EDITORIAL: How the WHO Code Impacts Breastfeeding and Pumping Moms

We all have our own personal code or recommendation on how we choose to breastfeed or express milk for our babies. But there’s another code many lactation professionals and baby-friendly hospitals are trying to follow. It’s all about how products are marketed to moms, just like you. In fact, you’re probably using many of these products on a daily basis. So, who created these recommendations, how do they impact breastfeeding and pumping moms and why is it causing a divide from within the lactation community? #SupportAllMoms

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Media Reaction to the who code

#SupportAllMoms, New Mommy Media
Media releasing content focused on pregnant women and mothers of infants and young children are impacted by the WHO Code. This includes television and radio shows, magazines, books, podcasts, apps, websites, blogs and more. Listen to our discussion with some of our media colleagues for their perspective on this important issue.


  • #SupportAllMoms

    This social movement supports moms and their ability to know what’s best for their family. We encourage influential groups such as governments, organizations, associations, businesses and individuals to empower all moms and support their choices, even when they differ from their own. We believe in the power of education, not oppression. #SupportAllMoms

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