Holly Pan

Co-Founder at EllaOla

Inspired by her own experience as a mother of 2 kids struggling with eczema, Holly Pan founded EllaOla Brands, a New York-based science-first and premium baby skincare brand developed with a team of Harvard dermatologists and pediatricians. Every product in the line is National Eczema Association, EWG and USDA Biobased certified. EllaOla has been featured on Forbes, Harper Bazaar, Glamour, The Bump, National Eczema Association, etc. It has banned over 2,500 potentially harmful ingredients and allergens, setting the highest safety standards for the baby industry.

Episodes for this expert

  • 5 Ingredients to Avoid Putting on Your Baby’s Skin

    Is your baby prone to diaper rashes or eczema? Are you struggling to treat cradle cap or baby acne? Many products that claim to help these kinds of skin issues contain ingredients that can actually aggravate the problem. So how do you know what is safe to put on your baby’s brand new skin? And what ingredients should you avoid at all costs?

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