Mocktail Recipes: Non-Alcoholic Pregnancy Drinks

While you may need to forego your favorite drink while you're expecting, you shouldn't have to miss out completely. Introducing the “mocktail” which combines great ingredients and garnishes for the perfect non-alcoholic drink during your pregnancy. Today we're putting some of these recipes to the test by making them right in our studio! Be sure to download the recipes below!

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Episode Transcript

Preggie Pals
Mocktail Recipes: Non-Alcoholic Pregnancy Drink


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ANNIE LAIRD: With Saint Patrick’s Day fast approaching, there will be no green beer, Irish whiskey or other alcoholic beverages for you this year. But you don’t have to miss out on having a good time with your family and friends when you are pregnant. Sure, you can’t have alcoholic drinks, but you can have the non-alcoholic counter parts, the Mocktail. I’m Annie Laird, the host of Preggie Pals and today we’ll be making Mochtails in the studio and showing some great recipes. This is Preggie Pals, episode 94.

[Theme Music/Intro]

ANNIE LAIRD: Welcome to Preggie Pals broadcasting from the Birth Education Center of San Diego. Preggie Pals is your weekly online, on-the-go support group for expecting parents and those hoping to become pregnant. I’m your host Annie Laird. Thanks to all of our loyal listeners who have joined the Preggie Pals Club. Our members get special episodes, bonus content after each new show, plus special giveaways and discounts. See the website for more information. Another way to stay connected is by downloading our free Preggie Pals app, available in the Android and iTunes market place. Sunny, our Producer is going to give us more information about the virtual panelist program.

SUNNY GAULT: Hey everybody it is Sunny and I want to tell you a little bit more about our program that is geared towards people who can’t make it here to our studio in san Diego, but you still want to participate in the conversation. So the best way to do that is to like our Facebook page but you can also follow Preggie Pals on twitter and look for #preggiepalsvp, VP stands for Virtual Panelist and we will be posting some of the questions that our panelists here on the studio are talking about. We are going to post those questions on our social net working sites and you can follow along, post your own comments hare your own experiences and we are going to include some of those comments in the show when we record.

ANNIE LAIRD: Great! Thanks Sunny! Okay, let’s go round, get started. I am the host, I am Annie Liard, I am a Government Contractor, by day, a labor doula and pod show host (laughter), and a mum of 3, three girls and so no type of birth for me. I am hoping that I take a long break from birth, two hundred two club right now. So luckily I got my EOI helper, thank God. Otherwise I would be pulling my hair so.

NANCY BAILEY: I am Nancy Bailey. I am twenty nine and we are expecting our first little girl, our first child at all on May 16th and I am and very excited as many of these I can learn from and look forward to. And this is a good one to get started with.

NATALINA GLIESON: I, am Natalina Glieson, I am soon to be a mum of two, I have a 2year old, almost, he is sort of, a 2year old, he is a leepling and so in 2016 he will turn one.

SUNNY GAUT: I have never heard if that before a leepling. So February 29th!

ANNIE LAIRD: February 29th! He can be your baby for every because he only has a birthday once every four days, four years.

[Everybody laughs]

NATALINA GLIESON Yes, yes. I am due in August with our second. So hoping to learn a lot and have this VP completely different from the first.

SUNNY GAULT : Alright, well am Sunny , you guys kind of met earlier and I’m proud to be hosting today’s show and am kind of excited because there is a lot of fabulous food right in front of me and I always get excited when there is fabulous food in front of me.

ANNIE LAIRD And the studio smells awesome today.

SUNNY GAULT It does smell awesome!!! We’ve got these cucumbers and lemons and everything. So am a mummy, am not pregnant. I will not be pregnant again (Laughter) Am done, am done but I have four little babies at home, my oldest, I mean a four and a … and four club. My oldest is three and a half, my middle guy is almost 2 years old , he will be two tears old in April and the I have a identical twin girls, they were born in November which makes them about three months old now. And that’s why I’m done.

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: It’s a lot of fun but am moving on with other things in my life.


