Essential Oils for Babies and Infants

Did you know you can heal bug bites with tea tree, cure cuts with lavender, or disinfect your baby's crib with lemon? Essential oils are commonly known for their aromatic qualities, but they can also protect against disease and illness. Today we'll explore the various ways essential oils can help parents in their everyday lives.

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Essential Oils for Babies and Infants

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Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Did you know you can heal bug bites with tea tree or heal cuts with lavender or even disinfect your crib with lemon. Essential oils have been used throughout recorded history for a wide variety of wellness applications. I am Rachel Adams Gonzalez from doTERRA’s Essential Oils to talk about how to incorporate essential oils into life from healing to cleaning. And this is Parent Savers, Episode 13.

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KC Wilt : Welcome to Parent Savers broadcasting from the Birth Education Center of San Diego. I am your host KC Wilt. Parent Savers is all about helping new parents preserve their sanity by getting new expert advice from the baby years to the toddler years. Feel free to send us emails or suggestions on our Facebook page or on our website, I am a new parent as well. My son Carson is now 19 months old and I am also joined by 3 new parents here in this studio.

Sarah Overbey : Hi, my name is Sarah Overbey I have 2 1/2-year-old twins. I have a boy and girl twins and I work for a software company in the Marketing department.

Owen Hemsath : My name Owen Hemsath. I am a video marketing guy in North San Diego County. I am 32 years and I have 3 kids. Kanan is 5 years, Jameson is 13 months and Benjamin will be here in 2 weeks.

Melissa Roberts : My name is Melissa Roberts and I have 3 daughters age is 8, 6 and 2 years. And I am also associated with doTERRA Essentials Oils and they keep us hopping.

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KC Wilt : Before we start today’s show, here is a message from one of our listeners.

Kelly : Hi, KC my name is Kelly and I am calling from Kansas City, Missouri. Actually, I listened to your sister show Preggie Pals. I am currently pregnant and decided to try out Parent Savers. I am so glad I did because I listened to your episode on “The Dirty on Diapers” and I am trying to decide what I want my child to wear, whether it is a traditional type of diapers or a cloth diaper around. And you guys did a really good job of giving me a review of both sides of them but I really haven’t made up my mind and I loved that when you talked about different types of wipes and the fact that, you know, just because you go with the traditional types of diapers it doesn’t mean that you have to go with the wipes. And it really kind of got me thinking about the whole process so thank you for that and I wanted to suggest maybe in the future you guys could do an episode on cloth diapers because I know that there are a lot of options out there. And I will just love to know that these options are there so I can better prepare myself but thank you so much for this episode. It really helped me out.

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KC Wilt : Today on Parent Savers, we have Rachel Adams Gonzalez and Melissa here to talk to us about essential oils and how they can help in our everyday life. So Rachel, start me off. What is essential oil?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Essential oils are aromatic compounds that are found in the seeds, barks, stem, roots, flowers and other parts of the plants. If you smell plants you are smelling essential oils. It’s distilled so they steam whatever part of the plant it is gonna be getting the essential oil from and distill it to separate the essential oil from the rest of the plant. One drop of peppermint is 50 to 70 times stronger than one cup of peppermint tea. Essential oils are extremely, extremely concentrated when they have been extracted properly.

Owen Hemsath : Are they safe for consumption?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yes, all essential oils are safe for consumption. Not all essential oils are safe for consumption as there is no government regulation on how to label essential oils as being pure. So, a 100% pure lavender oil, for example, could be 100% pure synthetic lavender oil, one drop of pure lavender oil and so most other companies does not recommend internal consumption.

KC Wilt : How do you know if a synthetic essential oil okay?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, it doesn’t have the medicinal properties.

KC Wilt : So, when you are looking for essential oils you wanna make sure they are 100% pure essential oils with nothing else in them. I mean, is there gonna be another component that’s in it?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, yes if you, depending on where you get them from. doTERRA has the pure essential oils you can find. They are extracted from locations where the plants grow indigenously so they have found that if you harvest lavender from San Diego for example, it smells great, it looks great but the medicinal properties have been compromised because it is not grown in indigenous land. So, the chemical constituents can change. So if you go to the high altitudes of France, it has a much higher medicinal quality than lavender that you would find elsewhere. So, they have traveled, this company doTERRA has traveled all over the world to find all these different plants with very high medicinal qualities and have found growers that will grow these plants without any pesticides or chemicals so that they can be harvested organically and once they are imported they have them tested by a third party to make sure that they truly are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. And once they are certified as Therapeutic grade essential oils then they are bottled and whatever you see on our labels exactly within the bottle and that is why they can be consumed internally as well.

