody, I'm Sunny. And I have I have a six person family, four children, my husband and a dog. Our last two kids are identical girls, they're now about eight years old. As far as challenges with dressing the girls, you know in the beginning, so I breastfed them for a really long time. And I was really into the skin on skin contact. I don't think they wore a lot of clothes other than their diapers for like the first year or so unless we're going out of course, but I really tried to keep it simple for the you know, when you're breastfeeding, you don't have as much as the spit up right but I'm just you know I'd have them swaddled because I wanted them to sleep through the night and I was just doing some different things. So when my girls came out, I had four kids ages three and a half and under. So I didn't go out of the house very much in the very beginning. You did get a lot of really cute clothes. So Lauren, I totally get that, you know, everyone wants to buy your twins like amazing stuff and your singletons too. They didn't wear most of it. They were kind of naked there for a while we breastfed and did skin on skin. So when I think back about bout our dressing, you know, it's the common stuff too, right? It's like, how many stupid snaps and then you screw up the snaps, right? And then it's uneven on one side, and you're doing this at two o'clock in the morning. Right?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 5:30
Oh my gosh, yes.

Lauren Levy 5:33
Sunny, maybe they just wanted to be naked because that's all they knew.

Sunny Gault 5:37
Well exactly. It's much easier when your kids are just naked just let them run naked. Like, why not?

Lauren Levy 5:44
So I live in New York so it's already like really cold here now. I wish we could not invest in clothing, but that is not an option.

Sunny Gault 5:55
Yeah, it's easier to do in Southern California. I'll give you that.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 5:59
Oh, wow. Yeah, no and I hear you I can say on my side it was it was a lot of it was kind of those those midnight, you know, changes to and fumbling and then you know, you wake up the next morning or three hours later, really? And you go we are white. Why can't I get this on? Why is it not lining up? And we kind of did the same thing to just you know, having them in swaddled, especially when they were young. I might put a onesie on them. And I wouldn't even snap the bottom. You know, I just like okay, we're just gonna wrap him up burrito style. There you go. I'm just like, I don't want to deal with it.

Lauren Levy 6:31
Yeah, every parent has like the flap is just dangling, ya know, behind and you can't deal. I mean, I think that that goes to show like, you know, snaps are really not fun and they're not, they're not efficient or helpful

Sunny Gault 6:46

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 6:57
Well, today, we are talking about hacks to simplify the process of changing baby clothes. So Lauren Levy is the president of Magnetic Me, a twin mom and inventor of a unique type of clothes that makes it easier to get kids dressed. So okay, Lauren, how many changes do you have to do or you think the average twin parent has to do every day? When you include diaper changes? Outfit changes? I don't know. I mean, from spin up, or you know, or, you know, in your case, you wanted to do maybe some pictures or something like, I don't know, what, what's the average change time you think?

Lauren Levy 7:32
So, for a singleton in the first 12 weeks, it's something like eight to 11 times per day diaper changes, right, and then maybe two to five outfit changes depending on you know, who's soaking it through and what spit up and all the things that you said, so multiply that by two, and it's a lot of time changing a baby.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 7:55
Right? Right. We think of like, okay, it's pretty simple. And once you get the diaper change down, you get you get it down, but I think we forget how many times a day we're actually doing it, and it just, you know, it really does add up.

Lauren Levy 8:11
And think of all the things you could be doing instead of doing that, especially if you're like lining up all those snaps, right? Like, you could be going back to sleep sooner or you can be literally doing anything.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 8:25
Right. Right. I'm so with you, I think sleep is probably the number one thing that would be on my list, you know, that I would prefer to be doing and then and then maybe eating something right? It's everything else is secondary. So...

Lauren Levy 8:40
Right because it looks like it's feeding them two times and until they can hold their bottle.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 8:46
Yeah, you have to learn a system kind of a we'll talk a little bit a little bit later about like how does everyone organize themselves? To be a little bit more efficient, right? Yeah. In my case, we did like diaper changes and clothes changes like everywhere anywhere you know on the floor, I mean on the floor of our house on sometimes diaper changing station on the bed on the I mean just like wherever it had to take place you know wherever I could corral the you know the babies and you know, try to keep the other one busy or you know, like that. But I don't know how about you so where do you think most of the diaper changes take place.

