Planning a Baby Shower

There's a bundle of joy on the way, which means it's time to plan for your baby shower! But with so many choices to make, it's easy for the planning process to become more frustrating than fun. What are the baby shower basics? Plus, what type of baby shower is best for you? We'll explore some tips and tricks for celebrating your special day with family and friends.

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Pregnancy and Vaccines

What Vaccines Are Safe?
As adults, many of us get vaccinated to help us stay healthy, but that may change the moment you become pregnant. Suddenly, there’s another person to consider. In this special segment, Dr. Bob Sears explains the most common shots pregnant women receive as well as the pros and cons of each.

Operation Shower

Help Military Moms-to-Be!
This organization helps pregnant moms whose partners are currently deployed, by organizing and funding their baby showers. Learn how their efforts are helping our military families all over the country. Plus, discover how you can help their efforts by contributing to their baby registry!

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