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star star star star i Twin Birthday Parties on a Budget

Birthday parties can be a major “stresser” for new parents. So, is planning a birthday party for twins twice as hard- if you don’t have twice the budget? We’re partnering with our friends at Twiniversity to bring you great tips to help make your party as perfect as possible!

star star star star i Common Pelvic Floor Problems After Twins

You’ve had your babies, but your body doesn’t seem to be healing itself and getting better. This could be a result of common pelvic floor problems that impact moms with multiples. So, what are the most common symptoms and how do you know if they will go away or if you need some additional help? And what does treatment typically look like?

star star star star i Photographing Your Twins

You’ve probably seen tons of adorable photos of twins and thought “how did they do that”? Are the photos done professionally? Can you get similar results on your own? What kind of camera and lighting did they use? And how on earth did they get those twins to pose so perfectly for the camera? We get the inside scoop on how to get the best photographs of your twins!

star star star star i Inside the NICU: Time Management and Scheduling

We’re continuing our series focused on neonatal intensive care units. In this segment, parents with twins in the NICU discuss how they managed the time spent with their twins. Plus, how do parents with singletons juggle their schedule to spend time needed in the NICU?

star star star star i Fertility Treatments and Twin Pregnancy

As a twin parent, it’s a question you commonly get, sometimes from complete strangers. Did you have your twins “naturally” or through fertility treatments? The question is a bit invasive, we agree. This episodes explores the different ways fertility treatments can increase your chances of having twins.

star star star star i MoDi Twins: Monochorionic Diamniotic Pregnancy

If you’re carrying identical twins, they could be mo-di or monochorionic diamniotic. But what exactly does that mean for you and your babies? Does sharing the same placenta require additional monitoring? Should you expect additional care from your obstetrician or perinatologist? Mothers of mo-di twins share their personal experience!

star star star star i Identifying Preterm Labor with Twins

If you’re pregnant with twins or higher order multiples, then your medical care provider has probably already told you about the risk of preterm labor. What does “preterm” actually mean for multiples? What are some of the signs of preterm labor? And what can be done to help calm your contractions and keep your babies in utero?

star star star star i Dental Problems in Twins

When your twins start teething, you may not automatically think about taking them to the dentist. But, you don’t want to wait too long! What are some common dental problems with twins and what can you do to help prevent them? Plus, we’ll discuss the practicality of brushing (and flossing) their teeth twice a day and what to expect during those initial trips to see the dentist!

star star star star i Twin Developmental Milestones: Movement and Physical Activity

We continue our series focused on developmental milestones for your twins. When it comes to movement and physical activity, what should you expect? Are twins constantly in competition with one another to crawl, walk, etc? What should you do if one twin is lagging behind the other?

star star star star i Preparing For Your Twin Cesarean Birth

Sometimes it’s an emergency and sometimes it’s planned, but still many mothers of twins birth their babies via cesarean. How should you prepare for the surgery? And what can you expect to have happen in the operating room?

star star star star i Prenatal Care with Twins

Congrats! You’re pregnant with twins! So, how does pregnancy with multiples differ from being pregnant with a singleton? What type of additional testing and prenatal care should you expect?

star star star star i Annoying Questions About Twins (And How to Deal With It)

Going out in public with your twins in tow can be quite a challenge. Not to mention all the unsolicited comments from well-meaning strangers. What are some of the common questions asked? What’s the best way to respond to them? Plus, what to do when people start asking your twins questions and bypass you altogether.

star star star star i Preparing For Your Twin Vaginal Birth

Yes! A vaginal birth is possible when you’re pregnant with twins! So, what makes you a good candidate for giving birth this way? How should you prepare yourself? And is it true that you really have to labor in the operating room?

star star star star i Twins and Talent Agencies

Do your twins look a lot alike? You may want to consider getting them an agent for commercial and film opportunities. We’ll explore what twin parents need to know before submitting their twins. Hey, if Mary Kate and Ashley can do it, so can you!

