Paula Laria-Rosello

Nutritionist/ Lactation Consultant

Paula loves helping mothers to breastfeed. She is originally from Argentina, is a Nutritionist since 2004 and became an IBCLC in 2009. She understood she was passionate about breastfeeding while working for the WIC Program as a Clinic Supervisor – after she realized mothers needed help. In 2008 she worked at Tarzana Medical Center for 1 1/2 years in the postpartum floor helping mothers to breastfeed, before and after delivery.

Episodes for this expert

  • The Benefits of Hand Expression and Manual Breast Pumps

    You may be breastfeeding your baby. You may be pumping breast milk for your baby on a regular basis. Or perhaps you’re doing both. But what happens if you need to express your breast milk and there’s no pump in sight? Maybe your pump breaks unexpectedly or perhaps you need an alternative if you don’t have a power source? These are just some of the benefits of hand expression and manual breast pumps.

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