Hannah Cromack

Registered Nurse

Hannah Cromack is a Registered Nurse and graduate of American Sentinel University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She has worked in various fields over the last ten years but has found her niche in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after the birth of her son, Charlie, at 33 weeks gestation.

During her time as a nurse she has developed a special interest in promoting awareness for prematurity, maternal health and mental health. Recently, she has collaborated with two coworkers, Claudia and Maggie, to develop positive experiences for NICU parents. Their goal is to highlight major NICU milestones and provide positive experiences for NICU families. Since most NICU parents don't have the luxury of having normal newborn experiences, normal events become major milestones (i.e. first snuggle with parents, coming off respiratory support, getting off of intravenous fluids, first bottle, and transitioning to a crib). Another often missed opportunity are newborn and holiday pictures. They work to provide parents with these gifts of love when they can—between patient care, of course.

This lead to the creation of Project HOPE on Instagram and GoFundMe. These platforms are used to spread awareness of the hardships parents face, inspire positive experiences for NICU parents nationwide, and raise money to cover expenses that make the magic happen.

Hannah is a wife and mother of two children, Charlie, 4, and Evelyn, 2. She enjoys all things related to music and the arts and loves being active with her kids.

Episodes for this expert

  • Life After the NICU

    When you’re pregnant and imagine holding your baby in your arms for the first time, the picture-perfect moment you envision doesn’t include incubators, IVs or breathing tubes. Yet for many moms, that becomes the reality, and those first few days or months of your baby’s life look completely different than you expected. What’s it like to be a NICU parent? What do you need to know about the transition home from the hospital? And what advice would experienced NICU moms give to parents in the thick of it?

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