star star star star i Vanishing Twin Syndrome

You’ve been told you’re pregnant with twins. Later, you learn that one of your babies no longer has a heartbeat. This is known as the vanishing twin syndrome. Why does this happen and what does it mean for your surviving child?

star star star star i Preparing Your Twin Nursery

You’ve got double the babies, but that doesn’t mean you have double the space. What should you consider when designing your twin nursery? We’ll explore all types of ideas, from the practical to the posh!

star star star star i Encouraging Twin Individuality

Twins have a special bond, unlike any other relationship. They may be alike in many ways, but they are still special in their own ways. How do you encourage twin individuality while still allowing them to celebrate their unique twin qualities?

star star star star i Twin Developmental Milestones: Speech and Language

We’re launching a new series focused on the developmental milestones for twins, such as speech. Are twins more susceptible to having speech problems? What signs should parents look for? What type of therapy is available for your twins, if needed?

star star star star i Managing Emotions During Twin Pregnancy

Learning you’re pregnant with twins can certainly send you on an emotional rollercoaster. In this episode, our twin moms share how they felt about being pregnant with twins. What initial concerns did they have? How did they manage any additional stress?

star star star star i Twin Baby Gear Essentials: Baby Carriers

You’ve made the decision to babywear your twins. There’s a lot of different types of baby carriers, so how do you pick the best ones for you and your babies? What kind of carriers work best for tandem babywearing? What features should you be looking for? We’re breaking down the pros and cons of each style according the twin parents who know them best!

star star star star i Singletons After Twins

If you’re already a twin parent, then you already have plenty of parenting experience. But how do things change when you introduce a new baby into the family? How do you prepare your twins for the arrival of their new sibling? How do you encourage closeness between all your children? And how do you balance everything and everyone when you’re out and about?

star star star star i Singletons Before Twins

If having twins seems tough, imagine being pregnant or caring for newborn twins in addition to your other children. How does having singletons prior to your twins help prepare you for your parenting journey? How will your other children react to the new duo in the family?

star star star star i Nutrition for Twin Pregnancies

You’ve heard the phrase “eating for two”. So if you’re pregnant with twins should you be eating for three? What type of nutrition does your body really need to foster a healthy twin pregnancy? Plus, what type of foods should you try to avoid.

star star star star i Inside the NICU: What To Expect

Most newborn twins don’t need to spend time in the NICU, but it’s always helpful for expecting parents to be prepared- just in case. Today we’re launching a new series focused on all things related to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. If this is your first trip inside the NICU, what can you expect?

star star star star i Sibling Rivalry Between Twins

When your kids are close in age, you’re bound to experience some sort of sibling rivalry. So, what can you expect when your twins are just minutes apart in age? Can rivalry between siblings break the close bond many twins share?

star star star star i The Importance of Twin Groups and Meetups

Online connections are great, but there’s no substitute for meeting other twin parents face-to-face. Have you considered joining a twin support group? Experienced twin parents share how they’ve benefitted from being part of this important community.

star star star star i Childcare Options for Twins

Paying for childcare for one child can be expensive, so paying for two may seem impossible. So, how do twin parents make it work? Our panelists share their experience when it comes to daycare, nannies, au pairs and even babysitters.

star star star star i Postpartum Care and Recovery After Twins

You’ve just had your twin babies. It may take some time for you to feel “normal” again. How does the recovery process differ for a new mom of twins. What can you expect after having either a vaginal or cesarean birth- or perhaps both?

star star star star i Identifying Twin Types During Pregnancy

After getting over the initial shock of being pregnant with twins, most soon-to-be parents want to know if their babies are identical or fraternal. How do medical care providers determine your twin type? What exactly are they looking for during those ultrasounds?

star star star star i Sleep Tips for Newborn Twins

Getting your twins to nap or sleep at the same time can be a challenge. What type of sleep patterns can you expect with your newborns? And what are some practical tips to keep them sleeping longer so you too can get some much needed shuteye?

star star star star i Twinning: How Does It Happen?

