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Congratulations! You just found out you're pregnant. So, who do you tell the big news? How do you tell them and when? Today our panelists share what worked for them and we'll explore some fun ways to share your pregnancy online!

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Preggie Pals


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ANNIE LAIRD: You’re standing in your bathroom, holding the pregnancy test. Two blue lines. Your life is about to change forever. You’re so excited. But a lot of questions come up as well. How are you going to reveal your pregnancy to your partner? To your family? and your friends? What about your coworkers? Today we’re going to be discussing when to reveal your pregnancy to your family, friends and coworkers, as well as some fun ways to announce it. This is Preggie Pals, episode 98.

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ANNIE LAIRD: Welcome to Preggie Pals, broadcasting from the Birth Education Center of San Diego. Preggie Pals is weekly your online on the go resource and support group for expecting parents and those hoping to become pregnant. I’m your host, Annie Laird. If you haven’t joined the Preggie Pals club, then you’re missing out on exclusive bonus interviews after each show, transcripts as well as special give aways and discounts. For more information, see our website, Another way for you to stay connected is by downloading our free app. It’s available in both the Android and the iTunes marketplace. Now our producer, Sunny is going to tell us more about the virtual panelist program.

SUNNY GAULT: Hey, everyone. So if you don’t live in San Diego, but you would like to be a panelist on our show, you can still participate through our Virtual Panelist Program. Simply like us on Facebook. You can also follow us on Twitter using #PreggiePalsVP. We’ll be posting questions about to the wait prior to our taping, and even some on our taping day. And we’d love for you to comment so we can incorporate your thoughts into our episode. You can also submit your questions directly to our experts. Learn more about our VP program through the community section on our website.

ANNIE LAIRD: Thanks, Sunny. Well, let’s go around the table and introduce who we are and our babies. How many babies we’ve had, how many kids we’ve had and if we’ve done anything special for announcing the pregnancy for them. So I’m Annie Laird, I’m the host. I have three good daughters. First one, I didn’t really, I don’t think I did anything. This is before I’m revealing my age and probably my daughter’s age as well, but she’s eight so I was not hipping with it on Facebooks.

So I didn’t do anything, you know, there was no Pinterest or anything like that. My second daughter, you know my second daughter was after I had three losses. She’s almost two now, but it was a little bit more we kept it a little bit closer to our chest because we didn’t want to go back and tell people, ‘oh yeah, sorry, you know, I know we’re so excited and we’re not pregnant anymore. ‘ so we just kept it really really low key. And then I did get a little bit creative with the last one. So I had my seven year old daughter at that time and then my one year old at the time and we lined up all of our shoes in the street. I lined up all the shoes, this was my idea. You’ll love Pinterest. I lined up our shoes in the street and then I wrote with chalk, on the street what our birthdays were and then a pair of baby booties, and said October 2013. And then I put that on Facebook and then Facebook exploded, from cuteness so all of my creativity just went in to that last baby.

HALSEY RESING: I’m Halsey, I am pregnant with my first child. We’re going to have a little boy in June. I think I was so excited honestly, that I just kind of woke my husband up—he was sleeping. So I just woke him up and said ‘ guess what ‘ and then we called all of our parents, we kind of kept it a little close to us, with the news starting off because I have had some friends who have had miscarriages. And I’ve seen what they have gone through. So we just decided to kind of keep it a little close for a while.

ANNIE LAIRD: so just between you and your husband.

HALSEY RESING: Well and then our parents. So the grandparents, they all knew. But we didn’t really start telling friends until we’re a little bit farther along. And we did kind of a big Facebook announcement and where we found out the gender at that point. And it’s mine and my husband’s hands on my belly and we had tied a little blue ribbon and then it was a picture of my belly that just said the name of our baby and when he’s expected, and then Facebook blew up.

SUNNY LAIRD: You know, I, this is Sunny, by the way. I have a, I’m a mommy of four, four under four. I have two boys and two girls, and my girls are twins. You know, as far as what I did for their announcements, I do more to announce the baby gender than I did for the actual pregnancy. All of the stuff for the pregnancy, with my first it was interesting, because we had gone through fertility treatments and so we didn’t get very far in the process. We were able to conceive through Clomid. But still everyone kind of knew we were trying. It’s been kind of weird because my husband and I, we don’t have a lot of family out here, most of our family’s back in Midwest, and so I don’t know I guess I always envisioned being able to tell my parents and seeing the smiles on their face, and I never got that with any of my pregnancies because they’re always so far away.

