Twin Baby Gear Essentials: Double Strollers

Traveling can be tough with two or more kids, and your stroller can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. And while no stroller is perfect, it is possible to find the perfect stroller for your family. When it comes to double strollers, what options do you have? What features provide the most versatility so your stroller can grow with your children? And how much can you expect to spend? You'll hear from some of the top manufacturers of double strollers, LIVE from the ABC Kids Expo!

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Twiniversity Creator Releases Book!

Twins Book
Natalie Diaz, the creator of Twiniversity and Publisher of Multiplicity Magazine has just launched a practical guide on how to parent twins called “What To Do When You’re Expecting Two”. Listen to our interview and learn her inspiration behind the book. Plus, find out how you can get a copy!

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Twin Talks
Twin Baby Gear Essentials: Double Stroller


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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: As a twin parent, they are essential baby gear items you may want to consider to help make life more manageable including double strollers. But with all the strollers out there, how do you know which features are best for your twins?

Today, you’ll hear from companies who are specifically creating double strollers to address the needs of twin parents. This is Twin Talks Episode Number Eight live from the 2013 ABC Kid’s Expo.

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Welcome to Twin Talks broadcasting live from the 2013 ABC Kid’s Expo. Twin Talks is your weekly online on-the-go support group for expecting and new parents to twins. I’m your host Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald.

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Another way for you to stay connected is by downloading our free Twin Talks app available on the Android and the iTunes Marketplace. Today’s format is a bit different. So, instead of having parent panellists, we’re featuring companies who’ve created double strollers that benefit twin parents. So, let’s meet the people representing these companies and learn more about them.

ALLISON BOLYARD: Hi. I’m Allison Bolyard. I’m the VP of Marketing at Baby Jogger. Baby Jogger has been around for nearly 30 years. We were the innovator of the Jogging Stroller. But, we’re so much more than jogging strollers. Today, we have award winning models such as the City Mini and the City Select. I have two boys myself, Anderson and Alex.

When the youngest was born last year, I was in the market for a double stroller and did all of my research and ended up buying the City Mini GT. That’s what actually led me to come and work for Baby Jogger about a year ago.


SHALOM NEW: Hi. My name is Shalom New from Valco Baby. Valco Baby is a company that originates in Australia. We start about 30 years ago by my father. It’s a family business. We have been in the states for about 8 years now. I’m the father of five children; four boys, one girl.

We are currently using a Valco Baby Snap Double Stroller which is a really light weight stroller and great for getting around town as we live in the city.


BRAD MATTAROCCI: I’m Brad Mattarocci. I’m the Vice President, general manager of Baby Trend. Baby Trend’s been around for 25 years. We run the full gamete of baby products, strollers in home, on the go and I’m a father of two. My son is 20 and a three year old and one on the way.



KATE CLARK: Hi my name is Kate Clark and I do have children at this table or at all. But, I work for Britax. I have been with Britax for five years and I’m the PR and the event marketing manager. Back in 2011, Britax purchased BOB. So, we own the BOB stroller brand as well.

I have family members with children and they all use of our products especially the BOB outdoor strollers.


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SUNNY GAULT: Hey Twin Talks, this is Sunny mother of twin girls. I’m one of the producers on the show. Before we kick off today’s show, I’d like to introduce to Natalie Diaz who is joining via phone. Natalie is a mother of twin. She’s also the founder of the Twiniversity a supportive website and online resource for parents of twin.

She’s also the publisher of Multiplicity Magazine. Natalie has just release her first book: “What to Do When you’re Having Two: The Twins Survival Guide from Pregnancy through The First Year.” So, Natalie welcome to Twin Talks.

NATALIE DIAZ: Thank you Sunny. Congratulations on your baby.

SUNNY GAULT: I know right. I’m part of the group like one of the newest member.

NATALIE DIAZ: You are one of us now.

SUNNY GAULT: Well, Natalie I’m so glad you wrote this book. First of all, I know there are not a lot of resources especially online for parents of twins. I think most twin parents really appreciate information that comes specifically from another twin parent who’s been there and done that. Is that kind of what you found too and is that what lead for you to write this book?

