Laura Chambers

Doctor of Physical Therapy

A former collegiate athlete turned recreational runner and triathlete, Laura knows firsthand how it feels to have a postpartum body that doesn't feel as strong as it was before kids. This turned her career focus from orthopedic physical therapy to pelvic health and pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise.

Refusing to accept the leaks, aches, and new level of fitness as her norm, she got busy learning more about the changes that take place in the body during pregnancy and the postpartum period. What she learned was transformative for her body and the way she approached postpartum exercise.

Now feeling strong and confident in her body again, Laura is on a mission to empower others struggling with the same loss of confidence postpartum to reconnect with their core strength and start living life as a core-strong (and confident) mom! That's exactly what she does with her Core-Strong Mom program.

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