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, it does it really translate the same over the phone

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah. My mom knows when I call, and say ‘hey can you and dad get on speaker phone?’ Are you pregnant?

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ANNIE LAIRD: Today on Preggie Pals, we’re going to be reviewing an app, it’s webMD pregnancy. So this is a free app, it’s available on iTunes, something that we noted during the break amongst ourselves and it’s not available on android. So webMD baby is available on android but the webMD pregnancy is not. But if you have an iPhone, you can get articles on here. There’s a journal, if you find out things your doctor’s appointment, you put it in there, it’s a place where you can take pictures of your belly, you can link to a certain videos in here. And then, whenever week you’re in a pregnancy it has kind of this, I’m apparently 25 weeks pregnant, so I got to pick a date

SUNNY GAULT: That’s what you do when you’re not pregnant

ANNIE LAIRD: Exactly, yeah. So I’m in the second trimester I am 25 weeks. Wait, no. I’m just postpartum. So you can click on your baby, your little alien baby in my case, and then click on little white dots and says just different things about your baby during that week. So Halsey, what did you think when you looked through it?

HALSEY RESING: I did, I really liked it. I kind of love the smartphone of going through and having the apps to go on. And it’s fun because you know, maybe you’re at lunch and you just want to check in with your baby and you can click in to it and learn a little bit more. And, you know a lot of people like to keep track and this is on the go keeping track. You don’t want to lug around the baby journal all everywhere. But here you can put on small little things, and you know pick it up later. That’s just the fun way, I really like it.

SUNNY GAULT: I’ve seen a lot of these pregnancy apps, we’ve reviewed them quite a bit on preggie pals and it seems like a lot of them have the same criteria, you know, some of the same features. But what I really like about this is the way it’s laid out, I mean, it’s very very user friendly. Sometimes with apps, you’re just kind of go through it and what is this that is a mess how do you get to the main screen

ANNIE LAIRD: How do I get the symptom tracker? I don’t know. Everything’s very upfront on it

SUNNY GAULT: I think it’s laid out very well; it’s got different categories, so you know everything. My health has your appointment so it’s all about your body, a symptom tracker, contraction timer, kick counter. You have a section for my memories. Where you can journal about stuff. And you can take pictures of your belly, like it’s very easy to find stuff. It’s very organized, which I like a lot. And I like, too that everything on here is free. They do have ads in the app, but the ads don’t get in the way of the content. And I think that that is something a lot of app developers struggle with, is how do I incorporate these ads. I like that the tools are just there for you, and it’s not like you have to upgrade to get that. I don’t like those kinds of apps. If I purchase something, it says free, everything in it should be free. If you got to offset with ads, that’s fine.

ANNIE LAIRD: If you’re being hassled at every single screen of like well, here’s like one little thing. Wow, you’re 25 weeks pregnant and if you want to find out anything about what’s going on, upgrade for 3.99.

SUNNY GAULT: I mean it even has like this main screen that’s kind of fun you can scroll through and it will suggest stuff that you can do. Like, test your knowledge, creams and lotions can erase stretch marks, true or false. Like it’s kind of, I would say, fun.

ANNIE LAIRD: I’d say it’s false. What’s the answer?

SUNNY GAULT: You got it right. And then it gives you an explanation, how much do you want to bet that this information is pulled directly from the webMD pregnancy resources on their website. Which, you know, it’s interesting, because when we release our episodes, we have an episodes page that we put additional information on. And a lot of the times the additional resources that a company all of these episodes are from webMD, you know. I refer people to this stuff all the time. It’s a nice little compact app. I like it. I’m giving it a thumb up.

ANNIE LAIRD: I’m going to give it a thumb up, too. I really like it.


HALSEY RESING: Thumbs up from me. Love it.

ANNIE LAIRD: Alright, thumbs up all around.

