Breastfeeding Expectations: The Third Month

We all have certain expectations as we begin our breastfeeding journeys. Sometimes those expectations are met and sometimes they are exceeded- it's all part of your developing role has a new mom. Today we're continuing our series where we follow three moms and their newborns as they explore breastfeeding for the first year of life. Have common issues such as vasospasms and colic been resolved yet? How are the moms dealing with breastfeeding in public and returning back to work? Plus, more on pumping and getting support from family and friends.

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  • Breastfeeding Expectations

    The 12-part series follows three mothers along their breastfeeding journeys throughout their first year of breastfeeding. Each month, listeners catch a glimpse into these mother’s lives, hearing about their breastfeeding triumphs and struggles, typical behavior for babies for each age and stage, and how they have grown into and embraced their roles as mothers.

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    What are the top news headlines involving breastfeeding, pumping and parenting? We’ll comb through all the articles and discuss the main issues impacting mothers around the world.

  • Nursing Basics for New Moms

    There’s a lot to think about when you begin breastfeeding for the first time. What should you expecting in the beginning? What can you do now to make this transition into motherhood happen as smoothly as possible?

Episode Transcript

The Boob Group
“Breastfeeding Expectations: The Third Month”

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Robin Kaplan: A mother’s breast feeding experience changes drastically over time, starting from her child’s birth throughout the months of her baby’s life. Today, we continue our conversation in our series called breast feeding expectations. Over the next 12 months, we will follow 3 mothers along their breast feeding journeys learning how they cope with breastfeeding challenges and settle in to a breast feeding rhythm with their baby’s. This is the boob Group, episode 19.

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Robin Kaplan: Welcome to The Boob Group, broadcasting from the Birth Education Centre of San Diego. I’m your host Robin Kaplan. I am also a certified lactation consultant and owner of the San Diego Breastfeeding Centre. At The Boob Group, we are online support group for all things related to breast feeding. Are you a pinterestlover? Did you know that we tag all our new mommy media showson our pinterest boards? We love tagging our favourite articles and photos so, stop by and enjoy. Also, if you happen to do any clicking during this episode today, we actually have a fantastic photographer in our studio today and so if you’re interested in learning more about Katy, her website is San Diego Birth Photographer and also if you would like to see some of our behind the scenes photos, check out our Facebook page. So, now it’s time for me to introduce our lovely new moms who will be following now for the next month 10 months. Ladies, would you please introduce yourselves?

Jennifer Oliver: I am Jennifer Oliver. I am 33; I will be 34 on Tuesday. I work in Arts Education Administration. I have 2 kids, Fiona is 2 and half and Bryson is 10 weeks.

Anney Hall: I am Anney Hall and I am 36. I am an architect and newly just gone back to work, we can talk about it later.

Robin Kaplan: Yeah, we will be. [Laughs] 2:11.1

Anney Halls: I have one daughter she is 3 months old. She is Eleanor and that’s it.

Cherri Christiansen: Hi I am Cherri Christiansen. I am 31. I work in Consumer Research and I have one little girl. Her name is Cali and she is 9 weeks old.

Robin Kaplan: And our babies are also in the studio today. So, if you happen to hear any lip smacking or little squawking, they could be enjoying lunch or telling us that they want to have little conversation or anything.

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[Featured Segment: News Headlines]

Robin Kaplan: Let’s kick off today’s episode with some unbelievable breast feeding stories that’s making headlines around the internet. All of these stories are posted on the Boob Group Pinterestboard, if you would like to check them out. So, the headline that I pulled today, speaking of mama’s going back to work that topic or the headline is Mom, told not to pump at work because she might spray all over the office.


Robin Kaplan: Yes, so apparently this woman name Christen Joseph out of L.A., she told CBS L.A., that she had a conversation with one of her managers at Hennessy’s Tavern in which she requested privacy to pump and she was told No. Her manager told her that he thought it was disgusting. He didn’t want me to spray all over his office. I was just repulsed for what he had to say. Joseph told the news outlets, so ladies for those of you who are back to work or starting almost going back to work, what do you think about this? Anney I’m gonna shoot it over to you since then you did just start to go back to work.

Anney Hall: Well, I can just imagine my partners telling me that I would be spraying all over the office.

Robin Kaplan: Coz, actually you are pumping in their office.


Anney Hall: Hoping that it would happen to just make fun of me. No I think it is ridiculous. Obviously this guy is an idiot; can I say that?

Robin Kaplan: Of course.

