April Kelly

Founder of Infant Formula Startup

Like many moms, April Kelly juggles it all. From family and business to everyday life, Kelly knows all too well the pressure of trying to get it all done in a day. A working mom, Kelly shares three incredible daughters and a son with her husband of nine years. Together they've birthed babies, business and mayhem. She's often asked how she manages to keep all the balls of life in the air and after years of getting it wrong, she thought she'd finally cracked the code, and maybe she did but as life would have it, things would take a turn that she'd never seen coming.

Just a few years ago, Kelly and her family were celebrating one of the most joyous times of their lives, bringing home their third baby girl. Like most parents, she and her husband experienced a full range of emotions. Happiness, excitement, a tinge of anxiety but most of all, the warm sensation of unyielding love. Shortly after returning home, they were faced with a sudden change of events that ultimately led to the decision of supplementing full time. Kelly had fallen into a head-on battle with postpartum depression while also experiencing a limited milk supply and excruciating feedings due to her daughter's “tongue tie”. Like many moms, Kelly felt ashamed, overwhelmed and a bit guilty. What could she have done differently to avoid this outcome? After all she had just come off of an 18-month nursing streak with older daughter.

She wasn't looking forward to the task of formula shopping or the potential of mom-shaming that sometimes comes along with formula-feeding. After her daughter began experiencing side effects from the formula she had selected, she decided to take matters into her own hands and commit to extensive research on formula ingredients and alternative options. With the aid of pediatricians, industry experts and a handful of mom-friends, they developed a natural formula recipe that provides complete nutrition, quality and convenience. This would mark the start of long journey ahead to launching Sure!

Along the way Kelly has had the joy of experiencing some of the most exhilarating wins like being the only recipient selected from her hometown of Greenville, NC to receive the $10,000 NC Idea Micro grant and a few fast fails like mixing the wrong ingredients more time than she can remember in the early days of trial and error. As she prepares to launch in early 2023, she looks forward to disrupting an industry that's long overdue for a good shaking and serving families across the country through her inclusive initiative and her mission to nurture by nature.

In addition to birthing babies and businesses, Kelly is an author and corporate professional working in the healthcare staffing industry and believes in keeping the important things front and center: family, faith and food!

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