Renae D’Andrea

Dietitian and Family Nutrition

Renae D'Andrea MS, RDN is a dietitian who focuses on child and family nutrition. Her passion is helping parents and caregivers foster a great relationship with food in their kids, while also helping them understand the nutrition recommendations that are important, and the ones that can be thrown out the door!

She earned her Masters’ degree in Nutrition from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, where her focus was childhood nutrition and how adults can influence it. Renae now lives in Sacramento, California with her husband and 2 kids as well as lots of extended family. In her spare time, she loves to be active by hiking, running, and cycling with her family.

Episodes for this expert

  • Top 10 Food Choking Hazards For Babies

    It’s time for your baby to start solid foods. You’re ready, your baby is ready… but there’s still that small voice in your head that’s terrified of feeding your baby anything that could be considered a choking hazard. We get it, we’ve all been there. So, what do you need to keep in mind when giving your baby solid foods and what are some of the biggest choking culprits out there? We’re breaking things down today to hopefully give you some peace of mind.

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