Lauren Levy 9:23
So, I think like what Sunny said when you have twins you try not to leave what I call the "mothership", which is your house, everything you need. It shouldn't be you know, set up efficiently I guess I'm all about efficiency. So for me it was we had a changing station setup on the first floor and then we also had an identical changing station on our second story. So everything was like there when you need it because everything literally should always be at hands and so you can get it done just quickly, but then after that like when you are ready to event you're out. You know whether you're in suburbia, literally, I've changed babies in the trunk of my car. And when we lived in this city, it was like a park bench or literally lay in my stroller.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 10:12
Oh, absolutely, yeah.

Lauren Levy 10:13
I made like a plan of attack and having all your supplies ready at the go. That's the key.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 10:19
Totally, 100%. I know, I'm thinking about like, you know, and I go to the park and it'd be outside. And even when they were a little bit older, so even even like toddler age, sometimes doing those clothing changes, they just it had to be outside. I mean, I'm, we've got kind of, maybe they have a blanket down here, but maybe they have sort of the blowout, not anywhere near a restroom. So it's just trying to, you know, use the supplies on hand in a way that makes it as fast as possible. Yeah. I think we all have some horror stories, right? Everybody has every parent. Right? Yeah. So just like, Okay, let's just make this as fast as possible. Because, you know, and I think is a twin parent, too. It's just sometimes, you know, when you're in a public place, people just don't understand. And, and, you know, you get those looks like, why are you doing it here? And it's like, because I'm here. And because my twins are here, and it just has to happen.

Lauren Levy 11:22
Right. And I think, you know, I haven't even explained like, the beauty of Magnetic Me and our clothing. So we invented a line of magnetic, fascinating clothing. And we started with babies, they line up on their own. So we're like, it lends your hand and they're all hidden inside the clothing, so you can't see it. It's the easiest thing to use and the quickest thing to use. So like, literally, when you are in out and about and in these strange places, especially with two babies, too. I mean, it's all about speed and efficiency.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 11:56
Right. Absolutely. Now, I'm curious, because I think, you know, you're talking about making it easy and efficient. So like, how does that compare, you know, when you think about a lot of the clothes that are out there that are, you know, I mean, they're, they're, they're cute, but they're not really that functional. You know, I mean, we all know, we're not gonna get, you know, as to say, like, high top shoes for an infant. And, you know, and most often, you know, they're with buttons or snaps or, I mean, sometimes I've seen, you know, Velcro too, but there's kind of disadvantages to that. So in many ways, I'm just surprised that we, you know, no one else, you know, even thought of this before, I mean, it's, it's like, you know, probably you had that light bulb, you know, the lightbulb moment of saying, oh, duh, like, this is so easy. Right?

Lauren Levy 12:40
Right. You know, the baby world, I think thanks to Magnetic Me actually is really kind of shifted away from snaps. And when we launched 12 years ago, there had really been no innovation in baby clothing for like, 100 years when the zipper was invented. But snaps were really like the only thing out there, you know, parents didn't realize it's all about function, which is terrific. Because lining up all the snaps like on a wiggly baby really was the worst. I'll never forget the look on my children's faces when I would zipper like their skin into footies.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 13:12
Yeah, you're like, oh, sorry. You know, was there a moment or, you know, was there kind of a series and time where, you know, we're like, what inspired you to and led you to create the Magnetic Me clothing line?

Lauren Levy 13:23
So actually thought of this, even before I had children, I was changing my now 15 year old nephew. Which is crazy he's that old. At first when I went to feed him, I was trying to put a velcro bib around his neck. And he was fighting me. And I thought that's so weird, like, what's the big deal. And then I looked at the little velcro pieces, and there were patches of his little red hair. And it was hurting him. And I thought why not a magnet would just go on like so quickly and easily. And then right after that, I went to change him. And it was a cold day and he was screaming during changing time and I couldn't line up all the snaps. And then my sister started screaming at me because her baby was screaming for a really long time. And the whole thing was so stressful. And I thought this whole thing should just be magnets and they would you know like magnets would just actually like lend me a hand instead of snaps fighting against me.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 14:20
So I mean obviously you have the the twins yourself so you get to benefit from with them. And I'm sure it within twin community and just other your clients. You know, what do your clients say about that? What's their experience?

