Zoe Etkin

Doula/Sexual Wellness Coach

Zoë Etkin is a birth and postpartum doula, women's sexual wellness coach and poet. Zoë combines her love of motherhood, writing, and holistic reproductive health to educate and support women and families in Los Angeles. Find out more about her at www.zoeetkin.com

Episodes for this expert

  • Making Sex Comfortable During Pregnancy

    Sex during pregnancy is different for every woman. You may have a huge sex drive… or the thought of your partner giving you the entire bed while he sleeps on the couch may sound more appealing. If you do want to have sex, you may be concerned about your overall comfort? Is sex during pregnancy different than “regular sex”? What changes can you expect? What positions work best for a growing bump, and what should you avoid altogether? Yep, this one’s explicit.

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