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A Parent’s Babysitting Guide

Don't let months and months go by without taking a much needed break. Finding the right babysitter can be a challenge, so we'll provide you with some tips and tricks to finding the best person who you can trust with your bundle of joy. Read more

Ask Parenting Experts

Our team of experts are here to help you throughout your parenting journey. View the experts section on our homepage and learn more about them. Then, send your questions through email, or our website voicemail, and allow our experts to ease your concerns and quench your curiosity.

Breastfeeding Remedies

You breastfeed because you want your baby to have all the benefits. But even moms with the best intentions need some problem solving for their breastfeeding challenges. We'll help you remedy the situation so you can concentrate on your special bond instead of the barriers. Read more

Daddy Doin’ Work

Blogger Doyin Richards shares his adventures described in his parenting blog, Daddy Doin' Work. Prior to the birth of his daughter, Doyin had zero experience with children. Doyin prides himself on being your Daddy Consultant who will do whatever he can to create and recognize a world of good, involved dads who love and support their families. His blog shares the ups and downs of raising a child from a first time father’s point of view.
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Eco-Friendly Parenting Tips

Life never stops when you're a parent with young children. We've created this series to help you get a little more green in your everyday life. Using these steps, you can improve the health of your family and also help preserve the environment for the next generation.
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Parent Savers Mail

We want the information presented on our shows to benefit as many parents as possible. How are we doing? We want to hear from you! Have an idea for a future episode? Let us know. Submit your comments, questions to our voicemail available through our website and we'll discuss them on a future episode.

Parenting “Oops”!

We try to be the best parents, but mistakes happen despite our best intentions. What funny parenting “oops” have you made (that you're willing to admit)? Submit your voicemail through our website and we'll share it on the show!

Parenting Headlines

What are the top news headlines impacting parents of infants and toddlers? What's the big news parents are talking about around the watercooler? We'll comb through all the articles and discuss the main issues effecting families around the world.

Protecting Your Children

Everyday, families become victims of predators seeking to cause you and your children harm. Many times, these crimes could be avoided by parents taking a few extra measures of precaution. In this segment, Parent Savers teams up with Escondido Police Department's Family Protection Unit and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to help families stay safe and secure.
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The Best Apps for New Parents

Your carry your smartphone with you at all times, so why not rely on your smartphone to help simplify parenting? We'll explore the best apps to help you organize your life and entertain your little ones. Would you like to recommend an app for us to review? Leave a message through our website voicemail, or email us through our website.

The Daddy Complex

Tales of bad parenting, accidental victories and abject panic from David Vienna, a father of twin boys. David also produces a YouTube video series called “Fighting With Babies,” in which an overwhelmed puppet father argues with his twin puppet babies.
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The Emotional Side of Parenting

When you become a parent, you experience many changes- both physically and emotionally. In this segment, we explore the emotional side of parenting. Learn more about how we are wired to mentally cope with all these new experiences in our growing family. Read more

The SEX Talk

Ironically, most of had sex to make our kids, but true intimacy between you and your spouse can be quickly lost once your children arrive. This segment provides an inside look at the importance of sex and other ways you can connect with your partner to feel close.
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Toy Talk

Unsure which toys are best for your tot? We'll break down the latest and greatest toys that not only entertain, but also help improve your child's developmental skills. Read more

What Up With That?

Kids say (and do) the darnest things. Sometimes their strange behavior leaves parents completely puzzled and wondering “what up with that”? We want to hear those crazy stories! Share them by emailing us or recording through the voicemail button on our website!