[Theme Music]

ANNIE LAIRD So today we will be looking at our news article and this came out just this past month and the title of the article is “Laughing gas for Labor, why not?” For those of you who give birth in United states, usually this is not an option but the Preggie Pals can be downloaded really anywhere in the world. And this is an option that women use a lot, in the United Kingdom in England. It’s a big option for them over there and there are certain facilities within the United states that are looking at having this as an option during labor, Now, how it works is you put the gas mask up to your face, and you hold it there and you breath it in when it falls away, it just… all the effects go away. So with the ladies in the studio that are pregnant, is this something you would use or you know, would not be interested, what are your thoughts on that?

SUNNY GAULT: I feel like I would somehow be more deranged, I think with this mud laughter and I might do a combo dental work or whatever it is.

[Everybody laughs]

NANCY BAILEY: Also me for my dental work, I have had laughing gas for that.


NANCY BAILEY: Yeah, yeah.

NATALINA GLIESON: So I mean with this one I want to do it completely naturally but am not opposed to the fact that I could be forty hours in and just say, okay, I need something. Then it might be, it might be nice to have, not have one to my effects, just kind of take off the urge off for five, ten seconds.

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, yeah.

NANCY BAILEY: I really don’t think this would work for me, I remember I did go under labor with my first, so I can imagine myself with this mask on right. I would have gone crazy. I know…

ANNIE LAIRD: So you where not even part of the light touch massage, no breathing crew (inaudible)

NANCY BAILEY: No, no. I don’t really think so. It has never worked for me. (Laughter).Yeah I had a necklace on with my first born and I even ripped that thing off. So am thinking okay, I don’t really think I can have a mask on my face, I just need to move around. If am in pain I just have to move round, that’s just until the good rough (inaudible)

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, you know its funny. You mentioned that moving around because you hear many people with water breath, lets just get a little bit off topic here, but with laughing, I think I still share a lot of different options and everyone talks about how it will be amazing to labor in the water and with my second was just like same thing.

NANCY BAILEY: Not if you have to be confined.

ANNIE LAIRD: Not If I have to be confined yeah. It was like it drive me nuts, actually the midwife could sense that I was uncomfortable with it and asked “Do you want to go?” And I would say oh God, thank God someone else recognized that I was just not feeling well. So I can imagine if you had some element of cough phobia, this might be a great option

NANCY BAILEY: I guess you could just put up to your face whenever you are having a surge or something.

SUNNY GAULT: Would you have to strap it or like you just may be put it directly, toward, like you know may be holding it and actually not have it touching your face?

NANCY BAILEY: I don’t know what they do when they are there.

ANNIE LAIRD: I think you have to have it close.

NATALINA GLIESON: Would you have it like attached.


NATALINA GLIESON: That’s what would freak me out.

ANNIE LAIRD: You hold it up to your face yourself, so, yeah.

NATALINA GLIESON: I think the name is kind of incorrect because you don’t really laugh with it, you don’t laugh, it just kind of gives you a warm kind of feeling, just like any kind of pain….

ANNIE LAIRD: Pain contraction, , this is such a fabulous time you know.

NATALINA GLIESON: Yeah, so I don’t know.

ANNIE LAIRD: I laughed in my labor a lot.


[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: Was that normal.

ANNIE LAIRD: We are joking!

[Theme Music]

ANNIE LAIRD: Today on Preggie Pals we are talking about fun non alcoholic drinks you can make during your pregnancy, so we have two recipes for you today. We are going to be making the first one here its called cucumber punch. So what we, we have all our ingredients in front of us here. Let’s show what we have in the picture over there by Nancy. I may have to scale this down a little bit, so its three quarts of water, so…

SUNNY GAULT: We have bottles of water.

ANNIE LAIRD: So we do bottles of water.


ANNIE LAIRD: Okay. So let’s open this, Nancy if you want to open, crack open another water and dump it in there.

SUNNY GAULT: So what we do, we will put these recipes down on our website, so you guys can down load them. Actually Kelly Stevens from fine view photography is in the studio and she is taking some lovely photos of us doing all this. Put all that on the website because, it’s kind of hard to do but…

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: When you are making something “Well, it’s like it looks so pretty”.

ANNIE LAIRD: It smells so great! So the recipe starts with three quarts of water, however we don’t have a container quite that big. So we put in three pints of water. So what’s that?