Owen Hemsath : Now, when I hear about essential oils I mean, I am thinking Aromatherapy.

KC Wilt : Yeah.

Owen Hemsath : Really and now I am, it sounds like you are talking about ingesting and lotions I mean, what are the uses for essential oils and how do you use them?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Sure, essential oils can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. So, as you can smell, we have a diffuser going in here,

KC Wilt : Yeah, it smells so good in here. Don’t you all wish you were in here with us?

Owen Hemsath : Yeah it does. It’s lovely.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : And so some of our essential oils well, all essential oils have anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties some more than others but they all do have those qualities. So, when you are diffusing oils that are pure essential oils in the air and they are not being heated, if you heat them then you compromise the additional qualities. You are killing the germs,

Owen Hemsath : You are killing the germs.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : You are killing the germs in the air and plants have what we call…….

KC Wilt : I am sorry, so won’t stick them over a candle?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : No.

KC Wilt : Oh! So that’s how I have normally seen them.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Right, so that’s, it makes them smell good but it doesn’t have the same medicinal properties so you are not gonna be killing the bacteria in the air by doing that. So, you know it still smells good but…….

Sarah Overbey : How can we heal cuts, bug bites, colds, coughs, things like that? I know it for myself, recently my twins developed you know the 2.5 year old got a cradle cap, kind of thing on their scalp and I took them to the doctor and they are saying to put Head and Shoulders, all these things on that I know has a lot of chemicals in it and it’s not taking it away. And so I am just I think a lot of people can relate who have kids have had that in some point or something like that, how can you use oils to cure that?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Lavender is my go-to for things like that, especially with cradle cap and diaper rash and any kind of irritation on a baby,

Sarah Overbey : You just stick lavender shades on the baby’s bottom?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : I dilute it to spread it further or essential oils, doTERRA essential oils are so pure that you need such a lesser amount than you would otherwise that it’s totally safe to put a drop or two with a tablespoon or you know a few drops of oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil, we use fractionating coconut oil but we can use olive oil or whatever you have on hand. I use it for a baby massage every night, I have a 2-year old I have not mentioned that and so, as soon as I found essential oils I have been doing baby massage on him and we use it for diaper rash, we use it for cuts and scrapes and everything you can imagine.

KC Wilt : So, lavender I mean, are the different uses, you have got different in lemon, orange?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yes, we have a lot so all go through…..

KC Wilt : Yeah, tell us. We have got all these samples out here to test them out.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : So, one of the first ones I wanna talk about that is one of my absolute favorites and it is essential and my medicinal cabinet is my blend called Onguard. It is our protective blend that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. It kills each one and one.

KC Wilt : Are you kidding me?

Sarah Overbey : It’s amazing.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yeah, so I use it as a preventive measure if I put that on everybody’s feet before we go to bed or,

Sarah Overbey : Feet?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : At the bottom of your feet.

Sarah Overbey : With the carrier oil?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : I recommend using a carrier oil on your children with Onguard because it has cinnamon in it so we can you know,

Sarah Overbey : Yeah, my son is allergic to that.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yeah, so well we can use another oil but that’s one is my favorite it just keeps all well.

KC Wilt : So, all this protective blood that she is passing around, it says ingredients well, orange clove but cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary so just, all things I have heard of before they all are mixed together.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : All mixed together.

Owen Hemsath : And then you put this on a lotion or in water to apply because I am looking at these boutique kinds of bottles and I am thinking for cradle cap you, you really got to get it over the whole head so……

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, for cradle cap you wanna use a very mild and soothing oil like lavender and you would want to definitely mix that with another carrier oil or lotion or whatever you would like to use. I typically just use the carrier oil. But for Onguard, I just put it on the bottom of our feet and I use it in the diffuser to kill airborne viruses as well and it keeps us well.

KC Wilt : So, you can just put a diffuser in your house I mean, we are gonna get to this in the segment about the house step but you can just put that in your house and it’s just killing the airborne……

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yes, right.

KC Wilt : I don’t think they have it at hospitals.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yes, it has saved our lives with the playgroups, playgrounds and everything my son is exposed to I have found that if I skip a week or so having Onguard on the bottom of his feet he is bound to get a cold which I have fortunately been able to kick most colds in about 24 hours with our oils?

