Fertility Treatments and Twin Pregnancy

Twin births are definitely on the rise, mainly as a result of the increased use of fertility treatments. How do common treatments such as Clomid, or in-vitro fertilization contribute to this rise in multiple births? What new medical advancement is resulting in fewer embryo transfers with a higher singleton success rate? And what are many fertility specialists not telling their patients when it comes to conceiving multiple babies?

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  • The Best Apps for Twin Parents

    You carry your smartphone with you at all times, so why not rely on your smartphone to help simplify life as a twin parent? Would you like to recommend an app for us to review? Simply leave us a voicemail on our website, or email us.

  • We’re Expecting What?

    Your world changes the moment you find out you’re expecting twins. This is your chance to share that moment with the world! Were you completely in shock? Share your story by emailing us or send a voicemail straight through our website!

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