SUNNY GAULT: I don’t know! Three pints? One and a half quarts?

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, yeah we did. Okay good. so we are halving this recipe in there?

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah we are just putting some in here.

ANNIE LAIRD: Okay. Okay and so then we put in three quarts of ice cubes; of course it would over flow here, so…

SUNNY GAULT: We could do the ice cubes afterwards.

NATALINA GLIESON: Yeah, we’ll put ice in cups.

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, sounds great! So then we put in a package of instant lemonade powder. So we got two cans there of cool aid, coz we’ve got to have a throw back to the eighties.

SUNNY GAULT: Let’s do that. You’ve sold it.

Interruption by one VP-Sugar

ANNIE LAIRD: Once the recipe comes with the instant lemonade powder, the original one I got after off our website was like sugar free. Gluten free, so it’s free.

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, yeah. I went to do a glass last night and every one drinks the stuff and is like, oh this is gluten free, sugar free, taste please.

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, exactly.

ANNIE LAIRD: I brought them my aerials and it was like, here is your gluten and sugar. Okay so mixing stuff now, adding lemonade powder and then add a can, half a can in this case of frozen white grape juice concentrate.

NANCY BAILEY: So this is what i have over here, I just don’t want to spill it here, don’t know whether am going to need a spoon.

SUNNY GAULT: No you need a spoon.

NANCY BAILEY: Pour the whole solution here.

ANNIE LAIRD: No we are doing half.

NANCY BAILEY: So I need to pour this in here.

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah. See look how nice it worked out it’s like third out..

SUNNY GAULT: It feels like haikus, haikus

[Everybody laughs]
(10:00 not clear-many people speaking at same time)

ANNIE LAIRD: I love that movie, oh my Gosh.

SUNNY GAULT: It’s a pretty color.

ANNIE LAIRD: And then we float the slices of lemonade and cucumber on top.

NANCY BAILEY: So that’s on my side too. So how do we do it?

ANNIE LAIRD: May be we should put the lemon on top? We should just put the ice cubes, I think in the drinks.

NATALINA GLIESON: Right, that’s what I think too.

ANNIE LAIRD: And put, the cucumbers and the lemons in the drink as well.

SUNNY GAULT: Am I going to get and am going to get the ice.

ANNIE LAIRD: Ok great!

SUNNY GAULT: I promise to wash my hands.

[Everybody laughs]

ANNIE LAIRD: Is Davis still in diapers?


ANNIE LAIRD: Okay, all have fun.

SUNNY GAULT: Oh, is that what you thought before, oh Diapers?

[Everybody laughs]

VPs: Am going to wash your hands.

[Everybody laughs]

ANNIE LAIRD: His string smells filth.

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: Come on don’t tease me for it. So am just going to put like three or four ice cubes in each pint, will that work?

ANNIE LAIRD: Okay great! Alright great, done! And then we will pour this in here and am spilling all over the table that’s awesome.

NATALINA GLIESON: We shouldn’t spill it on the microphones or your paper.

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: Or your scripts.

ANNIE LAIRD: I never go by the scripts, just kind of let them go. Oh yeah, Its kind of the .. (inaudible) behind the scenes for it.

SUNNY GAULT: You brought the flask because you and I can actually

ANNIE LAIRD: (inaudible) that I know of, what is your immaculate consumption you know, so here we go.


NANCY BAILEY: Okay, thank you

SUNNY GAULT: We should cheers.

ANNIE LAIRD: Okay Preggie Pals, episode 100 coming up very soon.

NANCY BAILEY: I know, that’s right, cheers!

NATALINA GLIESON: Cheers to guys with pregnancies and to babies everywhere.


[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: It tastes a little watery!

[Everybody laughs]

NANCY BAILEY: Yeah! That’s right. May be we can forward it a month longer.

NATALINA GLIESON: This is not sweetened, it’s just flavored.

ANNIE LAIRD: You see the recipe came with like none sweetened, sugar free.

SUNNY GAULT: It’s very refreshing.

NANCY BAILEY: Its good and I like it.

ANNIE LAIRD: So this would be great for your pregnancy Natalina now because you are giving birth here in August, what we are doing here in San Diego so make yourself some cucumber punch.

