Michelle Million

Nurse/ Lactation Consultant

Michelle Million, RN, BSN, IBCLC is a Southern California native who became a nurse in 2005 and decided to start her career in labor and delivery admits to getting into it for the cute babies, but ended up being moved by the beautiful complexities of the women she cared for and the births she witnessed over her 7 years at the bedside. She became a mother in 2009 when her son, Boaz, was born. Breastfeeding was eventually a joy for them, but the beginning was fraught with challenges. Conquering those early months of pain, infections, fussiness, and sleep deprivation transformed her mild interest in breastfeeding to a life-changing passion. She got her CLEC (Lactation Educator) at UCSD when Boaz was 1 and applied for UCSD’s IBCLC (Lactation Consultant) program the following year. Michelle finished the program while pregnant with her second child, Iris (1 year and currently breastfeeding) and passed the exam shortly after the birth.  When she isn’t working as a nurse or supporting breastfeeding families as a Lactation Consultant, she can be found frolicking about Point Loma where she lives with her husband, two children, and two Labradoodles. If you find yourself in her presence and in want of a topic of discussion, feel free to bring up: sunshine, breakfast burritos, chubby babies, musicals, podcasts, natural birth, and her latest pinterest fail.

Episodes for this expert

  • Breast Milk Storage and Handling

    If you’re pumping, you want your breast milk to stay as fresh as possible for your baby. How long can you leave pumped milk in the fridge and freezer? What are some smart storage options for using only the amount of milk your little one actually needs? Plus, how can you tell if your milk has gone bad?

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