NATALIE DIAZ: 100%. I just found that everything was out there would be either very medically heavy based or very breastfeeding based. There wasn’t kind of like a catch all preparing for twins. There are so many little things like how to feed two at once and what kind of gear you need to up and what you don’t that it’s not really discussed.

So, instead when my kids are little, it’s not really discussed. When my kids were little I said: “When they go to kindergarten, if nobody puts this together, I was going to do it.” So, on their very first day of kindergarten, I organized stuff and came up with this crazy Twiniversity business.

SUNNY GAULT: I love it. So, how did you determine especially for the book what topics were best to discussed because I think there are so many things that we mean to know as parents of twins. How did you narrow it down for the topics in your book?

NATALIE DIAZ: Since 2005, I’ve been the director of the Manhattan Twins Club and so, I’ve done every month to our support group meetings. Every month as per the same questions asked in time and time again. So, it’s breastfeeding, strollers and help. So, I knew right there that that was three chapters right there. So, we have the feeding of course and how much help they need and what gears they need. So, that was easy.

Then, the rest of the stuff came when just with our online community; I’d say here’s a question that asked really often. So, you know what? That has to hold so much weight in the book. Personally, I struggled with something like postpartum. It’s not comfort enough and postpartum for parents of multiples’ a little bit prevalence to that so that definitely needs a space in the book.

Just over the years, it’s kind of like this weird research that I’ve been doing on basically what I want for then know. Will you want to know that too? Why don’t we know these things? I kept a running list. I kept a lot of journals and came up with the 200 plus pages that sit before you.

SUNNY GAULT: When it comes to parenting, there is necessarily a right or wrong answer. It’s kind of like what works best for you. So, how did you present these topics? Was it more matter of fact, this is what I did. Do you present a lot of different ideas and let parents choose for themselves. How did you do it?

NATALIE DIAZ: I definitely think that parenting is not a one size fits all. A 100%, you know what I do when New York City is going to be different when you do when your coast. It’s just we’re like: “I’m different ends of the world sometimes.” Also, if you have other kids – if you are moving back to when a foreign country, there are a lot of things that a lot of elements that plain to parenting.

I wanted to be able to present a huge variety of options on how to do things. There is no one way to do things. Just because I did the particular way doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. So, instead of just saying: “Here’s my experience. Here’s what I did. This is what I think is best.” But, here’s what I did – here’s what other people do. Here’s what other people do.

When you’re reading it, you can say: “Okay, you know what? This idea resonates a lot more with me than what lasted.” So, there is no right or wrong. I never take offence if somebody doesn’t agree with me because there’s always another side.

SUNNY GAULT: So, the title again: “What to Do When You’re Having Two?” Does that lend itself more to being a book that’s gear towards people who are pregnant with twins or brand new parents of twins or who is this gear towards?

NATALIE DIAZ: It’s for anybody within the first year. So, if anybody in the [inaudible] plus by the time that your babies are one years old, you got to figure out. You know how to do these things. So, it’s definitely expecting parents would benefit greatly from that. Parents are four months old twins would greatly benefit. It’s whatever you need it to be.

It’s also a book that was written without saying: “Somebody has to read it cover to cover.” I placed so much effort on making sure that the index has done properly. So, if you are in the middle of a breastfeeding challenge, you can go to the back of the book, find the breast feeding page and go to the right to the little bit that you need.

You do not have to sit and say: “I have to start at page one and end it at page to 262.” Who has time to do that? I certainly at the time that I have to leisure reading, I don’t want to read a how to book. I want to get the information that I need whenever I need it. So, this is kind of like a bedside table book.

It’s there when you need it, you pick it up and then you go to the piece that you need.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes, I love that because sometimes I feel like when I open up a new book, it’s kind of a daunting process for me because I feel like I have to plan it out. Do I have enough time now to read it cover to cover? So, I love that it’s more of a reference style book especially once you’ve already have your twins and your hands are already full. You just don’t have the time to do it necessarily. So, I love that. That’s great.

How can our listeners get a copy of the book? What’s the best way?

NATALIE DIAZ: They can go to and there’s a little buy the book icon at the top or they can go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Overstock, it’s everywhere. I feel like everywhere the internet touches my book can be found with it. I’m amazed with.