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ANNIE LAIRD: Well, today on Preggie Pals, we’re going to be talking about how to reveal your pregnancy and so we’re going to be breaking this down into a couple of different sections here. So, number one, what is the timing, when do you reveal that you’re pregnant. And then we’ll break down who you’re going to tell and how you’re going to tell them that you’re pregnant. So telling your sweetie, how you tell your family, how you tell your friends and then your workplace as well. We’ve been talking so much and I think the consensus among the three of us as well you don’t want to tell people too early because then you have to deal with the possible miscarriage. You know, point of conversation. I know there are some religions that they don’t have a Jewish friend and she didn’t reveal it. She was pregnant. She was like 20 weeks or something like that. It’s very, very late. There are some of those considerations as well. Maybe the advantage of telling people early, though. What do you guys think about this if you know that you’re the type of person who is going to need that support if something like that happens? Maybe it is good to tell people.

HALSEY RESING: well I think one of the best advice pieces that I was given was that tell the people who you would want to support to in a miscarriage situation. Because they’re going to celebrate with you and then they are also going to be there to be your rock as well. If something does go wrong. And hopefully absolutely nothing goes wrong. And then you get all the celebration you want, and then you can bring everyone into it, when you feel comfortable. Obviously some people are different. Some people cannot keep a secret at all and they have to let it out. And great for them, they get a lot of

ANNIE LAIRD: You did all your video on the way to the hospital for the twins

SUNNY GAULT: It’s for their birth. I knew they were coming. It was a guarantee. I was leaking water. I know that I usually have to seek permission from my husband. We have this ritual, we did, when we’re done having babies, we have this ritual where we went through where we started, with just the regular whatever you know pregnancy test, that the double line. Actually the double line was the first one. Then we had to do with the digital one. Okay, if the digital one was positive then we have to do have a blood test. And until all three of those were done, you know, it’s like I wasn’t pregnant. My husband, he needed like hardcore like we did it with the first and then it kind of became like a ritual and kind of a joke between us. Did you do the digital one? Did you do the blood test?

ANNIE LAIRD: You know what I sympathize with your husbands, hon. Because back in the dark ages, this is the early 2000s here, so when I was taking pregnancy test, I was scared because I didn’t want to become pregnant. It wasn’t hi-tech as it is now. I like now, that it says like ‘not pregnant’. There’s no mistaking that you are not pregnant. And it’s like, what am I looking at here? Like, I had a friend that they really want to get pregnant and their son is about the same age as our daughter, so this is, you know, probably like, 10 years ago or around about that time. And it was a plus sign. So the plus sign was if you’re pregnant. They don’t have those, I think, in the market anymore. And the reason was is because the plus sign is supposed to indicate that you’re pregnant. And then if there is no plus sign, if it’s just blank, well then you’re not pregnant. Well they have like, if you have a cross and an intersection in the middle, well they got like a corner. So they got one half of the horizontal line and one half of the vertical line. And then my friend shot a look and like, what is this? Am I pregnant? So they were on a vacation you know, just the two of them in Hawaii or something. And so they were hanging around on all the ABC stores, in downtown Hawaii and there’s this bad neighborhood trying to find, you know, pregnancy test, but you know, back then, it wasn’t the digital pregnant and not pregnant.

SUNNY GAULT: Well if you’re trying to get pregnant, there’s something really happy about seeing the word pregnant if it shows up. I know that may sound kind of silly but I’ve had the opposite happen when a month before I got pregnant with the twins, I thought for sure I was pregnant. And my period was late blah-blah-blah. And I went in there and I thought for sure, I’m going to pee on the stick. And I went straight for the digital one. I didn’t do the double line I went straight for it because I know my husband, okay did you do this? Did you do this? So I went straight to the digital one and it came out not pregnant and my heart just sunk. Because I wanted to be pregnant but then the next month, it should’ve said, pregnant. It doesn’t tell you if you’re pregnant with twins. But it said pregnant and I was just elated. I was like, Yeah! It almost sounds so stupid and it’s almost like it was celebrating with me it’s like. Yeah, we did it! I suppose two lines don’t mean anything.

ANNIE LAIRD: Let’s talk about some interesting ways we’ve seen or fun ways that we’ve seen how do you reveal to your partner that you’re pregnant.

HALSEY RESING: That was kind of the big thing for me, obviously. It’s such big news. And there are so many people to tell, you know. Your grandparents, your best friends, you have siblings, you know people who are really important to you. My husband and I we are a team so for me he was, he’d been right there with me in the process and we’ve planned our pregnancies. Sometimes, people don’t, you know, it’s unexpected for them. We’ve planned it, we’ve been trying for several months by that point. So it was such a big deal that yes, we made it and I kind of, we’ve been actually getting negative pregnancy tests, so while nothing was happening in my body, I was like, I swear I’m pregnant but I kept getting the negative test and then woke myself up at 3:30 in the morning, i think, okay I’m taking the test and lucky me when I got those two little blue lines I got to wake him up at 3:30 in the morning, too. To tell him, but it’s just so exciting.