Anney Hall: Poor girl, she’s already going through enough emotional transition to not be at home and I think what I told you was that Robin, was that I it made me feel home sick. And it wasn’t, so home sick that I needed to be with Eli or that I needed to be home. It was just this feeling of being home sick [Baby speaks] [Laughs] she’s for myself, ya she totally agrees. I think she is processing her lunch right now. [Laughs] So I can’t imagine some body telling me that I couldn’t do it there and not having the support, it’s just ridiculous.

Robin Kaplan: How about you Jen?

Jennifer Oliver: I don’t even know what to say. What do you do? I mean, you have to pump and otherwise I mean, that would be extremely painful and impossible for her to work. So, if they want to maintain her in
working condition then she’s gonna have to pump so is she supposed to go to the car? Or even worst I had an event that I was at, it was a work event and there was no place to pump and then of course, I walk in to the bathroom and the only outlet are, right where the sinks are and it was a fund raising event so I am trying to promote our organization and talk to people that I could possibly be fund raiser. And I thought well that would be great how about I plug in pump right here and look at people as they enter the rest room. [Laughs] And then when they see me later doing a presentation I really impress them; so yeah, it sounds
ridiculous. It’s so hard to pump at work and to find places to pump and if you’re someone who is constantly on site moving from place to place, you’re not in a nice office that you can sort of shape
your space, it’s really hard. I have had to pump in really odd. How natural was for us to just hang out and be with her and him to go do something or for me to go do something cause I just would hand draft. And so, that support that I had the whole time I didn’t realize I had. And then now that we are in the 3 month mark, and heading back to work I am transitioning emotionally in to a different space and I have never been here and we recently had a conversation about some of the things that I have been feeling, I didn’t realize that I was starting to have that kinda of conversation with him and then he said well I never done this before and I went like oh yeah; okay we’ve never done this before and I needed that check in, and cos he won’t just sit out for that information up unless, I didn’t realize we are having a check in, I needed that; so he’s definitely been very supportive and I don’t realize how much he has been, so. It's good.


Robin Kaplan: All right, ladies thank you so much for sharing your experiences with breast feeding your babies and just parenting your babies during their first month of life. I just love the advice your able to
share every month and I only wish we had more than 30 minutes cos I always feel like we are rushing in to finish catching up. But I really look forward to continuing our conversation in next few months.

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[Featured Segment: Nursing Basics For New Moms]

Robin Kaplan: Before we wrap things up today, here’s Denise Altman with some nursing basics for the new mom.

Denise Altman: Hey there, Boob group! My name is Denise Almond. I’m private a practice IBCLC, otherwise known as Registered Lactation Consultant. Private practice means I have my own business, and I specialize in prenatal education and breastfeeding support. This session is about prenatal breast to breast feeding, something like you definitely have an opinion about. Have you thought about
taking a breast feeding class? Perhaps, you have been reading books or checking website all over the internet and talking to your friend, are four things. However, a good breast feeding class is a great way to prepare yours getting started. However, this is also something that you want to explore before actually signing up Breastfeeding class may be held in hospital or birth centre but it also may be offered through doulas like, lactation consultants, even some maternity or baby store. When considering a class find out about the content, what are they teaching? If you’re going to take this class you already of get the advantage and benefits of breastfeeding?

Why waste your time sitting in a room hearing more about that, but interesting, it may not necessarily get you off to the best start. But you really need are the nuts and bolts the how to, how another baby is getting enough, how to get started what normal new born behaviors are. Along with these are other things that you need to learn such as where to find help, where to find your resources both in and out of the hospital or birth centre. In order to identify this information it’s a good idea to talk to the class instructor himself. Find out where they are coming from, what their practice background is. If the person teaching class is someone who just handles pump rentals and sales and really doesn’t work with the nursing mothers, this may not be the ideally choice for you. You may want a class instead taught by a registered
lactation consultant or other birth advocate. Don’t discount La Leche League meetings, this is a great place to learn about the basics of breast feeding as well as see what a normal breastfeeding looks like. I hope the information in this section can you get you started on exploring on your option. For additional tips on choosing a breast feeding class please visit my website at and keep listening to the, The Boobs Group.

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Robin Kaplan: Thank to all of our listeners I hope you will visit our website, and add your stories about breastfeeding your 2-3 month old in a comment section in our episode’s
page. Coming up next week will be discussing Breast Hypoplasia and its effect on Breastfeeding. Thanks for listening to the boob group, because, mothers know breast.

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this episode are not necessarily those of New Mommy Media and should not be considered facts. For such information in which areas are related to be accurate, it’s not intended to replace or substitute for professional, medical or advisor care and should not be used for diagnosing or treating healthcare problem or disease or prescribing any medications. If you have questions or concerns regarding your physical or mental health or the health of your baby, please seek assistance from a qualified healthcare provider.

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