Joe Rawlinson

Joe Rawlinson is a father of four with his last two girls being twins! He has a podcast outlining how he navigated being a new twin dad and helps teach families what to expect as they navigate the joys of parenting times two!

Hi, my name is Joe Rawlinson! I’m the dad behind Dad’s Guide to Twins where I’ve helped thousands of twin parents like you prepare for and raise twins through helpful articles, books, podcasts, videos, and more since 2009.

You have concerns about finances, healthy babies (and mom), physically caring for two, getting twins to sleep, and more. You’re not alone. You’ll find answers to your most pressing questions here on his website.

Joe has beautiful identical twin daughters. Although they are adorable now, He said when we found out they were having twins, he was terrified. “When our twin girls were born, they joined two brothers and we instantly had four kids ages three and younger,” said Joe.

“When we were expecting our twins, I didn’t really find any good resources for fathers of twins. There was lots of information for moms and general info about twins. However, there wasn’t much just for dads,” said Joe.

Episodes for this expert

  • What Expecting Twin Dads Really Need to Know

    If you’re a soon-to-be twin dad, there’s probably a million things running through your head each day, as it gets closer to The Big Day of your twins’ arrival.

  • How Dads Can Support Breastfeeding Moms

    Breastfeeding one baby is a challenge on its own but what about wanting to breastfeed your twins? How can husbands help support their wives who wish to breastfeed their babies? What struggles can come up and how can the husbands help navigate this feeding journey with their wives? Today we are breaking down two different breastfeeding journeys and how important it is to have your husband on board if you are wanting to breastfeed your twins.

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