Dawn Kersula

Lactation Consultant/Nurse

Dawn Kersula has been helping women become happy mothers since the 1980’s, when she realized how lonely she was at home with her first baby. She began helping moms as a La Leche League Leader, became a Lamaze teacher (which she still loves), then an IBCLC and then a nurse and lactation specialist at The Birthing Center at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital in Brattleboro, Vermont. She’s the president of the Vermont Lactation Consultant Association, is on faculty for Vermont’s Birth & Beyond initiative, and speaks nationwide to nurses for PESI Healthcare. She has three adult children and two grandsons – all breastfed.

Episodes for this expert

  • Popular Galactagogues to Boost Milk Supply

    If you’re concerned about milk supply, you may be considering herbal supplements called “galactagogues” to boost milk production. So, how exactly does it work? What are some of the most popular supplements and which ones should you avoid? Plus, how can you tell if you really do have a low milk supply?

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