ANNIE LAIRD: I think I did that something similar for my second pregnancy. It was didn’t want to wait until the following morning.

HALSEY RESING: Yeah? Oh, no way

ANNIE LAIRD: I think I actually went out. It was in the middle of the night CBS run, too. And they say that you want your morning pee with that. It’s more concentrated in the morning, exactly. Or maybe it’s just because you haven’t peed all night. So yeah, that’s about to change, folks.

HALSEY RESING: One of my girlfriends, she had her little kids. Now she has three children, but at the time she has two and she didn’t tell her husband right away, she had her little kids and she wrote on chalkboards that said, oh I’m going to be a big brother; I’m going to be a big sister. Then she took pictures and put it on the house for her husband to find.

ANNIE LAIRD: Oh, it’s cute

HALSEY RESING: It was a really cute idea and then obviously he knew when they felt more comfortable about it they had put it up on Facebook, so I thought that was a cute idea and I know she didn’t tell him, obviously for the wow factor of it.

ANNIE LAIRD: How young were the kids at that point? Were they like ones a toddler, ones at preschool age?

HALSEY RESING: Yeah, I would say her girl was maybe a year and a half maybe a year and the boy was probably two or three so, yeah. And they were just kind of out in the grass with the little chalkboards

ANNIE LAIRD: They don’t know what it says


ANNIE LAIRD: I had a girlfriend who did the older sibling, she had t-shirts made. It was really cute. And then she posts it on Facebook. And noticed how she revealed it herself. Unfortunately, that pregnancy didn’t come to [inaudible] and ended in miscarriage and so that was a little bit hard that is kind of a drawback, maybe to doing that. Maybe that’s the perfect age, you know, they can’t read. So that’s so cute

HALSEY RESING: I have had a friend who used their animal in the house. They tied a little thing in the collar and then sent the dog running over.

ANNIE LAIRD: Oh, how cute. They have a well-trained dog. My cat would not do that. My husband would know when I start wearing. ‘Why are you wearing maternity jeans?’

SUNNY GAULT: yeah, you know, I mean. With I’m trying to think, with my first, we actually found out we were pregnant on my husband’s birthday. So that’s kind of a cool thing because, again we were trying and

ANNIE LAIRD: Happy birthday!

SUNNY GAULT: Happy birthday! I always make sure that my husband is the very first person that knows. With ended up being the twins, I didn’t know they were twins at the time, but my husband was at work when I found out. So technically, my toddler was the first person to know. I showed him the test and he didn’t know what I was doing and I said, we’re going to have another baby! And he’s like, baby? But he doesn’t know what’s going on and then I was nervous to tell my husband because my husband kind of thought that we were done. And I didn’t know if he was going to be mad. I didn’t think he would be mad but I guess I was scared of anything that wasn’t super happy. You know, because I knew it was going to be engraved in my head, whatever he said to me or didn’t say or whatever.

ANNIE LAIRD: if we’re lucky enough to have partners listen to this, the only appropriate answer to this is congratulations, I’m so happy for you. The end!!

SUNNY GAULT: Well, for my husband, he was at work. And after I checked the test and I thought, well, I actually the digital pregnant not pregnant thing we were talking about. So I took a picture of that next to a picture of our kids. So it was like in a photo frame, already. So I just lined it up and took a picture and sent it to him at work. And I didn’t hear anything back. And then my head was like, oh my god, he’s freaking out. What’s going on? And so I called him, and he’s like, hey babe I was just in a meeting. I’m like oh, okay so you didn’t get my email. And he was like, no is everything okay? And I’m like yeah. And he’s like, hang on. I’m going to look at this email now. He looks at his email and he’s like, oh my god.

HALSEY RESING: how did that happen? I don’t know.

SUNNY GAULT: but he was happy

ANNIE LAIRD: when we come back, we’ll going to talk about how to tell your friends that you’re pregnant. As well is there an appropriate time to tell your coworkers? We’ll be right back.

