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Baby “Oops”

As brand new mamas, we are bound to make mistakes. Some of the craziest parenting mistakes ultimately become some of the funniest stories you'll share for years to come! What funny baby “oops” have you made recently (that you're willing to admit)? Leave a voicemail through our website, or send us an email and we'll share your story on our show!

Baby Headlines

What are the top news headlines involving new moms and babies? What are other mamas talking about at the playground? We'll chat about some of the most talked about news stories online. Have a headline you want us to discuss? Post them to our facebook page!

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The Best Apps for New Moms

You carry your smartphone with you at all times, so why not rely on your smartphone to help simplify life with your new baby? We'll explore the best apps to help you thrive during baby's first year. Would you like to recommend an app for us to review? Simply leave a voicemail through our website and leave us a message, or email us!