SUNNY GAULT: That’s a good thing. Well, Natalie thanks so much for being on our show. Thank you for writing this book. Of course, we encourage all of our listeners to head on over to and check it out. It’s a great baby shower gift.

So, if you’re not pregnant with twins or maybe your twins are a little bit older and you know someone that’s expecting; it’s a great present. So, thanks again Natalie.

NATALIE DIAZ: You got it. Sunny, thanks for having me.

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Today we have a special episode for you. We’re recording live from the 2013 ABC Kid’s Expo where many new products including strollers are revealed for the coming year. So, thanks to Valco, Britax/Bob, Baby Trend and Baby Jogger for being with us today as we discuss: “Double strollers and features of twin parents should be looking for.”

I know that we’ve got a nice variety of strollers that we can talk about. So, how would you describe the different types of strollers that are out there?

SHALOM NEW: Firstly, generally speaking our recommendation out of even of all the respect to all of us over here. There’s no such thing as the perfect stroller. We all say: “What’s the perfect stroller for you?” So, an expectant parent, it’s a matter that many considerations that a person has to take into account for choosing that stroller.

Many times that it might mean that you need two strollers to fit that lifestyle because as good as we all are I’m not sure if there’s one that is perfect that does absolutely everything. So, when considering strollers; there are couple of things general rules to look at. So, generally speaking; the bigger the wheels – the stroller’s going to be slightly heavier however, it’s going to push much better.

So, light weight is great but if you got as the kids grow heavier, if there’s smaller wheels are too light weight sometimes, you might pushing the weight of the stroller plus the children. So, that’s some of the things to consider and that’s where you get into All Terrain Strollers which the ride on them is a dream but they are slightly heavier, would not taking the stroller around like a suit case where actually wheeling it.

ALLISON BOLYARD: Another consideration is the fold of the strollers. Many strollers are very easy to fold with one hand, in the case of the single strollers, two hands in the case of the double but some other strollers are more difficult and it depends on what your lifestyle is.

Are you going to be in and out of the car all the time or is it the stroller that you’re going to leave, set up maybe in your garage or someplace else and push it around town? That’s also something to consider.

KATE CLARK: Piggy backing on the lifestyle comment; I think people’s lifestyle is change throughout the process of having children too. So, what we found with Britax and BOB because we sell car seats as well – many parents will choose a travel system.

So, they fall into the same category some of the other strollers do but if you’re getting a double for instance our Duallie Strollers made by BOB. You can have a car seat on one side whereas the other one will lay flat so that you can put the infant on the other side.

ALLISON BOLYARD: That’s a great point and a lot of travel systems can created by mixing and matching your stroller with whatever your favourite brand of car seat is. It’s not like the old days where it has to come just all in one box.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, you could an essentially mix a manufacturers if you have a different car seat. You can put it with a different kind of stroller.

SHALOM NEW: You just have to make sure that you are getting the correct adapter for the part car seat you’re buying.

BRAD MATTAROCCI: Unless of course, when you come home; they were missing the one key point is when you bring your twins home, how are you going to get them home and then how are you going to transport them. The great part about The Baby Trend product line is our Snap and Go.

Specifically our double snap and go which is just a frame carrier stroller, light weight which will carry a universal, any car seat it may bite anybody else right now. So, it’s really light weight and it’s a really affordable solution. I can tell you pick a travel system or you go on to a jog or to double or side-by-side or inline.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, that allows the diversatility of being able to choose as the car seat, stroller and then if they graduate into a different type of stroller.

BRAD MATTAROCCI: Exactly, yes.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, I think we mentioned let’s see we get All Terrain Stroller with umbrella and then within a travel system, you can have fold up more the modular type.

KATE CLARK: I was going to say: “We have the modular style with the B Ready where with Britax so people can’t see me. Britax makes some modular style called the B Ready and you can use it as a single stroller but you can actually add the second seat underneath. There are lots of different types of modular styles out there.

We find that ours has the best balance having the seat on the bottom and the top seat being the larger seat still folds nicely. You can take the bottom part off very easily, turned the pieces around, there’s 14 different configurations. There are other brands that make that style stroller too but they are great for twins.

We’ve won one of the Twiniversity awards that they have given out for twin parents too.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Awesome! Now, you mentioned the kind of seat formation. I know there’s in some of your different lines you’ve got the side-by-side and we also got the tandem seating.

