Elizabeth Caliva


Elizabeth is the creator of LezBeMommies Radio, a weekly podcast for lesbian moms and soon-to-be moms, covering a variety of topics related to lesbian conception, pregnancy, birthing, parenting and health. She is a huge advocate for natural pregnancy and health with a enormous passion for sharing these concepts with women in her community. Elizabeth and her wife, Amy, have been on the conception journey for one year now. They have three IUI and five “turkey baster” attempts under their belts, moving in to the next round this month with a new donor and a renewed mindset. Elizabeth is a certified yoga teacher, health and nutrition enthusiast, civil engineer and, of course, soon-to-be lesbian mom.

Additional Experts

Roger Felix

Teratogen Information Specialist

Natasha Burgert

Pediatrician, Philips Avent Partner

Wade Schwendemann

OB/GYN, High Risk

Tiffany Lebano

Registered Nurse

Joann Woolley

Baby Sign Language Instructor

Pauline Sakamoto

Human Milk Bank Association of North America