Owen Hemsath : Now, why the bottom of the feet?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : It gets absorbed into the body very, very quickly and I highly recommend it for kids because then they are putting their hands in it and putting it in their mouth or their eyes.

Melissa Roberts : So, some of these oils too have been diffused through hospitals for example Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. My brother just had a baby there and while I was waiting for my niece to be born he is actually sending me pictures of diffusers that are within the hospitals because they do lot of medical studies there. So, there is an awesome way I believe to mix eastern and western medicine and you know, we see these in clinics you know, Chiropractor’s offices all sorts of things.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : So, since I mentioned cold, we have another blend that is phenomenal for kicking out cold. It’s called breathe. It helps with any kind of respiratory congestion, sinus congestion and it can just be applied to the chest, the back. I try not to put on my son’s face unless he’s already gone to sleep, I’ll put it across his forehead or behind his ears if he has a cold.

KC Wilt : Okay, how do you, I’m still a little confused, how do you figure out which ones needs carrier oils and which ones you can stay straight on their skin?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, we have a buck that goes through all of that but for the most parts they can be applied neat. There are certain ones that if you are concerned about them just dilute all of them when you are dealing with them,

KC Wilt : Dilute it with water?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : No, with another oil because water will separate it. The only time I use it with water is if I am making a lemon spray, shake it up and I don’t have a drier so I can’t dry everything. And just will shake up whatever oil with water and will spray on our clothes or sheets or whatever pillows. But otherwise use oil. We sell fractionates coconut oil that’s awesome but if I am out of that I will just go with my olive oil on the kitchen. So….

KC Wilt : Yeah, tell me more about bug bites? Can you give us some more tips.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Lavender is also phenomenal for bug bites. Lavender is very soothing so any time, if you have some irritation lavender, is what I would recommend going to. It is just so really good.

KC Wilt : Irritation, so like my son falls down and cuts himself, grab a little lavender oil with some olive oil and slap it on.

Sarah Overbey: Is it like a quick fix or something that takes longer?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : No, you should see results within 24 hours I think. Yeah, I mean I have had many, many, many moms come to me and diaper rash or whatever and they like put it on and they like “I can’t believe 3 hours later it’s already working much better.” So….

KC Wilt : I know, we just had an episode last week on diaper you know, like I express my son has such bad food issues that he gets diaper rash nothing, nothing gets it better. So, I am excited so do I have to buy a pack of this stuff or can I buy one at a time?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : We sell a whole time membership kind of like a Casco membership that is $35 dollars and it gives you 25% off of all products which if you are a mom it’s really wise to get that because this is just an amazing option for mom to have when their kids you know starts crying,

KC Wilt : And I guess it saves you money when your son’s got a or your child has got a fever or whatever else you go into the store and spend money on whatever else….

Owen Hemsath : Well, you know, you bring up a good point because sometimes we are guessing you know what that’s a toothache, okay give them some medication. So, that’s something else so give some baby some Tylenol and you are throwing all these chemicals at your kid where there might be some other is it this? Is it that but you are not working with natural products.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Right, this is all-natural so plants have what we just call intelligence where they recognize the good vs. the bad whereas an antibiotic will kill everything. And this will may kill the bad and your body will not use what it needs so there is no building resistance. That is so uncommon to have any kind of side effect it’s pretty much nonexistent.

Owen Hemsath : Perhaps an allergy maybe?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yeah, but it’s very, very rare. Yeah, so this is something that is totally safe to put on your kid 15 times a day if you need to if there is a fever or whatever. Peppermint is insane for dropping a fever. I have never seen anything like my son has only had a couple of fevers but,

Owen Hemsath : Putting it in oil and then rubbing it on their face.

Mellisa Roberts : I use all over their teeth.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : No, not directly in their eyes. Do not ever put any of the oils in your eyes or in your ears.

Owen Hemsath : Yeah, but it’s the application and that’s the joke I mean what’s the application? Okay, so you dilute it in oil perhaps these are saying in some water is the application different per ailment, you put it where?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yes, it depends you know, if you have like a general feeling of sickness and you want to feel better you put on the bottom of your feet’s an Onguard or Breathe or whatever especially with kids. If they are awake running around I just put on the bottom of my son’s feet so that he doesn’t rub it all over. My son’s also in swim lessons, so I put lavender and just a tea tree oil behind his ears every night once he falls asleep or now it’s kind of like when we are reading books just to keep him away from getting an ear infection. And……..

Owen Hemsath : The book goes through all that.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Right.

Owen Hemsath : Okay.

Melissa Roberts : Or there are websites online where you can find out.

