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Life After the NICU

When you’re pregnant and imagine holding your baby in your arms for the first time, the picture-perfect moment you envision doesn’t include incubators, IVs or breathing tubes. Yet for many moms, that becomes the reality, and those first few days or months of your baby’s life look completely different than you expected. What's it like to be a NICU parent? What do you need to know about the transition home from the hospital? And what advice would experienced NICU moms give to parents in the thick of it?

Pumping Hacks and Tips for Moms

Modern breast pump technology can make a big difference for breastfeeding moms. What are typical pumping schedules for both exclusive pumpers and combo feeders? What are some hurdles new moms have faced? And what are some pumping hacks that make the journey easier?

Navigating Your Baby’s Food Allergies

Many babies have food allergies or sensitivities that can be tricky for parents to navigate. What are the most common types of reactions to watch out for?

How ‘Wake Windows’ Help Babies Sleep

Sleep can be so hard to come by in the early days of parenthood, and many parents will try anything and everything to help their babies sleep better. A pediatric sleep consultant shares her best tips, as well as information on infant sleep cycles, sleep regressions and what your baby's time awake has to do with how well they sleep.

Raising Bilingual Babies

There are all kinds of benefits to being bilingual, and parents who speak multiple languages may want to pass that knowledge on to their children. What are the best strategies for doing so? How important is it to start teaching your kids in infancy? And if you’re not bilingual, can you still raise bilingual children?

Understanding RSV and Other Common Baby Illnesses

Babies can get sick a lot during their first year of life. What are the most common illnesses to watch out for? How can you treat them at home? And what are signs that you should seek medical attention?

Understanding Infant Growth Charts

When you go to the pediatrician, they take all sorts of measurements and track your baby's progress through infant growth charts. So, who created these charts and how are averages determined? Do breastfed babies grow any differently than formula fed babies? And what does the term "failure to thrive" actually mean?