BRAD MATTAROCCI: So, stadium seating – we call them the Stadium Seating. The stadium seating, Baby Trend makes the Double Seat and Stand.

So, you can also carry two car seats on it as well as a travel system and then it converts into a stadium seating, stroller where you going to have your kids and then as they grow in their toddler years, they can actually stand – one of the children can take turns standing on the stroller in the room.


ALLISON BOLYARD: We’re finding at Baby Jogger, one of the trends is parents seem to be moving from the side-by-sides to more of this front to back type stroller. One of the things that we found really successful with our City Select which had 16 different configurations for seating is that the parent – the child doesn’t have to seat underneath or behind the other one.

They can face the parent. They can face each other. They can both face outwards. So, I think parents today are really looking for that versatility and then the inline strollers seem to be becoming a popular trend.


SHALOM NEW: Suddenly, they can consider just with in terms of the comparison of twins side-by-side and the I guess modular strollers are that in general level, any side-by-side stroller 30 inches is the with the stand the door. So, when now considering buying a twin stroller, just make sure that you’ve got that you understand that it will fit through that stand at the door.

That being said, that’s one of the reasons I guess the people going or in lines are popular because it is a little bit narrower but you’ve got also considered the length of the stroller. So, the strollers are a little bit longer to push so it does affect the push. So, everything like I said – there’s no such thing as the perfect stroller.

Sometimes the in lines load up with kids and then the length – everything, it can affect the push of the ride and it’s the same thing with side-by-side. The width and shopping isles, it could be in some places there narrower that standard opening. So, that’s some of the things to take into consideration on pushing the stroller.

One thing that we actually have in Valco Baby is in our Twin Tri Mode Ultra Rain Stroller and our Twin Zee Stroller. We’re talking about multiples but what happens if you’ve also got a two year old and a multiples, what options do you have?

So, we actually have what we call the Joey Jump Seat which can fit two newborns and you can actually fit all the child seating comfortably in front so there nice and secure. There are also ride on boards that instead of that jump seat, you can add the write on board for an older child to stand on and actually on the Valco Tri Mode, you can actually fit four children.


SHALOM NEW: I’ve got five children but I have not used it with four.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Now, that is great to hear. We’re kind of talking about sort of lifestyle and being indoors and outdoors. I think we’re talking about tires but how else does lifestyle affect your choice of strollers?

BRAD MATTAROCCI: The lifestyle, when we’re talking to the new born parents and we’re designing product, we’re always talking about lifestyle. Are you going to travel a lot after your new born to see grandparents? Are you going to be an active person and you were going to want the jogging type stroller? It all kinds come in.

You have to seriously consider your lifestyle and the way it might change that you think it’s going to change. You have to take into that in consideration. Especially, where you live – Baby Trend Double Jogger does fit through a door way just barely. But, you still have to kind of chuck it and again, you also have to consider the weight of any double stroller is going to be heavier than obviously a single stroller.

When it’s folded, how compact it is, if the wheels detached and it folds, if mom and dad are going to be actually are going to be able to fit in their current vehicle. You always have to think about that.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: That’s always the thing when shopping for stroller do the trunk test.

KATE CLARK: If it’s all terrain too makes a big difference to depending on where you live or what type of terrain you’re going to be using your strollers for. We found that a lot of the parents that are following us; they’ve been telling us that: “They have three and four strollers.”

So, depending on where they live, their mall stroller might be the B-Agile the easy to fold single stroller but we also have the Double B-Agile. Whereas they spending all day where you’re going to be needing a larger basket; you can fit two kids at the tandem style, you’d go with the B Ready – but the wheels too, the heavier duty wheel on the rougher train is really important.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: I know when I was out shopping, I thought: “I’m going to get a jogger because it’s so light weight. Then, I’d had to really look at my lifestyle and realize: “Am I jogging?” I’m not out doing the marathons. So, maybe I just needed a different type of stroller that’s maybe more made for the city use.

ALLISON BOLYARD: I think a lot of times new parents fallen to this trap of idea to get a travel system and I needed to get a jogging stroller for the altering wheels. I need to get in everyday stroller. Really, you could have one stroller that potentially meets all of those needs.