You’ve just learned you’re pregnant with twins! Odds are, you’re in complete shock. You may be asking questions like, how did this happen? How common are twins? Are they identical or fraternal? And could it happen to me again? Today we’re leaning all about “twinning”, the process of conceiving twins.

star star star star i Decorating Bedrooms for Boy and Girl Twins

Pink and Blue. That’s what we usually think of for girls and boys. But what if you have one of each? Do you have to decorate your twins’ room in pink and blue? What other options are there? And how can you update their room as they become preschool and school-age kids?

star star star star i What Is Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)?

If you have mo-di twins, you may have already heard by twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. It’s a complication that can happen during any twin pregnancy in which the babies share a placenta. How are pregnancies diagnosed with this condition? How can it impact your twins? And what options do you have to hopefully remedy the situation and keep your babies in utero for as long as possible?

star star star star i Flexible Work Options for Twin Parents

Working with twins? Is it really possible? Not everyone can afford full-time childcare, so what other options do you have if the traditional model of full-time work isn’t an option? Where should you look for jobs that are a little more flexible? How can you adjust your resume if you’ve been out of work for awhile? And what about the possibility of starting your own business?

star star star star i Teaching Your Kids to Respond to Twin Questions

You’ve heard all the standard comments about twins: “Are they twins? Are they identical? Are they natural? Who was born first?” And you’ve come up with answers to those questions. But what about your kids? How do they respond? Have you talked to your twins about how to address these questions from complete strangers?

star star star star i Twin Pregnancy and Iron Deficiency Anemia

Carrying more than one baby creates a higher demand on an expecting mother’s body during pregnancy. This often includes tapping into her iron supply which can result in iron-poor blood for mama and babies. If you’re pregnant with twins, should you be concerned? What can you do to prevent this condition? Can it be treated effectively?

star star star star i Sleep Training Your Twins

Needing a full night of quality sleep? This is literally a dream come true for many twin parents. But how do you make it happen? You may have read or heard about sleep training. What exactly is it? What are your options? And does it really work for twins and triplets, or just singletons? Parents of multiples share what works best for them!

star star star star i Keeping Clothes on Your Toddler Twins

No matter how hard you try, sometimes your twins just want to be naked. These little escape artists will strip down to nothing (including no diapers) at a moment’s notice. Sometime they don’t even care if they’re out in public. So, how do you keep their clothes on? Duct tape? Glue? Or maybe wait it out? Our twin parents share what’s worked best for them!

star star star star i Where Should My Twins Sleep?

Cribs, Co-sleepers, Bassinets, and Bunkbeds. With twins, there’s a lot of equipment and transitions ahead. Should you put newborns together? Keep them in your room or put in the nursery? And when they’re older, when should you separate them? Do they need their own rooms? Our twin parents are here to talk about sleeping arrangements for twins.

star star star star i DNA Zygosity Testing for Twins

Ever wonder if your same sex fraternal twins are really fraternal? Perhaps you’ve even considered DNA testing to determine if they are actually identical? So, what’s involved in the testing process? How accurate are the tests? And how can the results impact the relationship between your twins?

star star star star i Twin Transitions: Kindergarten Readiness

You’re getting ready to send your twins to kindergarten, but are they really ready? How do you know? What if one child is ready and the other isn’t, do you still send them both? Do you put them in the same class? Learn how various twin types may react to this new social environment.

star star star star i Twin Baby Names: Dos and Don’ts

Having trouble finding the perfect baby names for your twins? That’s because there’s double the pressure to get it right! What’s trending right now with baby names? And what should you consider when making this big decision?

star star star star i Tips for Feeding Your Messy Toddler Twins

Twice the fun and twice the mess (usually)! If you’re a parent of toddler twins, it’s hard to imagine meal time where the majority of the food actually ends up in mouths rather than lying on the floor. So, how do you keep your twinnies from spitting out the food and throwing their bowls, plates and spoons across the room?