SUNNY GAULT: I don’t really test the cucumber right, I just…

NATALINA GLIESON: I wonder if need to leave them to kind of marinate for a couple of hours or so…

ANNIE LAIRD: I bet you.


NATALINA GLIESON: To me its tastes like it’s a very, it does taste tasty and refreshing but it tastes to me like a very light lemonade.

NANCY BAILEY: Just like you add actual water in lemonade.

NATALINA GLIESON: I usually half my lemonade with water anyway so , I don’t like sweet drinks anyway…


NATALINA GLIESON: I enjoy it, I don’t know. People could actually half it, or crystallize it or and then is kind of sweetened…

ANNIE LAIRD: May be good!

NATALINA GLIESON: Yeah, it’s definitely refreshing. Yeah, I think it’s refreshing


NATALINA GLIESON: But again I bet you, If the cucumber and lemons…

ANNIE LAIRD: Had stayed a little bit longer…

NATALINA GLIESON: Can get infused in water.


ANNIE LAIRD: Well Nancy I really like your idea of adding the mint to it, I bet this would be really good with some mint added to it. When we come back we will be making another Mock -Tail, we will be right back.

[Theme Music]

ANNIE LAIRD: Welcome back! Today we are talking about making mocktails. So the next one we are moving unto is Bumptini. This is a non alcoholic version of Martini. Hopefully this will turn out as well as cucumber punched if it doesn’t then we have some more duels.

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: Any kind of six pack or (inaudible).

[Everybody laughs]

ANNIE LAIRD: Alright. So we start up by bringing a rim of a martini glass with low brown sugar by rubbing the rim of the glass with a lime wedge, unfortunately, all the lime wedges are in the garbage. So, I’m sure lemon wedge will work just as fine. So, we are just going to…

SUNNY GAULT: Pass over the cups?

ANNIE LAIRD: Exactly, make two here.

NATALINA GLIESON: And then we are taking just a little piece of ….


SUNNY GAULT: Lemon, its kind of getting all over the place. And then we start rimming the glass, rimming the glass..

ANNIE LAIRD: It sounds dirty.

SUNNY GAULT Yeah (inaudible)

[Everybody laughs]

ANNIE LAIRD: Alright. So I’m putting in some brown sugar.

NATALINA GLIESON: And I wonder if plastic, because these are plastic cups, I wonder if that makes s difference because I think.

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, I think it does! Making the sugar, I think I need to get a glass and like spoon it into my mouth. Ooh, yeah.

NATALINA GLIESON: The mixture looks really good.

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeh, so you see? Were you a bar tender in your former work? (Laughter). You are?

NATALINA GLIESON: Oh there is sugar on your rim.

ANNIE LAIRD: I think I remember the story, that’s how you met your husband.

SUNNY GAULT: That’s how I met my husband?


SUNNY GAULT: Was he a Bar tender?



SUNNY GAULT: He is not really like a good one but (inaudible)

SUNNY GAULT: No, not in Vegas making lots of money every night but yes. You know I wanted to go to a bartending school, mixology school. I really wanted to do that like in my college doing stuff like that just for fun.

ANNIE LAIRD: So we all have our glasses ready. So then we all muddle the sugar, the white sugar and the ginger in the bottom of the cocktail.

SUNNY GAULT: I have some ginger over here so do you want me to just kind of put it there?

ANNIE LAIRD: Two tea spoons, you know what - no, more, because..

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: Because the last one didn’t have enough sugar. So we put it back into our Martini.

ANNIE LAIRD: So this is three ounces, I think this just makes one.

VP: Yeah, so roll that (inaudible), alright, so like eight. And then we have to muddle this, no one has a meddler, we have a whisky.

SUNNY GAULT: We want to use our whisky it?

ANNIE LAIRD: Yes, this is like an axle, type of, type of whisky.

NANCY BAILEY: So what are we supposed to do then, I don’t really get it? The ginger and the sugar?

ANNIE LAIRD: Nancy its sounds like you have a meddler at home.


ANNIE LAIRD: Nancy, go ahead Show her how you beat the leaves, to kind off get out the juice, yeah.

NANCY BAILEYL: So we are trying to do that with the ginger, like when you hit the garlic instead of chopping it, you get more of the flavor out, just keep the whole cloven in the below the heel of your palm.