When your baby grows out of the infant seat after six months, you are left with sort of a cheaper stroller. It’s not going to last you four years for the life of your child. Do you want something like a Baby Jogger has a lifetime guarantee on the frame. So, you may be investing in another frame will lead to more durability and versatility.

So, all of these things are really things to consider.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Absolutely! Speaking of versatility and the changes that we go through with twins, having to just really add to the mix of going from newborn to toddler to larger kid; so, what are the some of the features that we should look for in strollers in terms of versatility?

SHALOM NEW: So, just growth and getting back to your last question about the wheels and the tires. Again, the bigger the wheels the smoother the push; you can have bigger wheels, you have the air tires. You have now tubeless tires. There are millions of different options with the tires.

Air tires are great but there’s sometimes you find that customers will complain there are two issues. It’s like a bicycle, it’s gets flat. It doesn’t have a little issue of the mom of twins is maintenance to keeping the tires always pumped up and for the moms of twins, that’s not going to be on the front burner sometimes.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Okay, so if it’s not air tires, what are the alternatives?

BRAD MATTAROCCI: There are solid EVAs and there are solid rubber tires or the tubeless tires.


SHALOM NEW: Those are some of the innovations that have come through in the past couple of years. I guess you consider the car seat adaptability. So, that’s great for the newborn and also, the size of the seat. So, one thing that people love about our Tremor Stroller; it’s got a really tall seat back.

We’ve had just likely just going anecdotally; we’ve had customs fed the strollers for eight years. This year has been calling, they need a little step out, how do we wash it and stuff like that?

So, sometimes that durability obviously looking something’s going to last and generally speaking I think we could say that it’s worth the investment. If you invested in they are all different price ranges obviously and it has to fit budgets and everything like that. But sometimes, worth spending that little bit extra and you’ll get that stroller which will last a lot longer.

ALLISON BOLYARD: It can be potentially cheaper in the end to invest in a nice stroller instead of buying five different ones for different purposes.

SHALOM NEW: I agree with that one.

ALLISON BOLYARD: Right, a lot of strollers today are also machine-washable which many parents don’t know. So, now you’ve got the kids with the sticky lollipops in hands. A lot of the times you can just snap the fabric right off and throw it in the washer, don’t dry it because it could shrink.

SHALOM NEW: Hang dry.


BRAD MATTAROCCI: You’re asking about features, obviously you’re going to want storage at large storage baskets that they could hold the weight with different pockets for security is always good. Baby Trend, the Double Sit and Stands have the bigger large baskets for twins because you’re going to have to hold a lot of diaper bags

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Bigger diaper bags by far.

BRAD MATTAROCCI: Also, the shade canopies. Make sure that both children are have an adequate shade canopy for them that UV protected like all of the Baby Trend brand are. Also the cup holders, how many cup holders can it hold?

You never can get enough because they’re getting snacks. So, for instance our Baby Trend Double Sit and stand has six cup holders. You can never have enough.


KATE CLARK: I would add one more like for a parent that knows that they’re going to be having twins and they’re going shopping for their first stroller, one of the best things to do is actually go into the store and actually try folding the strollers and then picking them up because the weight of the stroller how difficult it is to fold it not even just the one hand because they have different options on how to fold. But, basically, there are many steps.

Do you have to fold a lot of things before you actually get the stroller into piece, into that one piece? Does it stand on its own when you’re putting into the garage? Will it stand up against the wall by itself or do you have to lay it flat? How will it fit at the back of your car?


KATE CLARK: When your hands are full.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes, it’s enough to have a stroller.

SHALOM NEW: That thrice is also something that we five people really love those snack trays. I think also to consider is also what’s included with this stroller. So, are the front bars the nap of front bars included with the stroller? The rain cover included with the stroller.

So, many of the Valco models, we include everything in that stroller; so, that’s something also to consider with when considering all the extra add-ons that you can have.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Right, when we come back, we’re going to talk about how much you should be able to get out of your twin stroller and how much you can expect to spend.

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Welcome back. Today we’re talking about: “Twin Baby Gear Essentials, Double Strollers.” We are live from the 2013 ABC Kid’s Expo.

