Jennifer Kelly

Postpartum Doula

Jennifer is more than a decade into her journey toward health, alternative healing, and spiritual awakening, introduced to the yogi way by Goldenbridge Yoga’s world-renowned Gurmukh Khalsa. A Kundalini Yoga Instructor trained in the Khalsa Way, a nutritionist and healer, an in-demand postpartum doula providing compassionate, empowering service to new parents throughout the Southland, and a CARE-certified Raindrop and Vita Flex Technique therapist (using Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils) Jennifer is a true healer, offering love, acceptance, motivation, and grace to all she encounters.

Episodes for this expert

  • Food and Cooking Tips for the Breastfeeding Mom

    Need a nutritious pick-me-up food to help you conquer your busy day? Food plays an important role in your overall breastfeeding experience. Learn more about the nutrients needed to maintain your milk supply, as well as possible supplements to help with your daily diet.

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