Wendy Snyder

Positive Parenting Teacher/Coach

Wendy Snyder is a Redirecting Children’s Behavior Certified Parent Educator registered with the International Network for Children & Families. She is a southern California resident and mom of two vibrant young kids. Her passion about helping families experience more joy in their life is uplifting and motivating. Her courses and coaching are casual, fun & extremely helpful for families of all kinds.

In the life-empowering coursework of Redirecting Children's Behavior, parents learn how to use practical positive discipline tools to create cooperation, build self-esteem and strengthen relationships from birth to adulthood. Caretakers of all kinds can learn how to re-frame challenges, address feelings compassionately, set limits, and understand children’s misbehavior in order to tailor their discipline more effectively. Setting their own individual goals, adults learn how to make agreements and design effective consequences to use when agreements are not honored. They also learn how to build their child’s self-esteem and gain cooperation while becoming versed in win-win negotiating and problem solving. After completing the a course and/or seminar, families can continue to find connections and learn in the individualized workshops/classes or be coached individually.

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Episodes for this expert

  • Chores for Your Toddler

    Parents with little kids could always use an extra hand. So, why not put your toddlers to work? What kind of activities can you do with your little helpers that are actually chores? What can you to make these experiences as fun as possible? And what are some of the lifelong lessons and benefits for your child?

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