So, for parents who like to be outdoors, what feature should they look for in a twin stroller? I think we talked about All Terrain.

KATE CLARK: I would say large canopies; keeping out of the sun because you’re going to be outside so much. So, a canopy that comes over as far as you can possibly go.

ALLISON BOLYARD: Depending on how active the parent is, if you want to consider a jogging or a running stroller; it’s important to have the wheel with the long wheel base that can be fixed in front to not swivel. So, if you’re a runner and you’re active in that way; you can run with a product like the Baby Jogger Summit X3.

If you’re using it for just every day use, the wheels swivels but you can lock it in place when you’re doing that long distance running. I think that that’s an important feature to consider. It also has a hand break on the handle bar which can slow it down if you’re running down hill which is an important for you to grid.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: We don’t think about things like that.

ALLISON BOLYARD: So, the stroller doesn’t run away from you.

KATE CLARK: Suspension too, having an added suspension to your stroller makes a big difference especially on the rugged terrain.

BRAD MATTAROCCI: The rugged terrain, the new mat and tires of icicle style to air composite wheels will keep, will make it light weight, will non-corrode when it’s out in the weather. In general, all trains suspension is a key as well especially, when you’re going on and off curbs even if it’s city terrain.

SHALOM NEW: Then, wheel maintenance is good also; you got it with the suspension, you got to make sure the wheels are put up properly.

ALLISON BOLYARD: One important thing though if you have little twins, usually we would all recommend not running with them until they’re at least six months old.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Six months and have a better neck control.


SHALOM NEW: When using the main seat of the strollers, you’re not using car seat adaptors. If you’re using the full reclined mode, you probably also need infant head protection as well.


KATE CLARK: One thing that I want to add and we keep talking about the parent’s experience but the child’s experience is important as well. We have a lower lumbar support in the BOB Strollers when you’re putting the five point harness, clicking the five point harness together, kind of keeping the child in control when you’re going up over that rough terrain or if you’re running.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: That’s good to know. You know you’re right. We don’t think about what is the kid experiencing in there, yes.

BRAD MATTAROCCI: Also, the back boards and seats. So, if it’s a sling seat or a back board type of seat, that also things to consider when you’re looking at a twin stroller or any stroller.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Okay, I think to Shalom’s right now that you mentioned earlier that you’ve got some of your clients who’ve used the stroller for up to seven years. I don’t know. Is that typical or longer?

I know that it is an investment. I’m sure twin parents would like to know: “Hey, I’m really going to get my money’s worth out of here.”

BRAD MATTAROCCI: Has a general know, Baby Trend stocks replacement parts for our products for 10 years. So, if you bought a Jogger, a Baby Trend Jogger or a Baby Trend any stroller or any product actually from Baby Trend and you lost it or you misplaced the part or as a second hand like Kate have mentioned.

You’ve got a lot of the Craig’s list and then people will call up and order a part because they know we carry it. So, it’s an investment but it can last for several children, not just your twins. If you have another single later or sister has twins.

SHALOM NEW: Will finding that a lot also. I think pretty much at this table the companies are pretty sharp when it comes to Customer Service. I’m sure we all go overboard so to speak and bend over backwards to really help the customer. Make the customer happy. So, especially twins.

We understand moms have a lot on their plate; dealing with the stroller part, here or there and for this later is not something that they have time for.

ALLISON BOLYARD: Absolutely, I’m thinking about how to use it not just for your twins but for your whole family. The one that is my personal favourite for twins is the City Select. We talked about it as the stroller that grows with your family because you can start out with two buses in it or two car seats, or two seats.

Then, as the kid gets older, you maybe they outgrow the stroller, maybe you do a glider board like you have when your kids or you can just use it with one. You can take off one of the seats completely if just one child is with you that day. Then, two seconds you make into a double stroller again. So, think about those types of versatility.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: That ties into the whole lifestyle changes as well. If your twins have moved on to school and then you got a singleton. Yes, absolutely.

KATE CLARK: Hang out stuck with that giant.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: The giant stroller. So, what kind of investment should we expect for these types of strollers?

KATE CLARK: From the Britax and BOB perspective, you can expect to pay from about $300 to a little under 700 depending on which type of stroller you’re looking for. We have lots to choose from. The light weight easier fold ones are going to be little bit less expensive.