Lauren Levy 14:32
Yeah, you know, who really love us to the dads? Oh, yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I mean, because it's first of all, they make a really satisfying clicking sound and it's like super, like they call them fidgets today, right?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 14:46
Oh, that's funny.

Lauren Levy 14:47
Yeah. We call it the clack.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 14:52
Did you hear the clack?

Lauren Levy 14:54
If you're a guy and you have like these little tiny outfit and you're you have you know, big strong things. Crazy snaps are tiny these, this just it helps.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 15:04
That's funny! Mission accomplished, right?

Lauren Levy 15:05
Mission accomplished.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 15:12
Well, welcome back to Twin Talks! So before the break, we were talking with Lauren Levy of Magnetic Me about the challenges of traditional baby clothes. So now let's bring Sunny back into our conversation too. So okay, so Ssnny, so what did your diaper change and outfit change look like with your family?

Sunny Gault 15:28
Oh, I think it varied on a day by day, maybe hour by hour basis, right? It's like, I have this whole theory of rolling with the punches, right? So it's like, Oh, I'm getting hit in this direction. Let's modify and adjust. But I totally related to what Lauren was talking about when she said there's like multiple stations in her house, right? So it's like, you got something on the bottom floor and you got something on the top floor. We had a few of these little changing stations, if you will. I thought it was always smart to keep a couple of different outfits there as well. So you didn't have to run up and grab something out of somebody's bedroom. You know, trying to think back again, it was it was a little bit ago. But when my twins were in diapers, I think my older son had been potty trained already. So at least I only had to deal with three kids in diapers, my twins and then their older brother. So that that definitely helped. And we definitely had a huge party when everybody got out of diapers.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 16:29
Oh, I can't imagine.

Sunny Gault 16:30
It's a diaper party. We had the same thing when people got out of cribs too. So we have these little mini milestones in our house for different things, right. As far as outfit changes. One thing that I thought was more helpful for the girls is that and I don't know if this is because it was it was because they're identical twins, we did a lot of dressing them the same or almost the same. But maybe someone has a different color or something like that. So we would just kind of stock up these little outfits, I would have multiple outfits in the diaper bag, these little changing stations throughout the house. And because I got pretty good with knowing which color belong to which kid. We had our own little method to our madness. Although now hearing all this stuff about magnets, I'm like, Oh my gosh, that would have made my life so much easier. So I'm having a little pity party over here for myself my my younger self with my twins.

Lauren Levy 17:28
Sunny, like I am so impressed. I don't Christine I don't know if you did I couldn't breastfeed. So we actually set up also two feeding stations. Oh, yeah, that was also just a huge lifesaver. I mean, even today, my husband's like, why couldn't you breastfeed them? We would have saved so much money.

Sunny Gault 17:46
Isn't that like the guy to be like, "we could've saved so much money", and you're like, "do you know what it would have done to my boobs?" Come on? Yeah. And my sanity?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 17:59
Oh, my gosh, that's hilarious. Yeah, we know. Okay, now I have to ask both of you to okay, my singleton was a little bit you know, spaced out there. There's three years between my twins and my singleton. So thankfully, I did not have three in diapers all at the same time. So who when you guys are talking about having three in diapers? I think oh, I don't know if I could have made that. So how many diaper changes were you making? Everyday? I mean, like Sunday when your you had your middle boy and diapers still and then your twins? Like, that would still be what I mean, at least you know what, how many do you got? Changes time?

Sunny Gault 18:37
Oh gosh, let's just say Costco was like our best friend. We ordered the diapers in bulk.

Lauren Levy 18:44
I was gonna say I had a leak potty trainer. So we I was still changing like diapers until one of them was like four and a half and like a four and a half year old diapers almost like adult size. It was just horrible. Oh, but so now my girls like they think it's funny to make each other laugh until the point that they like pee their pants like this is now. Like, we just went on vacation and they have like this, you know, their little secret thing. And when I start seeing I'm like, Oh my God, I know. So we're like in the middle of like in London in the middle of a taxi and I'm like, Okay, I actually need to change you and like she's eight so I guess I'm still not out of it.

Sunny Gault 19:28
This is why I don't travel Lauren. This is why. No, I'm just kidding.

Lauren Levy 19:34
Running to like to buy underwear and an outfit change.

Sunny Gault 19:38
Oh my gosh.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 19:39
Yeah. No perfect example. It's like it doesn't we think it's supposed to stop when they're toddlers. But no, it just it just continues. Yeah, different shapes and forms.