Owen Hemsath : Essential oils can stimulate contractions in a pregnant woman. Have you heard anything like that?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : No, you would really have to use like a whole bottle of peppermint oil to start contractions or more even….

KC Wilt : You know what you are thinking of a raspberry red leaf tea when you drink it.

Owen Hemsath : Okay.

KC Wilt : It actually helps stimulate your uterus so what they actually recommend is in your first trimester not to drink that tea but actually in the second or third trimester it’s okay to drink because it actually helps to massage. But in your first trimester because it does that it can be linked to miscarriage.

Owen Hemsath : But not all this stuff in general. This is a safe product. It’s a natural product. It’s wellness products and it’s you know, multiple users.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : So, KC you mentioned that your son has some dietary issues and so do as my son is very allergic to dairy and DigestZen our blend for all dietary needs has been….

KC Wilt : Dietary?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : It is a lifesaver I just rub it around. Well, you can, you can take it internally. You can put it in a gel capsule, you can put it in water but for my son, I just rub it around his belly button and it’s amazing. It’s for everything dietary, constipation and diarrhea, everything.

KC Wilt : And again I am sorry I need to repeat this for myself with the carrier oil so I stick a drop with an oil?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, it’s not, it doesn’t have to be but one thing I found is when my son is all hot and sweaty and his pores are really open, he will feel it more. It doesn’t necessarily irritate the skin but he will just get irritated “No, I don’t like oils” So, I will just dilute it with a little bit of you know, sometimes I will just put my spray on my hand and my lavender and olive oil blend that I keep it on the bedside and add that to it and just rub it around his belly.

KC Wilt ; Awesome.

Owen Hemsath : This is after the stomach has been disrupted?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, we have been traveling quite a bit and it’s merely impossible to eat out with a child that has a weird dairy allergy so I just put it on him as a preventive measure.

Owen Hemsath : Okay.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Every time he goes, as soon as he takes a bath or goes to bed.

KC Wilt : And it doesn’t hurt. Awesome when we come back we will talk about more ways to use essential oils instead of chemicals in our nurseries and our home. We will be right back.


KC Wilt : We are back with Rachel and Melissa talking about essential oils in our home and healing our children. So we have in the room right now some essential oils diffusing in the room and you talked about earlier in the hospital about cleaning the bacteria. So, why do you think it’s better to use essential oils rather than other cleaning supplies and how does it work?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Like I said because plants have this intelligence so that they can kill the bad and leave the good, it’s so much more beneficial for your body whereas antibiotics wipes off everything. So, it can often be difficult to maintain wellness once you have wiped off everything in your body, and not to say that antibiotics are not necessary at some points, it’s just not necessary to have in your soap and your every cleaning product and….

KC Wilt : Well, don’t we wanna clean or kill everything with the bleach and stuff?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, we wanna kill the bad and we wanna leave the good so essential oils kill the harmful bacteria and viruses whereas soaps and cleaning products that have antibacterial lists kill bacteria. They don’t kill viruses and antibiotics don’t touch viruses. So, these are actually much more effective, and that they kill all harmful bacteria and viruses.

Sarah Overbey : Seriously, essential oils kill viruses?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yes.

Owen Hemsath : I know because I think that the common knowledge is that you cannot kill a virus and so you know, that’s what we are being taught in the school system and that’s what we are being taught in the culture and now we are hearing “no, that’s not true, this essential oil company”

KC Wilt : And it’s just a cult.

Owen Hemsath : Yeah, exactly.

KC Wilt : I feel like I am being brainwashed.

Sarah Overbey : Are these oils are they good enough for replacement to chemicals like, do they really clean were really supposed to clean and 100% you know?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : I actually think they are significantly more effective because like I mentioned they do kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. And you know, I put a few drops of Onguard in it or lemon or whatever I feel like at the moment. I put a few drops of lemon in my…..

KC Wilt : Washer?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Washer, yeah excuse me. Yeah, I just use it you know, throw it when I am cleaning the toilet.

KC Wilt : And it’s okay to stick it in the water.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yes, and actually our current doTERRA living magazine has a center spread on making your own cleaning products with essential oils. So, I have a copy of all that for you guys and anybody that emails me and lets me hear this I will send them a copy of it with a sample of wild orange which is one of my most favorite oils because it smells so awesome, it’s a sanitizer. I use it as a hand sanitizer I just put a drop on my hands and my son’s hands we rub our hands together and inhale and it makes you happy and you have clean hands.