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ANNIE LAIRD: Welcome back. Today, we’re discussing fun ways to announce your pregnancy. So before the break we talked about how to tell your sweetie, how to tell your family, some fun things that we’ve seen. So, moving on more to your friends. I think there are a concensus mong the three of us in the studio here. You know, friends usually are going to be told a little bit after obviously and the grandparents be told way before you friends find out. This is what where you can get into a lot of the fun pregnancy ups. And pretty much everybody finds out, so. At least for me I totally went on Pinterest to find my ideas, so. Halsey mentioned something like a bun in the oven or something like that

HALSEY RESING: I had someone, I found a little article online that she had put some sort of sweet bun into the oven. This was actually for her husband but when he came home, she said go into the oven and it was bun, honey we have a bun in the oven and he’s like

SUNNY GAULT: Did he get that?

HALSEY RESING: According to this article, he did. I think ones that I’ve seen that I like the best, people just did a little card and I think I found this on Pinterest. But it is the husband holding two bags of ice and the mom making a heart out of her hands on her belly, so it’s ice baby. And they took a little picture of that and sent that out to everybody. I thought it was really cute.

SUNNY GAULT: I love that! That is for children of the eighties and early nineties.

HALSEY RESING: One was vanilla ice.

ANNIE LAIRD: Early nineties. ‘91, ‘92 I think. Something like that. Seen one too where they have a jar of spaghetti sauce, so the Prego. We’re Prego. That’s right it’s their tagline for the advertising. Maybe I’m just sensitive because I’ve gotten morning sickness with all of my three kids but it’s the one where like hey we’ve grown by two feet or hey we’re pregnant! But it’s the dad in the foreground who’s holding the toddler and the mom’s in the back with her head in the toilet. So I thought, that’s kind of gross. It’s like a selfie. It’s like he’s taking a selfie of himself and she’s behind him. Definitely, if you go on Pinterest, you’re going to see that a lot of the time.

SUNNY GAULT: Interesting to be the authority, at least if you would’ve photographed something on how to do and spread the word that way

ANNIE LAIRD: Facebook has made it so much easier to tell people that you’re pregnant. It was before it’s awkward of just

SUNNY GAULT: how do you do it?

ANNIE LAIRD: Well, yeah. If you kind of lose track of who you’ve told and who you haven’t told and yeah, so.

SUNNY GAULT: you know it was cool about the twins, though. It felt like I had two pregnancy announcements because I announced that I was pregnant and then at whatever, 11-12 weeks, you know when they found out, it was not my first ultrasound. They missed it on the first ultrasound. But when I had my first-trimester screening stuff, they found two. I was able to tell people again, I’m like, guess what that one baby, like multiplied. So, it was kind of fun because it felt like I got to do it twice with the same pregnancy. That was kind of a fun thing to do.

ANNIE LAIRD: have either of you run into different ways, I mean how did you tell the boss? How did you tell your boss and when did you tell your boss?

HELSEY RESING: Well, so being an event planner, obviously I have kind of think ahead in the future. As far as I obviously have groups coming in. You know, when I’m going to be on maternity leave. And I have a lot to respect for my bosses. So I actually honestly told them right away. Just to say, hey this is obviously we’re early in the pregnancy but this is what’s coming up so we’re going to have to think of this coming through and then we waited to tell all my coworkers but I basically I wanted to wait until the miscarriage chances went down very much because you know, you get that information out there and then what if you do have a miscarriage and you’re walking through the hallway and everyone’s like, oh how’s the baby, you know. That’s a hard thing to tell people. So I had told my bosses right away but we definitely waited for the rest of the office to know until that miscarriage rate went down.

ANNIE LAIRD: How about you, sunny? Were you working when you got pregnant with your first? Did you have a boss to tell?

SUNNY GAULT: Myself. Self-employed the whole time! No, it’s during a lot of freelance work and it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle. I just decided to take less jobs, you know, the bigger I got and if I was doing on-camera work I would tell them if I’m looking a little more round or let’s do the shoot from waist up, you know what I mean. So I had to do some modifications that way but I never got to go through that and I actually feel very lucky both through all of my pregnancies then breastfeeding everything afterward. I never had to do work-related stuff. I never had to worry about that kind of stuff. I always kind of do it at my own pace and you know, never affected work.