Then the All Train using a lot of bike parts would be a more, a larger investment but if that’s the one that you’re going to see than you never dying in the market is going to be continuing to be resold on the BOB side.


BRAD MATTAROCCI: On the Baby Trend side, so the Baby Trend Snap, the Double Snap and Go which is the universal infant car seat carrier. You’re going to see that always at every day low price for the twins at $99. That’s the MSRP on that product. As far as jogging strollers and our stadiums, they range from 200 all the way up to $399.

So, it’s a pretty regular. It just depends on which model, which fashion, which type of wheels the feature said is.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: You’re going to say that the Double Snap and Go great especially for the parents – they’re still kind of waiting to decide what kind of investment that they want to make. So, that provides that right there.


SHALOM NEW: In Valco Range, we start with the Snap Double Stroller which retails for $450. We go to Zee 2 Stroller which is like a hybrid. So, you get a really smooth push yet it’s really light weight and in compact and that retails for $550. Then, you get the Tri V Twin which retails for 729. Then, we have the Spark to a Double which retails for $779.

ALLISON BOLYARD: For Baby Jogger, we start out with the City Mini Double which is about $450. The City Mini GT which is our All Terrain option is $579 and then the City Select with two seats is $670 and the Summit X2 which is for joggers or hybrid is $650.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well, thanks so much to all of our companies who joined us today for our episode. All of our companies are offering a free product to our listeners. So, let’s learn about the products you can win in this episode’s giveaway. So, let’s start with Brad.

BRAD MATTAROCCI: So Baby Trend, we’re going to be giving away a Double Snap and Go that I’ve mentioned several times because it is the one you want to bring home to your babies with. It’s light weight; universal for all our car seats, no matter that you would via Baby Trend Car seat for your twins. But if you don’t, you choose for it to go with another brand, that’s fine. You’ll fit at this as well.


KATE CLARK: Hi, this is Kate from Britax and BOB; and because we have both companies that I am representing on. We’re going to let the winner choose their choice of a stroller that will fit twins and we’ll sweeten the deal by adding two infant car seats of your choice.


SHALOM NEW: For Valco Baby, we are going to offer a Snap Dual Stroller which is one of the lightest in our line as I had mentioned before weighs only 22 pounds really easy, one hand fold. Great Canopy with what we call EX Canopy, so it’s extended for protection.

So, you’ve got a zipper that actually extends the canopy all the way out when you need it but when you don’t you just zipper it up and it’s like it’s not there.


ALLISON BOLYARD: For Baby Jogger, we’re going to give away the City Select which is my favourite Twin Stroller. It is a $ 670 value with a second seat. Again, it fits two bus and that’s two car seats, two seats and totally interchangeable.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: It’s very cool. So, if you’d like to win one of these products; visit the episode page on our website and click on giveaways. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via e-mail. This conversation continues for members of our Twin Talks Club.

After the show, we’ll discuss: “Some most popular stroller features recommended by twin parents.” So, for more information about the Twin Talks Club, visit our website .

Today, we have a special segment called: “Twin Oops.” This is where our listeners can either post on our Facebook page or call in on our voicemail or leave a story about some funny experiences with their twins.

If you’d like to share your Twin Oops, call us at 619-866-4775. So, here’s one and we’ve heard from Katy in Virginia. She told us. She said:

“Where do I begin? Almost four years of insanity to pick from, how about the many lovely comments my children have made to strangers in places like the grocery store? Did you know that my mom has big boobs? Did you know that my mom has hair there and not so discretely pointing at my nether region

She said: “I’ve even seen my dad pooped and it was huge. My dog toots it’s so makes me laugh but it smells. Mom, I toothed and I think I pooped. She screamed in the checkout line in Cost Co and then there’s slew of unbelievable inappropriate comments that just pop up last summer about how people look.

All the talks that we’ve had about manners and things other people don’t need to know in keeping our fashion opinions to ourselves unless it’s nice. It seems like it is only beginning.”


CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So, that wraps up our show for today. We appreciate you listening to Twin talks. Join in on the discussion by posting your comments on the Twin Talks Facebook page or calling our voicemail at 619-866-4775.

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