ANNIE LAIRD: And fusing the sugar with the ginger flavors.

NANCY BAILEY: Yeah, look at us we sound so smart.

ANNIE LAIRD: It’s almost like we did go a mixology school.

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: I got as far as doing Mock-tails and when I had my baby shower with my first son, we had a special drink for the baby shower and it was really, we actually had it at the restaurant. And so we had someone making the drinks and so right when people walked in, you know they got this special drink. And I think we had a couple of others that were made throughout and there was like a special menu. But it was like catered, you know we made fun.

ANNIE LAIRD: I think that was a great idea!

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, it was like, I can’t remember what we actually called it, it was like
Sunny’s blah, blah, blah.

ANNIE LAIRD: Special drinks.

NATALINA GLIESON: It was like common and curious, like we are doing today and it was just kind of fun.

ANNIE LAIRD: So we have to add three ounces of pomegranate juice let me put it like this.

NANCY BAILEY: No this stuff is expensive, oh my Gosh.

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, it’s very expensive.


SUNNY GAULT: It just looks like a third thin. It’s kind of… I feel like pomegranate is sort of, like really the fruit right now.

ANNIE LAIRD: We have to get it out of the seeds, so I don’t know how we could do that.

NANCY BAILEY: Its 100% from Pomegranate.


NANCY BAILEY: So it’s like a lot of other juices got from like apple, or grape


SUNNY GAULT: So I need three ounces, so am just going to swirl this. So we need, what is three times four, someone help me with that.


ANNIE LAIRD: My eight year can help me (laughter). Twelve. Ok, so it’s a cup and a half. That’s good enough.

SUNNY GAULT: No its good enough and Mock-tails are mock.

ANNIE LAIRD: Mock-Tails and Mock.

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: Okay, and then we need equal quarts of an ounce. So what’s that times four?

NANCY BAILEY: Three ounces.


ANNIE LAIRD: None of that.


[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT Both of you will never agree (inaudible).

ANNIE LAIRD: Because I think for the bonus episode am going to need some lime juice. So that’s good. There we go, lime flavored club soda. Okay so then, we add the juices, good, ice and then shake.

SUNNY GAULT: May change a little bit, like a club soda in the cups though, so that it doesn’t spill over as well.

NATALINA GLIESON: There is a little tap for that.

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: So here we go, so shaking am not getting the studio duty, I see the honor of the audience of the facility right outside watching, judging. Okay, and then we strain into the glass.


SUNNY GAULT: Natalina has poured some club soda which is not lime flavored, it’s supposedly supposed to be lime flavored concentrate or club soda. So we are just swirling this and actually adding more juices.

NANCY BAILEY: I even see you putting more juices, then that’s better.


NANCY BAILEY: From scratch. This is a concentrate.

ANNIE LAIRD: Am I going to feel like Tom Cruise should be here, I like cocktail.

[Everybody laughs]

NATALINA GLIESON: Is that it a cocktail?

ANNIE LAIRD: It’s a cocktail, yeah. See it’s a true child of the eighties. Then we strain in the Pomegranate juice, that’s pretty, and that’s pretty, its fizzy, oh that’s beautiful.

NATALINA GLIESON: That’s the name of my dog.

[Everybody laughs]

ANNIE LAIRD: What? Fizzy?


ANNIE LAIRD: Oh Lucy, that’s wonderful and that’s my dog’s name (Laughter). So the photographer is here in the studio taking pictures of whose dog is …..(inaudible) and that’s why it got named? That’s what you do. You just go out knowing what to figure out.

SUNNY GAULT: People call out and say. That’s the name of my daughter yes. Alright lets choose this one.

ANNIE LAIRD: Alright let’s choose. We can also use ginger beer. So you can use cold beer.

SUNNY GAULT: Ginger beer? I think I have liked bottled beer.

NANCY BAILEY: I thin I have liked bottled beer. …

SUNNY GAULT: Oh my God it’s so pretty.

ANNIE LAIRD: You can do lemon twirl but Natalina is doing a fancy little thing with the lemon flesh, she is cutting it from the core and then tweezing it and putting it at the rim of the glass, oh how pretty.