star star star star i Fairness and Equality For Your Twins

When your babies are born within minutes of each other, it’s sometimes difficult to treat them differently. After all, they did share a womb for several months. However, the pressure to treat your twins the same often leads to intense sibling rivalry and competition, amongst other things. So, how can you be fair to your twins without feeling like everything must be shared or split equally?

star star star star i Breastfeeding Twins at Night

Breastfeeding twins is possible, but there are definitely some challenges including how to feed two babies throughout the night. What happens when your babies both wake up crying at the same time? Should you tandem feed or try feeding just one baby at a time? And how can your partner help simplify the process and make it more enjoyable for you?

star star star star i Inside the NICU: Transitioning Twins to Home

It’s one of the biggest questions on the minds of NICU parents, “When can my babies go home?” And, once you get the green light, you may also be wondering how your going to care for your babies at home. What kind of training or instructions can you expect from your NICU? You’ll hear from NICU parents about their personal experience with their twins and triplets!

star star star star i Chances of Twinning: Genetics and Fertility Treatments

Do twins run in your family? As a twin parent, you’ve probably heard this question a million times. So, what are your chances of twinning, whether it’s through genetics or through the use of fertility treatments? The conception of identical twins is supposed to be random, so how do we explain families with multiple sets?

star star star star i Twin Transitions: Crib to Toddler Bed

Are you planning to transition your twins from a crib to a toddler bed? How do you know if they’re developmentally ready? What are some of the challenges you can expect? And once your kids are in bed, how do you encourage them to stay there throughout the night? Our twin parents tell us what worked best for them.

star star star star i Au Pairs: Affordable Childcare for Your Twins

Many new parents of twins and higher order multiples are consumed with the cost of childcare. Au pairs provide quality care and flexibility at an affordable rate, all while introducing your family to new and exciting cultures. We’re chatting with two host moms from Au Pair in America to learn how their program can be a cost-effective childcare solution, especially for families with more than one child.

star star star star i Potty Training Twins: Gear and Logistics

Potty training twins requires a bit of planning and preparation. And sometimes, the gear you use can make all the difference in the world. So, what are the essential items you’ll need as you embark on this journey?

star star star star i Twin Baby Gear Essentials: Baby Monitors

Keeping track of one baby is tough enough. But if you’re trying to watch two or more babies, you may want to seriously consider getting a second pair of eyes and ears- also known as a baby monitor.

star star star star i Twin Transitions: Introducing Solids

Transitioning to solid foods can be tricky, especially when feeding two babies at once. How do you know when your twins are ready? What are some of the best foods to help kick off this transition? Plus, some practical tips from parents of twins how to set up your space!

star star star star i Twin Developmental Milestones: Social and Emotional

The social and emotional development of twins is a bit different when compared to singletons. Their innate ability to communicate with one another may appear more advanced, but what happens when you look at each twin individually? As a parent, how do you encourage proper development for each child? And what type of advantages and disadvantages do twins commonly have socially and emotionally when compared to singletons?

star star star star i MoMM: Mothers of Multiple Multiples

You thought having one set of twins was tough. How about two or more sets of multiples? We don’t know how these amazing mamas do it, but you’ll hear from them firsthand.

star star star star i Twins and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

It’s a parent’s worse nightmare. One minute your child is fine and the next minute she’s not breathing. Worse yet, you don’t really know why it happened. This is what it’s like to suddenly lose a child from SIDS. And unfortunately, SIDS rates are higher for families of twins.

star star star star i Inside the NICU: Follow-up and Outpatient Care

We’re continuing our series focused on what to experience if your twins need the NICU. In this episode, learn more about what happens after your babies leave the hospital. What type of follow-up and outpatient care is typically needed?

star star star star i Tips for Telling Your Identical Twins Apart

Many babies looks similar when they’re born. If you just gave birth to identical twins, you may have a really hard time telling them apart. So, what’s a mama to do? Our parent panelists share what strategies they used to help themselves, family members and friends.