ANNIE LAIRD: I know there are a lot of women, though that have to deal with that and you would think, this is 2014. We shouldn’t be having to dealing with this stigma. Half of the population is able to get pregnant in their childbearing years. There shouldn’t be any stigma behind it. It should just be, this is what it is and you don’t have to have all the answers at all.

SUNNY GAULT: So Annie, I have a question for you. So I mean, getting pregnant and being in the military. I don’t know can you even comment on that? Like what I would think because that’s it seems like a very male-centric community, you know what I’m saying. How was that perceived and is there a certain thing to do?

ANNIE LAIRD: Yeah, well. It really depends. If you’re on sea duty or shore duty. On a ship, that’s generally not a good thing. Because you can only be on a ship up until you’re 20 weeks pregnant. And so generally when a woman gets pregnant in the military and they’re on a flight status or sea duty or something like that. It does going to cause a gap. And so there is definitely going to be a negative stigma. Now on the other hand, there are shore duty jobs that are pretty demanding as well. So there can be a negative stigma with that as well. So for me, I would say most women on the military plan for babies when they’re not on a ship and there’s less argues duty. And so I think you had there a good point. It’s very male-dominated. It was kind of dried net.

SUNNY GAULT: Tell me about your emotions or tell me about your symptoms

ANNIE LAIRD: Once a due date, they were all really cool with it. So the one I was more nervous about was when I was a civilian. I’d just started a new job, I’d just gotten out of the military. And I got a job right away, and when I found out I was pregnant I was out of the military in a whopping, like, 2 weeks, something like that. So this was a brand new job and I was still working, really within my given fields and pretty much my boss and all my co-workers, they were all former military. So still kind of boys club, male-dominated. And I don’t know how it was going to be perceived. Especially since I just started working there. In addition to a lot of women hold off because they don’t want to tell their boss and then have the baby. Miscarry and then it’s awkward. I didn’t want to tell because I just started the job and I didn’t want the perception to be ‘oh she just started here and now she’s going to you know’ so I was going to hold off. That was the plan, at least. Until I just got hit with the nastiest case of morning sickness. And I was a teacher, [inaudible] teacher, so. I was ducking out of classes, ducking out of simulator time. And you know, it was rough. So eventually that plan didn’t go to, I eventually had to tell him. And he was just; he was neutral, at least. Well, thanks everybody for joining us today. For more information about our panelist, visit the episode page in our website. This conversation continues for the members of our Preggie Pals club. After the show, sunny is going to be discussing five ways to not to reveal that you are pregnant. To join our club, visit our website,

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Lisa Dreksman: Hi Preggie Pals, I am Lisa Dreksman. Fitness expert and chief founding mom of Stroller Strides, a fitness program for moms and babies. I’m here to answer some of your most common questions. Today I’m here to answer how much exercise should I do while I’m pregnant. Seems that so many moms are still thinking that exercise is something they shouldn’t be doing when pregnant and maybe they’re a little bit scared. But I’m here to tell you, pregnant women should exercise. Get this. Most days of the week. It’s the same as the general population. The American [inaudible] of sports medicine states that regular exercise is preferred over intimate activity over pregnant women. And three times a week is the minimal recommendation. Here is what I want you to get out of this. The most important thing is that you’re consistent with your exercise program. It’s not good for someone, even if they’re not pregnant, to exercise once in a while then jump into it; it’s very taxing on the body.

Whatever you’re feeling, your baby is feeling even more. So the best gift you can give your baby is to exercise and exercise regularly. DR. James Clapp is someone who I will mentioned many times on this radio show. And he is one of the foremost researchers on pregnancy and exercise. And he found that beginning exercise early in pregnancy at a frequency of three to five times a week actually enhances the growth of the baby. So I’m here to say that make sure you’re exercising and even though you might get tired as the pregnancy goes on and on, it is very-very important that you don’t stop. Now you will need to cut back. So you what are able to do in the first trimester, you might not be able to do in the second or the third. But you don’t want to exercise trimesters one and two and then just stop. It’s important to keep yourself active and moving and a well designed fitness program that’s safe for you, will be safe for your baby and it will benefit you come that day of delivery. It will be good for you and for the baby. Visit for more great information on how to stay fit through your pregnancy and through parenthood. And be sure to listen to Preggie Pals for more great prenatal fitness tips.

ANNIE LAIRD: That wraps up our show for today. We appreciate you listening to Preggie Pals.
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