A Dad’s Guide to Baby’s First Year

Many first-time dads are rightfully nervous about how life will change with fatherhood. How will your relationship with your spouse evolve? What's needed to properly care for a newborn baby? How do you handle sleep deprivation and visits from extended family? Today we're celebrating Father's Day with a special all-dads panel of new and expecting dads eager to share their experiences. Plus, learn how you can save 15% off great Father's Day gifts from DaddyScrubs.com.

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DaddyScrubs Celebrates Dads

From the frantic first-time dad to the more experienced dad; DaddyScrubs has something for every dad while keeping each new product innovative, exceptional and meaningful. Listen to our special interview with founder “Daddy” Nickel!

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  • Parenting “Oops”!

    We try to be the best parents, but mistakes happen despite our best intentions. What funny parenting “oops” have you made (that you’re willing to admit)? Submit your voicemail through our website and we’ll share it on the show!

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