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Baby Nursery on a Budget

You have visions of a room covered in pink ballerinas or baseball bats. You want your nursery to be perfect, but you don't want to take out a second mortgage to make it happen. We understand. Where can you cut your nursery room costs without cutting back on style? Read more

Baby Registry Secrets

Feeling overwhelmed the moment you walk into a baby store? You're not alone, especially if you're a first time parent. Get great advice on how to create the best registry to benefit both you and your baby.
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Becoming Dad

During pregnancy, Mom and Baby get most of the attention, but this life-changing event greatly impacts Dad as well. What can “pregnant dads” expect during the next nine months and beyond? We'll break down the process and provide helpful tips that benefit the whole family during this important time. Read more

Maternity Fashion Trends

You're pregnant. Now, make a fashion statement. We're exploring the top fashion trends when it comes to showing off your new baby bump. Buy new, used or learn practical ways to save money by utilizing clothes you already have in your closet.
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Preggie Pals Mail

We want the information presented on our shows to benefit as many parents as possible. How are we doing? We want to hear from you! Have an idea for a future episode? Let us know. Submit your comments or questions through our website voicemail, or via email and we'll discuss them on a future episode.

Pregnancy “Oops”!

We try to be “good” during pregnancy. We watch what we eat, exercise and try to stay as “normal” as possible. But sometimes our bodies seen to have a mind of their own. What funny pregnancy “oops” have you made recently (that you're willing to admit)? Send a voicemail through our website and we’ll share your story!

Pregnancy Brain Blunders

Pregnancy brain is definitely real, ladies! So, let's embrace our temporary craziness by sharing our most entertaining stories. If you have a funny experience to share, send us a voicemail through our website and we'll share your story on an episode!

Pregnancy Headlines

What are the top news headlines involving pregnancy and parenting? What's the big news parents are talking about around the watercooler? We'll comb through all the articles and discuss the main issues impacting families around the world. Have a topic you want us to discuss? Post them to our facebook page!

Pregnancy Tips for the Clueless Chick

Pregnancy Tips for The Clueless Chick gives you the tips and tricks you need to survive the next 40 weeks and prepare for the amazing craziness that is parenthood. Whether you are expecting your first or twenty-first baby, sit back, relax, and enjoy as Pregnancy Tips for The Clueless Chick umcomplicates your life. Read more

Prenatal Fitness Tips

A happy pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy, and exercise is the best way to stay fit and prepare for a successful labor and delivery. We'll explore some of the common myths associated with prenatal fitness and answer some of your most common questions. Read more

Preparing to Breastfeed

You've heard that breast is best, but learning the logistics of breastfeeding can be a challenge before your little one arrives. We'll learn some great ways to prepare your mind and body so that you can be better prepared as you begin your breastfeeding journey.

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The Best Online Pregnancy Resources

When pregnant, many of us turn to the internet for advice. What are the most reliable sites that give you the best pregnancy support? What are some great sites where you can network with other moms-to-be and empower one another throughout pregnancy and beyond?

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The Best Pregnancy Apps

You carry your smartphone with you at all times, so why not rely on your smartphone to help simplify pregnancy (and help you remember things when “baby brain” kick in)? We'll explore the best apps to help you survive and thrive during pregnancy. Would you like to recommend an app for us to review? Leave a message through the voicemail on our website, or email us!