Sarah Overbey : Just the oil the wild?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Wild Orange.

Sarah Overbey : So you don’t need these hand sanitizers that you take out, you can just put them in your hand, and voila.

Owen Hemsath : Well, that’s fantastic because I know I heard a story of a 2-year-old just on the news that overdid with the hand sanitizer got really sick, it's alcohol and it’s absorbing into your skin.

KC Wilt : Well, actually what I learned a while back is that hand sanitizers have the same chemical property as the wheat killer. I mean, that’s the worst thing you wanna have your child…..

Owen Hemsath : Well, they say kids grow like wheat’s

KC Wilt : I know.

Owen Hemsath : I know maybe that’s poor knowledge. So when do you know to apply topically because you talked about ingestion as well consumption and then we have got a diffuser in the air? So, when do you know, when did, how do you know it is like I rubbed this on the belly but this you put into the water make a tea or drop it in your mash potatoes? I am not sure.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, I don’t typically give my son any oils internally just because he won’t like it. If I give him, if he has a tummy ache or something, I will put a drop of ginger, a drop of lemon, a drop of peppermint, and some warm water, and then I will dilute it and dilute it again like cut in half and then give it to him and see if he will drink it. But usually, he won’t so….

KC Wilt : Oh! So your kid doesn’t drink tea? Mine does, sips in every day at 4’O clock.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : I typically just use it topically and aromatically with him. I just run that diffuser as soon as he is asleep. I just turn it on in the bedroom and try to keep him, especially we have been in situations around people that have colds or whatever just try to make sure that we kick anything that we may have been exposed to. But I just remind you to diffuse every day I like the oil smells and the awesome thing about essential oils is that they have antiviral, antibacterial properties so you can throw in whatever essential oils you feel like smelling that day.

KC Wilt : You know, for my sister-in-law’s baby shower I doubled I had no idea about essential oils but I want to learn more but I read somewhere that I could lemon essential oil and distilled water. So, I got a water bottle that did like 20 drops of lemon, second I did is that you can spray this on your room for freshener and you can spray it on your crib to disinfect. You can spray it on your door handles because that’s all I think and you can spray it around and it smells like lemon and it disinfects it and I was shocked by that being like what it can smell like lemon and kill the germs rationally.

Owen Hemsath : Right, right.

KC Wilt : But I gave it as a gift. If you want I will make you one, I will make you one and I’ll make you one.

Sarah Overbey : I like to put it in a steam mop. That’s my favorite.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Oh! steam mop. I know what you are talking about, or even put on a cotton ball or even put it inside your vacuum.

KC Wilt : Really?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : And then dispose of the air, it smells so good.

KC Wilt : I actually love lemon in my water, first thing in the morning I put a few drops of lemon, it tastes like lemon. I just put a few drops in the water first thing in the morning,

Owen Hemsath : Could I take the lemon or the orange and put it in like a Beurre blanc or for salad dinner or something like that?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Absolutely, yeah.

Owen Hemsath : Just to add a little bit of flavor, yes but also wellness to it.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : We have been practicing cooking with essential oils this weekend and I have made a cilantro essential oil and a strawberry, lemon water.

Melissa Roberts : She is way better than me because I am always making like cream, cheese, lemon frosting for cupcakes, and also peppermint brownies.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yeah, I made vegan blueberry muffins with lemon oil and they were awesome.

Owen Hemsath : Have you got the recipe for things like this that are connected?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Sure, I am gonna share well I am really good at pulling at my iPad and Googling a recipe about what I want and add essential oils to it.

Owen Hemsath : Instead of or in addition to it?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Addition to it.

Owen Hemsath : Okay, you just really know that this would taste really nice.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : But really two drops is all you need if you are doing like Regno in spaghetti sauce one drop is a huge amount because it is so strong.

Owen Hemsath : Can you talk about two drops in your water that’s accurate than to in lemon water what about it to make a tea?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Same thing.

Owen Hemsath : Okay, just hot water and a couple of drops of whatever?

Melissa Roberts : Yeah, but not all essential oils you could ingest so to speak.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Right, not all of them, a lot of them. So our essential oils actually have a label, like a supplement label on the side. So, if it doesn’t have that label it should not be ingested but let’s see so this is one of my favorite blends I like to wear like perfume. It’s called Elevation. It’s a joyful blend, it’s a mood-enhancing and you know, my husband and I both work from home so occasionally I need to diffuse Elevation or Serenity one of our other favorite blends. So, those blends are not typically recommended to ingest but most of our oils can be ingested.