Lauren Levy 19:48
I'm like, come on. You're old enough. Tell me when you have to go to the bathroom. And she's like, well, it's the other one's fault. She made me laugh so hard.

Sunny Gault 19:54
It's the other one's fault.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 19:55
It's her fault, right?

Sunny Gault 19:57
And it's not just about diaper changes. Like my kids are more messy now than when they were babies. Right. So I feel like yeah, you know, they are constant, you should see how much I do laundry in general, like between four kids. It's insane. And I'm like, you know, yeah, I'm gonna like, I'm gonna make you start doing your own laundry here. Because this is crazy.

Lauren Levy 20:17
Do you remember like good times when you had to change like, like, we if you have to, like get on a plane to go to grammar? Like, you haven't have to change them in the airplane bathroom? Or like, like how, like, you don't want to spend any time there?

Sunny Gault 20:31
No, it's gross. And have you guys ever had a blowout at the airport? Like when you're really limited on clothing and stuff, because it's all packed away in your luggage? That happened to me. Our flight was delayed and it will know is Oh, I think it actually got canceled. There was like fog or something. And so we're at the airport. And this apparently was the best time for one of my girls to have a blowout. And I did have some spare clothes. But you know, when you're traveling you don't have as much as you normally do. And it was one of those blowouts you guys I'm literally standing in line. I was traveling with my dad, my husband was at home and traveling with my dad and all four kids. Okay, myself. And we're standing in line, we're trying to figure out where our flight is going next or how we can get on another plane, whatever. And she has the worst blowout that comes out of the diaper. I am standing in line trying to figure out what is going on with our flight. Thank God my dad was there and could kind of handle that while I with both hands. I'm like holding her butt and our head at the same time. I'm trying to like, you know, do all this stuff. Grab the diaper bag, and it literally kind of like leaked on the way to the bathroom. It was so bad.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 21:47
Oh, you poor thing.

Lauren Levy 21:49
That's when you have to decide like are you gonna like the undershirt gonna do it? Like over the kid's head and then risk or you just have like a pair of scissors and you just cut it?

Sunny Gault 22:02
Oh, well it was the airport. I had no scissors, right? They take everything from you that's sharp so I can't remember what I did. But I was mortified because I kept thinking there's drip edge on the restroom and I'm not gonna go back and clean it up. Like I mean, oh, God, it was I'm going through a little PTSD right now just thinking about it.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 22:20
Oh, see that is a great example of why you don't want to have to pull things over your head. I am so with you. Oh my gosh. So Lauren, and Sunny. Okay, got a couple more questions. So since we're talking about hacks, what are some other hacks that you can think of that you can do use for quick changes. So whether it's being at home or being on the go.

Lauren Levy 22:43
So for me, I always bought... so I have fraternal twin girls. And I always bought double of the same item because it was just easy for me to like know, okay, these two outfits are going for this change. And for some reason in my brain that just made it seem easier, right?

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 23:02
So you just used to when you bought an outfit, it was just okay, we just buy a set. We're getting to the same There you go. Yes. To at the same it just what you don't have to think about it. Right.

Lauren Levy 23:11
Right. And just me changing time just easier, just grabbing the same alpha for both. But, you know, I guess it's a personal preference. Sunny, what did you do?

Sunny Gault 23:20
Um, gosh, you know, with the twins, I'm trying to trying to think what came to mind wasn't really a twin hack. It was just more with my first baby because he was really, really messy. And all the diaper blowouts and spit ups and I think I only breastfed him for like four months. My first baby. So there was a lot of formulas spit up and stuff. And I remember going online and this kind of goes with what you were saying Lauren about having multiple outfits. I remember going online and I was not looking for cute onesies or anything. I was buying in bulk, the easiest onesies that I thought I could get on and off and I remember doing that a couple times online buying something, having it delivered to the house. They were probably... in fact I remember I know what I did. They were the ugliest things. Honestly, they were like all white onesies.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 24:12
Boring, right?

