Jenny Nichols

Personal Trainer

Jenny has a Bachelor's in Nutrition from the University of Delaware and is an ACE certified personal trainer. Originally from Maryland she has lived in San Diego for nine years. While pregnant with her son Connor (10/10) Jenny sought out pre-natal group exercise classes to no avail. Post birth, she quickly got back into her exercise routine of soccer, running, spin and lifting but still wanted to find an option that allowed her to bring Connor with her. Upon seeing an ad for Baby Boot Camp she immediately searched for a class in San Diego. Surprised that there weren't local classes she decided to bring Baby Boot Camp to ‘America's Finest City'. She bought her franchise in June 2011. In January 2013 Jenny gave birth to her second son, Callan, having taught classes up until the day before she went in to labor. She jumped back in to teaching after two weeks off and gives partial credit to Baby Boot Camp for her body bouncing back quickly. Jenny has been an active athlete her whole life and is extremely excited to guide, motivate and workout with moms and their little ones.

Episodes for this expert

  • Get Your Body Back After Baby

    You’ve had your baby, and your body hasn’t quite bounced back to its pre-pregnancy form. No worries! We’ve got your inside look at what’s happening with your body as well as tips for targeting key areas.

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