JonaRose Feinberg


JonaRose Feinberg is the mother of 5 year old twins, two-term past-president of her local Parents of Twins Club, and a Lactation Consultant in Private Practice. She completed her Lactation training through UC San Diego, including hands on clinical training at UCSD Medical Center (inpatient) and Kaiser (outpatient), with additional training at the Premature Infant Nutrition Clinic at UCSD Pediatrics. Jona is also the editor of She is passionate about working with moms of multiples to set and meet their own breastfeeding goals! More information about her consultation services is available at

Episodes for this expert

  • An Introduction to Breastfeeding Multiples

    The mechanics of breastfeeding multiples may seem overwhelming, but there are definitely some tricks to the trade. We’ll share some tips for surviving the first couple weeks.

  • Breastfeeding Twins: Weaning

    We continue our series focused on breastfeeding twins. In this episode, we’ll explore the mother and baby’s choice to wean from breastfeeding. Do mothers of twins wean earlier than singletons? And what are some tips for weaning one baby and not the other?

  • Breastfeeding Twins: 6-12 Months Old

    Breastfeeding twins changes drastically over time. What are some of the common breastfeeding challenges for twins between 6- 12 months? Plus, some helpful tips for handling potential distractions and nursing in public phobias.

  • Breastfeeding Twins: Late Preterm

    Breastfeeding more than one child can be challenging, especially when they’re late preterm twins. Why are these babies more inconsistent in their nursing patterns? What’s the most efficient way to feed them?

  • Breastfeeding Twins: Scheduling and Positioning

    Breastfeeding twins can be overwhelming, but with a little planning and some great props, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. Hear what moms of twins have to say about scheduling and positioning their babies for feedings.

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