Sarah Overbey : Well, ironically I am very sensitive to smell so I sit next to someone with perfume I get a headache and I always hated lavender because it’s in a lot of perfumes, our room fresheners and stuff then lavender gives me a headache. However, essential oil lavender doesn’t.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : That’s because of synthetic lavender that you have been smelling.

Sarah Overbey : So, I find even as we pass these smells away around most of the times I have a smells when I walk into some beauty store at the mall or whatever and I am overpowered and I am immediately within a couple of minutes I start to get pressure on my head and in my nose, it tingles, or I sneeze or something like that. You have been passing these around and I’m just loving it because I don’t have that horrible sense in my head. It smells so good.

Owen Hemsath : It’s the chemicals. It’s synthetic. It’s the same with me. I can’t do the air fresheners and the perfume is awful, the cologne even I put cologne on myself it’s like “Ah!” I just get this in my stomach. I might need the zen, the DigestZen. Yeah I mean, it’s nice in here. It’s not overbearing. Do you know what I mean? There is a soothing kind of…. so gentlemen if you are listening this is like every gift my wife is gonna get.


KC Wilt : Oh! Seriously so what are, give me a couple more uses for essential oils in our home.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : I actually have been using essential oils in my garden to keep all bugs away. I have been just making a spray with, we have a blend called Terrashield that is a repellent blend. You can also use it for like mosquito repellent.

KC Wilt : So, now you can have organic vegetables for your baby, in your baby’s puree and stuffs like that and you don’t have to use wheat killer on your garden?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Unfortunately, I haven’t found the right oil to keep germs from tomatoes but…[Laughs]

KC Wilt : I know when you find it just let me know.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yeah, but it’s been awesome this is my first,

KC Wilt : It works and it kills the weeds?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Well, it has been keeping all bugs from eating it.

Owen Hemsath : Do we have to keep it in the water bottle?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yeah, I actually put it in a spray bottle with water and a tiny bit of soap and yeah, I will just spray it on my plants every couple days and,

KC Wilt : Why the soap, to keep them clean?

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Yeah, to have it stick to the I don’t know every natural recipe I looked at for organic gardening, it’s a little bit of soap so I just did it.

KC Wilt : Nice.

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : I don’t really have a good reason to back myself up right now but I think it’s a, it helps the spray to stick to these plants and it’s diluted enough that it doesn’t affect the plant.

KC Wilt : This is great I am excited, so excited to have you on more segments of the show because I am sure will have a lot of questions like “Rachel, I want to do this. What can you help me with? What do I need to buy?” So, thank you so much for being a part of our show and Melissa as well for helping us to learn about how to incorporate essential oils into every day of parenting lives so…

Rachel Adams Gonzalez : Thank you so much for having us.

Melissa Roberts : Thank you so much for having us.

KC Wilt : If you have more questions on doTERRA essential oils go to today’s show on our episodes page on our website or visit And also super exciting Melissa and Rachel have some giveaways for us so stay tuned for our Facebook page and our website for where and how you can be a part of this contest.

[Featured Segment: A Parent’s Guide to Babysitting]

KC Wilt : Before we wrap things up here is your Parent’s guide to babysitting.

Jodie : Hi, Parent Savers, this is Jodie with Urban Sitter, a website that connects you to front tested sitters. I am here to help you figure out the right questions to ask when searching for a babysitter. Do you want your sitter to be an authority figure? So this is a tricky question. We want our children to respect the babysitter, yes. But do you want the babysitter to demand 5 bites of broccoli before dinner is over? Are you gonna empower the babysitter to use a timeout or another form of discipline? This can be tricky terrain when it really comes to personal preference. You need to decide what type of discipline you expect from the sitter. Is having a babysitter on rare occasions so you would like your children to be excited instead of nervous? You can make extra special when the sitter comes like no one forced bedtime, extra cookies, or a special cartoon so it’s more like a party. If you have a consistent sitter they will be enforcing rules, be clear to communicate which types of discipline are appropriate in your home and for which types of behavior. So, Parent Savers it’s time to say hello to your old friend spontaneity. Visit to find a book babysitters “your friends know and love.”

KC Wilt : Well, that wraps up today’s show about essential oils. We would love to hear from you. If you have questions for our expert about today’s show or the topics we discussed, send us an email through our website or our Facebook page and we will answer your question in our upcoming episode. Coming up next week we are discussing “The 411 on playgroups.” Thanks for listening to Parent Savers, “empowering new parents everywhere.”

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