NANCY BAILEY: Ah, that’s pretty! Are you ready to cheers?

NATALINA GLIESON: What are we cheering to this time?

SUNNY GAULT: I know, the eighties?

[Everybody laughs]

ANNIE LAIRD: And Tom Cruz.

[Everybody laughs]

NANCY BAILEY: It’s tough.

SUNNY GAULT: Uh, that’s tough.

ANNIE LAIRD: I like it though. I think that’s why they do the sugar in.

NATALINA GLIESON: Yeah. I was just going to say it might be too much sugar for me. Infact I should have given you my glass.

ANNIE LAIRD: Oh, may be I added to much lime juice.

SUNNY GAULT: And pomegranate juice is usually very strong as well so that’s tough now.

NANCY BAILEY: I like it.

[Everybody laughs]

ANNIE LAIRD Okay. So I think I would recommend this recipe. So I would still measure the ingredients, so…

[Everybody laughs]

SUNNY GAULT: I feel like this is ….

ANNIE LAIRD: This is completely different.

NANCY BAILEY: Actually Gleason, know, when you are doing Mock tails, sometimes I feel like the last one felt like there was a little more water laminating there, down there. May be we should have left the stuff kind of settle down there. . I feel like if you added some Rum to this, this could really be a drink…

ANNIE LAIRD: You mean a non alcoholic Rum?

SUNNY GAULT: That’s not. I am saying if you weren’t pregnant and added Rum to this…

ANNIE LAIRD: That’s what I look forward in Martinis or Mock Tails.

ANNIE LAIRD: Are those (inaudible) in Mock tails sorry in a Martini?

SUNNY GAULT: Just alcohol in general. But if you could, to have the drink but take out the alcohol., I feel that’s a true Mock tail.

ANNIE LAIRD: It’s like a virgin marinade or something

SUNNY GAULT: Its fruit juice in a glass with some ice right! That’s kind of what I look forward in a Mock-Tails. And I feel this could be that, you know it kind of feels like this could be a real drink. That’s my point. I just like the fuzziness in the juice.

ANNIE LAIRD: This is pretty fizzy, So I like that. Yeah, well thanks for joining us today, for more information on the Mock tail recipes we made today as well as any information about our panelists this is the episode page on our website. This conversation continues for members of our Preggie Pals club. After the show we will share the information for the Baptist Sangria. To join our club, visit our website.

[Theme Music]

SUNNY: We have a question from one of our lovely listeners, its from Jeannine, Jeanine says that “During first eight to nine months of my pregnancy, I was eating constantly, increasing mostly but still eating every hour. It made my morning sickness more bearable, because I would just nimble on stuff throughout the day. Now that am 14weeks I have noticed a decrease in overall appetite. Is this normal and how much should I be eating throughout my pregnancy?”

LEANNE: I this is Leanne working with. Well first of all your hormones are sinking so much during the first weeks, of pregnancy but it is very normal to have a decrease in appetite. And one thing that you need to realize is that you need only about 300 extra calories per day. So just go ahead and focus on eating lots of healthy nutrient foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grain, kenoa and brown rice and nuts and lean protein such as chicken and, fish that’s low in mercury. So have a great pregnancy and have a great day thanks you.

[Theme Music]

LEANNE: That wraps up our show for today, we appreciate your listening to Preggie Pals. Don’t forget to check out our sister shows, Parents savers for parents with newborns and friends and toddlers, Twin talks for parents and multiples and our show for the Boob group, for mums who breastfeed their babies. Next week we are kicking off a whole new series all focusing on choosing your team of healthcare providers. We are starting off with a whole new doula. What’s the role of the doula on your team of health care providers? What should you ask them when interviewing them? This is Preggie pals, your choice, and your way.

This has been a New Mommy Media production. Information and material contained in this episode are presented for educational purposes only. Statements and opinions expressed in this episode are not necessarily those of New Mommy Media and should not be considered facts. Though information in which areas are related to be accurate, it is not intended to replace or substitute for professional, Medical or advisor care and should not be used for diagnosing or treating health care problem or disease or prescribing any medications. If you have questions or concerns regarding your physical or mental health or the health of your baby, please seek assistance from a qualified health care provider.


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