star star star star i Smart Shopping Strategies for Twins

What are some smart strategies when shopping for your dynamic duo? How can resources such as twins clubs, Craigslist and other special “mom” clubs help? Plus, do the twin discounts from retailers really help?

star star star star i Starting Preschool with Your Twins

Are your twins ready for preschool? What types of schools are available to your children? Should you send them to the same class, or divide them up? And how can you make the transition to preschool a tad bit easier?

star star star star i Cloth Diapering Your Twins

Cloth diapers or disposables? Each options has it’s own pros and cons. What should parents of twins consider when making this important decision? What are some of the options you have when it comes to cloth diapering?

star star star star i Homemade Baby Food For Twins

Store bought baby food can get pretty expensive when your feeding two mouths at once! What are your options when it comes to making your own baby food. Is it really worth the extra effort?

star star star star i Diastasis Recti: Abdominal Separation After Twins

If you have a tummy pooch that won’t go away, or if your belly button mysteriously became an outie when it was always an innie… then you may have Diastasis Recti. Learn more about this condition commonly effecting twin moms and what can be done about it.

star star star star i Babywearing Twins

When your the parent of twins, you’re constantly wishing you had an extra pair of hands to help. And while a full-time nanny would be nice, another (perhaps more affordable) option is a carrier so you can wear either one or two babies at a time. And yes, there really are carriers for twins and triplets!

star star star star i Traveling with Twins

With summer quickly approaching, your family may be planning a summer vacation. We’ve got some great tips to help you and your twins travel regardless of whether it’s planes, trains or automobiles.

star star star star i Bedrest During a Twin Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant with twins, your pregnancy is most likely considered “high risk”. Not all twin pregnancies require bedrest, but it may be something you and your health care provider discuss as your due date draws near. Learn what to expects from twin moms who have experienced it firsthand!

star star star star i Inside the NICU: Bonding with Your Babies

We’re continuing our series focused on what to expect if your twins need to visit the NICU. In this episode, our panelists share ways they were able to bond with their babies during their stay- even in an unnatural environment.

star star star star i Fascinating Facts About Twins

People are naturally curious about twins. As a twin parent, you’ve probably heard all the common questions people ask. This episodes explores fascinating facts about your twins that you might not know.

star star star star i Breastfeeding Twins Away from Home

Feeding two babies away from home can be quite a challenge. What concerns do you have about breastfeeding away from home? What routine typically works best for you and your babies? Our twin mamas share their experience!

star star star star i Potty Training Twins: Readiness and Motivation

It’s time to potty-train your little ones, but how do you know if they’re both ready? Are there differences in readiness between identical and fraternal twins? What are the main steps to potty-training and is there a chance of competition between your twins?

star star star star i Twin Baby Gear Essentials: Double Strollers

Double strollers can be your worst enemy or your best friend. You’ll hear from some of the top manufacturers of double strollers, LIVE from the ABC Kids Expo! Plus, each of these companies are giving away a FREE double stroller to a lucky listener!

star star star star i Creating a Routine for Your Newborn Twins

The first month in your newborn twins life is full of excitement. And creating a routine may help you and your family adjust better. How much are newborn twins expected to sleep? How can you better coordinate your feeding schedule so they babies are getting the nutrition they need?

star star star star i Debunking Myths About Twin Pregnancies

If you recently learned you are carrying twins, you may be a bit anxious about your pregnancy. Are you still able to have a vaginal birth if you’re pregnant with twins? Is it really rare to be pregnant the full 40 weeks? And it bedrest pretty much unavoidable? Today we’re debunking some of the common myths associated with twin pregnancy.

star star star star i Bringing Home Twins: The First Week

Bringing home twins is big change for any family. What are the key things to remember during the first week? What type of environment is best for recovery of mom and the babies? How can extended friends and family help? And what can you expect to happen during your daily routine?