Marcella Johnson


Marcella Johnson is the founder and inventor of The Comfort Cub program. The Comfort Cub is a weighted therapeutic teddy bear designed to help heal a broken heart. It was invented after the loss of her son in 1999. The Comfort Cub has been copied the world over, but it originated here in San Diego as Johnson created it to help heal her aching heart after losing her baby son George.

While the initial intent of the Comfort Cub was for child loss we are seeing that it has provided profound relief for loss of a spouse, loss of a parent, adoptions, occupational and physical therapy. The Comfort Cub has been clinically proven to help reduce the manifestations of grief as stated in a study done by San Diego Hospice. The Comfort Cub is being used at top hospitals across America in Labor and Delivery, the NICU and Pediatric Hospitals. The Comfort Cub is also used in various applications for a variety of trauma situations.

Marcella is originally from Boston, MA and is a graduate of UCSB. She resides in Encinitas with her husband Matt and her four children, Henry, Charles, Christina,Elizabeth and her rescue dogs Ginger and Bella.

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