Sunny Gault 24:12
I bought two different kinds. I know. I bought two different kinds one was short sleeve and one was long sleeve they were both onesies. And I guess I thought that you know if it didn't start out pretty I wouldn't be mad when he just spit up all but I do I remember buying in bulk and that way, but I think they were just snaps and stuff like that. So it wasn't really easy to get on and off. But it was it was more just you know, let's get through the day kind of thing.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 24:39
All right, you know, no, I can totally relate to that too. Because I bought like you said just just the boring white onesies. I think I bought them you know, the three months, six months, nine months. I mean, yeah, I would buy like, you know, 10 at a time easily for sure. And so and I think there's some benefit for that too. That you know when you have a pack then you can you know you can put you know You can stash them in your diaper bag, you can stash them, you know, and you know, the changing station upstairs, downstairs, you can give it to the grandparents so that they always have something on hand. So you're never out of it. Yeah. So I think it's a huge help just to have, you know, something, you know, extra ready to go. So you're never in a position of like, oh, you know, what am I gonna put?

Lauren Levy 25:21
Right? So it's funny that you say that because we realize and magnetic knee that parents do have needs for stocking up. And not everyone can, you know, kick out their wardrobe with, you know, some of the more luxury type, baby outfits. So we actually just introduced a sister brand called Simply Magnetic Me, you can buy magnetic fastening, organic cotton outfits, in bundles. So you can, you know, basically buy more and save. And then you can stock your changing stations and your diaper mags and your daycare with the same great functionality.

Lauren Levy 26:00
I love that.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 26:01
Oh, that's great.

Sunny Gault 26:02
Oh, that would have been so helpful. Lauren, I wish I knew 10 years ago.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 26:09
Totally, you don't have to say I mean, when you find something you like, you just you just want to go with it and not have to think about the whole process over again. It's just it's there. So okay, I'm gonna I want to like end with one final question to each of you. So what kind of advice would you give new twin parents about buying clothes for their twins?

Lauren Levy 26:28
So the best advice I got when it came to having newborn twins is to invest in things that make your life easier. So you know, a new baby is hard on mom, and it's hard on a parents relationship with two babies is even that much more challenging. So I would say to allow yourself to get what you need to make it through. So for me, it actually was having a baby nurse way longer than I had actually budgeted for. But we literally needed it to function with two full time working parents. So if it's clothing that makes your life easier, go for it. If it's you know, loungers that you can stash them in a safe place. And you know, that helps you just go for it and go easy on yourself. And don't worry about it.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 27:12
I hear you. I definitely agree with that. Sunny, how about you? What advice would you give for buying clothes for their twin?

Sunny Gault 27:19
Yeah, I feel like it's kind of the same advice. And that's just to keep it simple. I mean, it's so easy to get sucked into the cute baby clothes, especially I think with twins, and you know, you're gonna get a lot of attention anyways. So, you know, why not dress them up. So they look super cute. And I know that whole thing, you know, I went through that whole thing, you know, having things that are practical, having things that are safe, right? So it's not just about how cute your kid looks. It's about safety. It's about how it feels. It's about, you know, one of the things I look at is you know, the benefit to the environment and and I also like to support small businesses and things like that. So there's a lot of different factors that I look at....but simplicity. You know, it's you just can't, you can't get that time back. Like I'd rather spend time holding my baby and loving on my baby, not changing diapers and doing all that kind of thing and, you know, messing around with the, you know, snaps.

Lauren Levy 28:16
Oh, the one thing I wanted to also add and this is from a baby clothing maker, this is not just a twin mom. My advice is to not stock up ahead of time because your baby grows at different rates. So if you see a good sale, don't go crazy because your kid could fly through that size it with a growth spurt, maybe buy a couple of pieces, and also really important don't buy by age. So, if the outfit says 6-9 months, your 6-9 month old may be half the size, or double the size of an average 6-9 months. And baby clothing is actually cut to the average of boy charts and girl charts. But, look for clothing labels that have height and weight. Like we do. So, that is a better guide. It's not always exact, it's just a guide. But it's way better than age.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 28:41
That is great sage advice. Yes, simplify and just look at your kids, treat your kids, even though they are twins... treat them as unique individuals, and you don't even have to expect... they could be identical and they can be different. They can be fraternal and they can be different. So, just get what works for them and your family and work out a system that works for you. It's not going to look exactly like other twin parents. So, I think these are all really great ideas. I just want to say thank you so much to you guys, to our guests who have joined us for this episode today. So, be sure to check out where we have all of our podcast episodes, plus videos and more.

Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald 28:41
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Disclaimer 28:43
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