Paige Plihal

Babywearing Consultant

Page Plihal is an experienced babywearer and owner of Beachy Bundles, a babywearing consulting and custom-design business in San Diego, CA. Page provides one-on-one consultations or small group classes to help narrow down the choices and demonstrate safe positioning for the new babywearer. Classes and consultations are also available for more advanced carries, such as back wrapping or wearing two at once. Paige is also a seasoned seamstress and enjoys embellishing an existing carrier or creating the perfect mei-tai or ring sling (and accessories) for a more unique style.

Episodes for this expert

  • Babywearing and Breastfeeding

    Wraps, carriers, slings, Oh my! How does a new family decide which ones to use and which ones are best for breastfeeding? Are certain baby carriers more appropriate for certain ages? How do you master the art of breastfeeding while babywearing? And what do you do if your baby isn’t into it?

  • Babywearing Basics: Which Carrier Is Best For You?

    It’s been around for centuries, but babywearing is making a big comeback! Why is babywearing so important and how can it help simplify your life as a new parent? Plus, which type of carrier is right for you? Featuring a special interview with Moby founder, Gillian Beerman!

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